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SPAR catalogue  - 24/01/2023 - 06/02/2023 - Sales products - bread, brown bread, orange, tuna, spaghetti, pasta sauce, macaroni, noodles, cheese, custard, Clover, Milo, dairy blend, eggs, marshmallows, Nestlé, chocolate, Cadbury, Dairy Milk, potato chips, chips, bread flour, cane sugar, flour, oats, Maggi, soya mince, sun dried tomatoes, tomato sauce, corned meat, jungle oats, Pasta Grandé, spice, curry powder, apricot jam, jam, peanut butter, Coca-Cola, Powerade, Fanta, energy drink, fruit juice, juice, soft drink, Oros, Tropika, Red Bull, tea, tea bags, Joko, coffee, Ricoffy, Nescafé, steak. Page 2.
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Scroll through this SPAR catalogue valid from 24/01/2023 to 06/02/2023 to see the latest deals. On 8 pages of the currently valid catalogue, you will find the best goods from the Groceries category. This SPAR catalogue offers discounts on more than 174 products, making sure you get the best deal on the things you buy! If you want to save on your next shopping trip to SPAR, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 8. On the current page you will find promotions on apricot jam, bread, bread flour, cane sugar, Coca-Cola, coffee, custard; however, this brochure from SPAR offers many other discounts on goods like cane sugar, coffee, sunflower oil, cheddar, sandwich, beef meat, beer, Coca-Cola, ground beef, margarine. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to SPAR, don’t miss the latest weekly catalogue full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to NA Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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We all know and love the unmistakable taste of the sweetened soft drink Coca-Cola. But do you know about everything this company does and sells?

Coca-Cola is a legendary brand that does not need to be introduced for a long time. We have all tasted their delicious drink before and most of us love it very much. No wonder, because the recipe is completely original and has not changed since the company was founded. You can enjoy the variant with sugar, with a lower proportion of sugar or completely without it. In addition, you can enjoy it in all sizes and in glass, sheet metal and plastic. As you wish. If you have a birthday party, a match, or an evening movie in front of you, it should not be missing on your table, because nothing can replace it. Enjoy it the way you like it and don't forget to add some great food.


Coffee is an integral part of the life of almost every one of us. But do you know how to choose the best species just for you and what affects its taste?

Morning coffee is for many of us the only way to get on our feet and go to work. But how to choose the best one that you will enjoy every day? The most popular are Arabica and Robusta, but you have other options. Quality and excellent is also civet, green or decaffeinated coffee for the brave. You can also choose from capsules for the coffee machine, or instant variants (classic, 2in1 or 3in1). You can try yourself to find out if you prefer black coffee, cappuccino, americano, latte, espresso, or another form of this amazing, hot drink. Try, experiment and you are guaranteed to quickly find out what you like best.

2 SAVINGS this year, every year! NESCO Ricoffy TV GRD Nescafe Ricoffy (excl. Decaf) 750 g 999⁹9 2799 each FANT All Gold Tomato Sauce 700 ml Rajah ORG CHO Rajah Curry Powder 100 g INERG Red Bull Fanta Soft Drink 600 ml Top Class Soya Mince 500 g 2199 each 7.99 each 2399 JOKO STECHO QUALITY TEA DICEHESOO Brookes Oros Range 2 litre 100 Joko Tagless Teabags 100's 38⁹9⁹ 99 each POLAND TOP CLASS 99 SOYA MINCE 399⁹⁹9⁹ each Red Bull Energy Drink 355 ml 199⁹9⁹ each Polana Macaroni 3 kg 88 ⁹99 each Matton each Facord TOP-CLASS MELANO OSURET Creemee Dairy Blend Concentrate 1 litre 9.99 each GRANDE DENNY Denny Pasta Sauce 400 g original Mazoe Orange Crush Mazo? 2 litre 38.99 PASTA SAUCE Coca Cola Cold Drink 1.25 litre 13.9⁹9 each Pasta Grandé Spaghetti 500 g 14.99 Jungle Oats 3899⁹ 35.99 Jungle Oats 1 kg Jan Braai Basting Sauces 750 g 32.99 each 1241 SPAR Comed Meat 300 g DAIRY MILK TOP DECK 1199 each Powerade Sports Drink Assorted 500ml miste: Sugar Sugar King King Light Brown Sugar 5 kg Fotofnors BESCHISS SUP 5 kg CORNED MEAT Cadbury Chocolate Slab Assorted 80 g 14.99 23.99 Jan Braal BASTINE SÜFCE foo- MILO MILD MILD 8199 each HAR FAENCY DR Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Multipack 5's GOLDCRESTU SUNDRIED TOMATO RELISH MY SUM GO SPAR ENERGY Go Energy Drink 500 ml Nestlé Milo Energy Drink 6 x 200 ml SKITSE PURCH 54.99 25.99 9.99 each MANTATEM SOUR Beans PU GATURE Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice 2 litre 3799 DY 2899 each Marshmallow: 150 g Goldcrest Reslish Assorted 230 ml Manhattan Pink & White Marshmallow Mister Sweet Speckled Eggs 100 g 24.99 SPARA 1399⁹ Manhattan Fruity Beans Assorted 50 g 899 each Shredded Tuna in Oil or Water 170 g Khates APPLE & CRANBERRY BROWN WHEAT TOM FILDARE PLEND Apricot cooth Bakpro ligh Shre Get Black Cat N$2off SPAR Light Meat wards Customers Pay 1569 each fisian TWHICHTE ALAVVETEM PURA TIRONA 3199 each Bakpro Brown Bread Flour 5 kg 9299 SPAR Apricot Jam 900 g Cheese Willards Curly Fusion Dairy Blend Concentrate Assorted 1 litre 220⁰⁰ 33.9⁹9 each 6.99 Cheese Curls Assorted 150 g 16.99 Pura Kids Juice 200 ml Kenna Coffee Assorted Ⓒ 500 g 10999 Black Cat Peanut Butter 400 g alhalla Bakpro VETKOEK WHE Kenna UNELIND SPAR Long Life Custard 1 litre 2199 each each STEAK CHOPS 17599 Cafe Blend E COFFE Bakpro Vetkoek Mix 10 kg 14.99 CRINKLE CUT ROPIK Clover Tropika Assorted 1 litre Robertson Brown Spice Refill 80 g VANILLA WOURED CUSTAFD 1999 each Willards Crinkle Cut Potato Chips DSM Assorted 125 g 1599

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