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thumbnail - Woermann Brock catalogue  - 07/12/2022 - 13/12/2022 - Sales products - beans, salad, sardines, spaghetti, soup, pasta, instant noodles, Knorr, pancakes, chakalaka, noodles, beetroot salad, custard, Clover, milk, condensed milk, Ellis Brown, creamer, Nestlé, jelly, Kellogg's, flour, sugar, wheat flour, maize meal, soya mince, Knorrox, corned meat, baked beans, corn flakes, porridge, rice, parboiled rice, spice, Hinds, sweet chilli sauce, vinegar, olive oil, oil, fruit jam, peanut butter, nut butter, Hazeldene, tea bags, rooibos tea, Ricoffy, Nescafé, alcohol. Page 3.
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FLAVOURED Instant MAIZE PORRIDGE 1 kg Matyt 99 Top Score Instant Maize Porridge asst. 1kg 4⁹ 99 Merry Christmas m each Nutty P Peanut Butter asst. 400g Rhodes Chakalaka asst. 410g Rhodes Chakalaka Chakalaka MILD&SPICY MILD&SPICY each TOP NUT BUTTER stant each Kellogg's Instant Noodles asst. 70g Nading T Pha Rhodes 1 kg 146⁹⁹ Quality Select Parboiled Rice 10kg Kellogg's Noodles logg's Noodles CM 2999 Polana Spaghetti Pasta 1kg Quality 10kg BAKED BEANS in Tomato Sauce tasty to TEAM 128 NAMIBIA Okap MEMBER BOKOMO e HAZELDENE Bokomo Corn Flakes 500g SELECT BAKED BEANS n Tomato Sauce 99 each Quality Select Baked Beans 410g lakes 99 27.9⁹ Hazeldene Mixed Fruit Jam 900g Rhodes Quality Peach Slices in Syrup each Rhodes Peach asst. 410g W POTR each HINDS SOUTHERN SELECT WHOLE KERNEL COR in Sweetened Brint KERNEL.COM EVERNE each Robertsons Spice Refill Brown asst. Quality Select Sweetcorn 410g P each Rhodes Fruit Cocktail in Syrup FOR RICE NESCAFE Ricoffy 14.⁹⁹ Hinds Southern Grill Spice 200g 42.⁹⁹ 99 Nescafé Ricoffy Tin 250g Glen T-C Freshpak ROOIBOS TEA 8 each Bull Brand Pancake HARL 500g CURRIED MINCE SNOWFLAKE teo fresh to fle easymmix UNA NO 22.⁹9 99 Bull Brand Curried Mince 400g 24.9⁹ 17⁹9 each Rhodes Fruit Cock- tail in Syrup 410g BIX Snowflake Easy Mix asst. 500g Cerebos IODATED TABLE SALT 500g each Ellis Brown Creamer Pouch 500g 500 g So Much More 369⁹ Freshpak Rooibos Tagless Tea Bags 80's CREAMER os ALT 6.⁹9 each Cerebos Salt Blue/Green 500g 22.99 each Glen Rooibos Tagless Tea Bags 100's each LUCKY STAR PILCHARDSOT CHILL SAU IN TOMATO SAUCE BROOKES OOKES rotters TRU-LEM J-LEM 17⁹⁹ 99 Brookes Tru-Lem 500ml Mi Trotters Lucky Star Pilchards asst. 155g 2 kg namibmills Sugal King CKY STAR Fest for Sebess fit for Energ WHI 99 each Rhodes Trotters Jelly asst. 40g Kelly e ARREA each bmills gar ing Sweetness Encry 33.99 Sugar King Light Brown/White Sugar 2kg Pe BORGA and a happy new year! Clover Classic CUSTARD Knorr AR VANILLA FLAVOURED MINESTRONE SOUP LUCKY STAR UCKY STAR CORNED MEAT 2399 2299 Clover Custard 1 ltr CORNED MEAT 19⁹9 Lucky Star Corned Meat 300g Crystal Gold Olive Oil Blend 1ltr Corall 10 Sered BOKOMO SUPER Nestle Nestle full cream sweetened condens Chill Sauce A NEW 112.9⁹⁹ 99 Bokomo Super Maize Meal Poly 10kg Nestlé Condensed Milk 385g full cream sweetened condensed milk BUY 4 FOR ONLY 18.99⁹ 4x Knorr Packet Soup asst. 50g YOU PAY 474 SHORROX KNORROX OYA INCE SOYA MINCE Crystal Gold Sweet Chilli Sauce 700ml FLAYOUS (Rhodes) Gudb Sliced Beetroot in Vinegar 6999 2299 259⁹⁹ 99 Knorrox Soya Mince asst. 400g each 99 each des Rhodes Beetroot Salad asst. 780g BOKOMO 145⁹⁹ each Bokomo Vetkoek Wheat Flour 10kg B Woermann, Brock WE CARE Offers valld from 07 December until 13 December 2022 only. Images used for Illustrative purposes only. Some Items may not be available at certain stores. Some of the food Images represent a cooked version of the product on offer and is for presentation purposes. We reserve the right to limit quantities. These offers are not available to traders. If a product is not available, we may make an alternative product, of similar quality, available as a substitute. Alcohol is not for sale to Persons under the age of 18. E&OE. Swakopmund Supermarket | Punyu Supermarket | Ombili Supermarket | Outapi Supermarket | Opuwo Supermarket | Karibib Supermarket | Okahao Supermarket | Tsumeb Supermarket | Gobabis Supermarket | Oshakati Supermarket Mariental Supermarket | Eenhana Supermarket | Katutura Supermarket | Omaruru Supermarket | Omuthiya Supermarket | Hochland Supermarket | Otjomuise Supermarket | Ondangwa Sales House | Rehoboth Supermarket Luxury Hill Supermarket Wanaheda Supermarket | Goreangab Supermarket | Nkurenkuru Supermarket J Otjiwarongo Supermarket | Grootfontein Supermarket | Khomas Grove Funkytown | Oneshila Supermarket | Keetmanshoop Supermarket | Tsandi Supermarket Okatana Supermarket | Oshikango Supermarket | Okahandja Supermarket (Outjo Supermarket | Maltahöhe SureSave | Khomasdal SureSave | Rehoboth Block E | Otavi SureSave | 'Onyaanya SureSave Okalongo SureSave | Ondobe C&C | Oshifo SureSave | Oshivelo SureSave | Makiti No3 | Makiti No4 MOPO

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