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thumbnail - Woermann Brock catalogue  - 07/12/2022 - 17/01/2023 - Sales products - toffee, bubblegum, apple juice, Coca-Cola, energy drink, fruit juice, juice, soft drink, smoothie, mineral water, bottled water, Bonaqua, Boost, alcohol, bubble bath, Nivea, Vaseline, Satiskin, Colgate, toothbrush, toothpaste, petroleum jelly, Revlon, relaxer, body lotion, roll-on, deodorant. Page 5.
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bonaqu bonaqua onaqui bonaqua Bonaqua Still Water 12 x 1.5ltr BULK PRICE Calculates to N$10.99 EACH 13199 CARIBBARIBBEAN ABBERT Caribbean Smoothie asst. 6 x 1ltr BULK 5999 PRICE Calculates to N$9.99 EACH SONAL CHAMPION WE CARE dawn W NB WE 45.99 EACH Champion Toffee asst. 112's CHAMPION the one t BANANA eta laste CHAMPION Aquafresh Aquafresh -in-one protection dawn @dawn dawn Dawn Body Cream/Lotion asst. 6 x 400ml BULK 11999 PRICE Calculates to N$19.99 EACH Aquafresh Toothpaste asst. 12 x 100ml mint D fresh & Protection 155.⁹9 99 BULK PRICE Calculates to N$12.99 EACH CARE Cash & Carry Tropizone ropizons Tropizone Tropizone Tropizone 30 Tropizone Still Water 12 x 500ml BULK PRICE 58.9⁹9 Calculates to N$4.91 EACH BROOKES SROCKE BROCKES ROCKES ESTO ST ESTO STO WALING SA TIN CRENCE CHANGE Esto Concentrate asst. 4 x 200ml BULK 51⁹9 Calculates to N$12.99 EACH Vaseline. BLUESEAL wit apvies 28.99 EACH Chappies Bubble Gum asst. 400g NEW - HLUESEA Vaseline Petroleum Jelly asst. 12 x 100ml BULK 179.9⁹9 PRICE Calculates to N$14.99 EACH Colgate=2 Colgate Triple Colgate Triple Action Colgate Triple Action Toothpaste 12 x 50ml 8 BULK 95.⁹9 PRICE Calculates to N$7.99 EACH ml MEGACH NIVEA ↓ fruitree dry comfort boo REVLON Col ml MEGACA BULK PRICE Reboost Energy Drink asst. 24 x 500ml e boost €226.99 Calculates to N$9.45 EACH BULK PRICE 22899 Calculates to N$9.54 EACH fruitree FRESH ml MEGA CA Fruitree Fruit Juice Blend asst. 24 x 350ml NIVEA NIVEA NIVEA NIVEA MEN MEN comfort al fruitree cal Nivea Deodorants asst. 6 x 150ml CONDITIONING CREME RELAXER NORMAL dry FRESH MUSK BULK PRICE 19199 Calculates to N$31.99 EACH e boost CREME RELAXER COARSE Revlon Realistic Relaxer asst. 6 x 225g BULK 169.99 PRICE Calculates to N$28.33 EACH Colgate Double Action Toothbrush asst. 12's 155.⁹⁹ 99 BULK PRICE Calculates to N$12.99 EACH s Rhodes Rhodes Special Offers are available from 07 December until 17 January 2023 only, or while stocks last. Punyu C&C I Rundu C&C I Outapi C&C I Opuwo C&C I Katima C&C | Okahao C&C I Tsumeb C&C Gobabis C&C | Okatana C&C I Eenhana C&C I Rehoboth C&C I Ondangwa C&C I Walvis Bay C&C Oshakati Express | Grootfontein C&C | Monte Christo C&C I Oshikango Border C&C Rhodes Rhodes Satiskin Satiskin Rhodes Fruit Juice Blend asst. 24 x 200ml TWICE 15289 BULK 99 Calculates to N$6.37 EACH CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Soft Drink Original 24 x 600ml BULK PRICE Calculates to N$8.95 EACH 214.⁹9 Satiskin Satiskin Satiskin Bubble Bath asst. 6 x 1ltr BULK PRICE 22499 Calculates to N$37.49 EACH INECTO SuperBlack SU5Ermach INECTO SuperBlack INECTO SuperBlack Inecto SuperBlack Hair Dye 6 x 28ml BULK 10199 PRICE Calculates to N$16.99 EACH Ch dawn dawn dawn Dawn Roll-On asst. 6 x 45ml unvers BULK 59.99 PRICE Calculates to N$9.99 EACH SCAN ME TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE Rhodes APPLE JUICE 27 Cash&Carry Some items may not be available at certain stores. Some of the food images represent a cooked version of the product on offer and is for presentation purposes only. We reserve the right to limit quantities. These offers are not available to traders. If a product is not available, we may make an alternative product, of similar quality, available as a substitute. Alcohol is not for sale to Persons under the age of 18. Errors and Omissions Excluded.

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