Woermann Brock specials - 22 June - 19 July 2022 - NO LONGER VALID - page 4 *

thumbnail - Woermann Brock catalogue  - 22/06/2022 - 19/07/2022 - Sales products - ginger, oranges, mushroom soup, soup mix, soup, Knorr, yeast, biscuit, Cadbury, potato chips, chips, Knorrox, spice, energy drink, fruit juice, juice, mineral water, soda, bottled water, alcohol, beef meat, steak. Page 4.
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Coun IMBO 4005 AND SOUP MIX IMBO ROX KNORROX SOUP 11⁹⁹ Imbo Soup Mix 500g OXTAIL FLAVOUR LESS SALT KNORROX SOUP FLAVOUR W B WE CARE KNORROX 10.⁹⁹ 99 RRR Knorrox Soup Bag asst. 400g GRO RO Calculates to N$8.29 EACH 24 x 500ML 1989⁹9 Roxy Energy Drink Tropizone opizo ropizone opizor ropzone op zone Calculates to N$5.16 EACH 12 x 500ML 619 ULK Tropizone Aqua Still Water 16 Cappy Canny appy Calculates to N$15.99 EACH 12 x 1LTR 191⁹⁹ 99 Cappy Fruit Juice asst. W B WE CARE Cerebos Cerebos IODATED TABLE IODATED TABLE SALT SALT NOW IT IT FAR Knorr CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP st poze Mono) Calculates to N$11.99 EACH 20 x 1KG 239.9⁹9 Cash&Carry Special Offers are available from 22 June until 19 July 2022 only, or while stocks last. McKane M Kane M Kame 200 DRY CRAN GINGER LEMON BERRY ALE McKane Soda Mixer asst. Beacon Calculates to N$6.66 EACH 24 x 300ML 159.9⁹9 Cerebos lodated Salt Calculates to N$4.49 EACH 10 x 50G Cash&Carry Knorr Packet Soup asst. O-Pop Drink BULK Prin ASPRERRY Drink O-Pop Calculates to N$0.94 EACH 36 x 5G 33 99 Drink-O-Pop Powder Concentrate asst. Supa Smoothies othies ENOL EXIS 14.⁹9 EACH Beacon Smoothies/Supa asst. 50/72's Calculates to N$9.99 EACH 6 x 1LTR 59.99 100 TOP CLASS SPICE MIX GEFLANCER BBEAN ARIBBEAN Caribbean Smoothie asst. BULK GOLD STAR A OP CLAS PICE MI W 18.99 EACH TOP CLASS SPICE MIX Top Class Spice Shaker asst. 350g Calculates to N$4.16 EACH 12 x 10G 49.99 BULK cream Gold Star Instant Yeast GOLD STAR FREE ONLY INSTANT YEAST A LOLE DE) Douro FRUN RUN FRUNT MIT RED GRAPE 200% RED GRAPE JUICE HOCO cream EGINNING OP CLASS PICE MIX JEMON cream Calculates to N$8.74 EACH 24 x 300ML 209.⁹⁹ Calculates to N$6.66 EACH 12 x 150G 79⁹ ULIK Casa-Mia Cream Biscuits asst. RED GRAPE Liqui Fruit Fruit Juice Cans asst. EDCRACE 100 118718 EACH Chappies Chewy Candy asst. 200g chappies Chery Candy appies Chewy Candy O GRASCE SPICY STEAK & CHOPS BROOKES ESTO CONCENTRATED spicy Calculates to N$1.20 EACH 40 x 7G 49⁹9⁹9 BULK PROOKL STO Robertsons Spice Envelope asst. 24 Lun BROOKES ST ESTO ESTO DRAGE ORANGE GE CONCENTRATER Calculates to N$12.49 EACH 4 x 200ML LunchB ← Rhodes FRUIT JUICE BLEND KRUNCHING WITH FLAVOUR Esto Concentrate asst. 17 BULK KRONCHING WITH FLOR ww KRUNCH UNCH Potato Chips Lunc Lunch Lunchant Lunch Bar Lunch Bar Lur Rhodes Rhodes) Rhodes Calculates to N$4.99 EACH 24 x 200ML 119.99 Calculates to N$12.74 EACH 20 x 125G 254.⁹9 BULK ICE BLEND FRATRICE BLEND FRANCE BLEND HROOKEL STO Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice Blend asst. Krunch Potato Chips asst. Calculates to N$3.33 EACH 24'S 799⁹9⁹ BULK Cadbury LunchBar/P.S. Mini's asst. Some items may not be available at certain stores. Some of the food images represent a cooked version of the product on offer and is for presentation purposes only. We reserve the right to limit quantities. These offers are not available to traders. If a product is not available, we may make an alternative product, of similar quality, available as a substitute. Alcohol is not for sale to Persons under the age of 18. Errors and Omissions Excluded. Punyu C&C | Rundu C&C | Outapi C&C | Opuwo C&C | Katima C&C | Okahao C&C | Tsumeb C&C | Gobabis C&C | Okatana C&C | Eenhana C&C Rehoboth C&C | Ondangwa C&C | Walvis Bay C&C | Oshakati Express | Grootfontein C&C | Monte Christo C&C | Oshikango Border C&C

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