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TURN YOUR SHOPPING INTO A SPARO Rewards CAR WIN A CAR WIN 1 OF 3 HYUNDAI GRAND 110s PAR COMPETITION ENDS 6 JUNE 2022| Visit for more details. My SPARO ENTER SPAR Goldn Corn Rakee SUPIE MAIZE MEAL 5 k 500g Get A3off SOURCE OF 9 VITAMINS Bokome Super Mike Meal 5kg NEW BOKOMO PACK BPANG Brwants Custoes Puy NAMIB MILLS 2199 N$ GOLDEN 4799 CORN FLAKES gar King 3199 each Sugar King DN Brown Suga SUPER eaa EPARE each MACARONI st for Sweetness, irst for Energy! O MITH VITAMINS realgood CHICKEN SPAR Macaroni o meuteds 500g AIZE MEAL 1399 Whole Bird with giblete each BRC Real Good Chicke Whole Bird with Giblets 500 g MACARONI NESCAFE Ladismith Cheese Ricoffy 6299 CHEDDAR Ladisnith Share the fresh, smooth teste Cheese 800 g Nescale Rlcofty 250 g 9899 3999 each BE THE FIRST ary and Cotfee Gren SPAR atacant d PREP FOOD leci yor atwdw LIKE A SAVE 80% PRO UP то ON QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN KNIVES MASTERCHI SPARA PEEP FOOD LIKE A PRO GET YOUR COLLECTOR CARD IN STORE TODAY! SAVE#80% ON MASTERCHEF MasterChaf The TV Series oreclnteto SPAR in Nambia am 1 rch toJy 02 SHOP *Maximum of 10 e-Coupons per customer, for each SPAR Rewards product featured. COLLECT Specials available at listed SPAR stores in Namibia from 10 May 2022 up to and including 22 May 2022, TRWA95753USNA96 while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Prices include VAT.

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