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thumbnail - Woermann Brock catalogue  - 19/08/2022 - 06/09/2022 - Sales products - beans, corn, chakalaka, Clover, milk, butter, Rama, mayonnaise, mixed vegetables, McCain, Nestlé, biscuit, cane sugar, flour, wheat flour, maize meal, soya mince, Knorrox, baked beans, Koo, apricot jam, fruit jam, Coca-Cola, energy drink, soft drink, Oros, alcohol, Dettol, laundry powder, laundry soap bar, Sunlight, soap, Colgate, Clere, Sure, Bakers, Hill's. Page 1.
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Sure Save A division of Woermann, Brock BIRTHDAY BONANZA N$800,000 WE CARE & WB We Care Charity Drive! PRIZES TO THE VALUE OF MORE THAN SmartBuy $27 BAKED BEANS in Tomato Sauce UTTER BEANS Sweetened Dri TOMATO & W B WE CARE oshikandela CULTURED MILK ker BAKED BEANS in Tomato Sauce w ZWE BUY 2 24.⁹⁹ 99 2 x Diddle Daddle Coated Popcom asst. 150g SmartBuy MBCARD HOT & SPICY CHAKALAKA CARE MOXED VEGETABLES FLAVOURED SMOOD Sweetened Bri DIDDLE OLE DADDLE. OLE. BY JUMPIN JACK pr CREA goodness gohome BUY 2 49.9⁹ 2 x Nammilk Omaere Plain/Sweet 1ltr 2x QS Baked Beans 410g + 1 x QS Butter Beans 410g + 1 x QS Mixed Vegetables asst. 410g +1x QS Apricot Jam 520g+1x QS Mixed Fruit Jam 520g + 1 x QS Chakalaka asst. 410g + 1 x QS Tomato & Onion Mix 410g + 1 x QS Whole Kemel Corn 410g +1x QS Cream Style 410g Corn omaere mobi Coca-Cola OROS pay CLUBCARD C OLE KERNEL CO QUALITY COMBO N$128 Y MIXED CREAM STYLE 2x Nestlé Countlines asst. BUY 2 14.⁹9 99 MER 4 B EET-SY Crysnil Gold Tomaco Sauce NDECHS 3 20 Nestle Clover p SmartBuy SmartBuy WWW CLUBCARD FET-SUM-MOR 1899 Crystal Gold Tomato Sauce 700ml EACH Bakers Eet-Sum-Mor Biscuits asst. 200g BARONE BARONE XX CLUBCARD NOLA Rama BOKOMO Rhodes TURKIS NAMIS POULTRY realgood CHICKEN Mixed Portions CLASSIC CLASSIC 1899 Coca-Cola Cols EACH 60+ only! 2KG+2KG FOR 155⁹⁹ 99 ONLY 2x Realgood IQF Mixed YOU SAVE $24 2kg BUY 2 2599 2x Coca-Cola Soft Drinks Original 1.25ltr Ka 29.99 Nola Mayonnaise 750g realgood HICKEN xed Portions SCORE KOO McCain Gold Clere KNORROX SOYA MINCE FULL DETAILS AT WWW.WOERMANNBROCK.COM TEAM NAMIBIA MEMBER TOPPER 1899 3x Bakers Topper Cream Biscuits asst. 125g NORROX YA MINCE TOPPER NORROX 16 Knorrox Soya Mince Bag asst. 400g BE THE PREDATOR EDATOR ENERGY ERGY BUY 3 BUY 2 17⁹9 2x Predator Energy Drinks asst. 500ml 10 kg (KOO Chakalaka With Sweetcomm namibmills STOP Bakpro SCORF bake with confidence SCAN ME TO LEARN MORE! SCORE SUPER MAIZE VETKOEK WHEAT FLOUR 1079 142⁹9 Top Score Super Maize Meal Poly 10kg Bakpro Vetkoek Wheat Flour 10kg DO kalaka & Spicy Beans Colgate Hi Baby Dettol Sunlight HIVEA BUY 2 30⁰⁰ 2 x Koo Chakalaka asst. 410g WE CARE GOLD STRIKT SmartBuy 1 k Sugar King SmartBuy Sky Hand Washing Powder 2kg BUY MEN$4 & GET FREE AIRTIME WHEN YOU SWIPE YOUR SMARTBUY CARD 31CH 99 KOMIN HILLS for Sweetness First Energy 33.9⁹ 99 Oros Assorted 2ltr KY FOROS Please ensure that your SmartBuy Card contact details are up-to-date to redeem this special offer. You can update your information at any WB till. Airtime cannot be reversed once it has been issued to a mobile number. T's&C's apply. E&OE. 250 g BUY 2 29.99 2 x Sugar King Light Brown Sugar 1kg sky Sunlight WASHING POWDER 2 e Maltahöhe | Khomasdal | Rehoboth Block E | Otavi | Onyaanya | Okalongo | Ondobe CC | Oshifo | Oshivelo | Makiti No3 | Makiti No4 08 Sure Save 128 SOAP 9.99 EACH Sunlight Laundry Bar 250g Offers valid from 19 August until 06 September 2022 only. We reserve the right to limit quantities. No Traders. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. Offers valid while stocks last. E&OE. Alcohol is Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly. www.woermannbrock.com

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