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thumbnail - SPAR catalogue  - 13/12/2022 - 25/12/2022 - Sales products - kiwi, Nestlé, powder drink, Purity, wipes, Huggies, Pampers, pants, baby wipes, toilet paper, fabric softener, Omo, softener refill, laundry powder, Sunlight, shampoo, Nivea, Protex, soap, Colgate, toothpaste, sanitary pads, Kotex, conditioner, TRESemmé, Gillette, razor, refuse bag. Page 6.
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Turn up the GLOW this Christmas DOO 33 99⁹ each Doom Insect Spray 300 ml Airoma Air Freshener Aerosol 210 ml 20 1999 each YAY ANTO GARBIE SUPER SAVER REFUSE was HEVEA MEN FRESH ДЕН СУРГА MOCH Shower Sheker ASADY Nivea Deodorant Roll On Assorted 50 ml 2399 each Shower to Shower Roll On 50 ml Garbie Super Saver Refuse Bags 20's 1599 each Mixed Berries fruit CALPRENTIVES AMERICAL PAGUE PURITY TWINSAVER Handy Andy Cream 750 ml 3099 2599 pack 2599 each Sunlight Dishwashing TRESemmé Mo DISTURE CH VOLTOLE VOSTER 900 Liquid 750 ml Sunlight Colgate® Colgate Toothpaste 100 ml or Conditioner 750 ml /900 ml 94.99 Purity Puree Assorted 110 ml Scoft Tresemme Shampoo Vannes AND JESS 1999 each MULTI-BUY Buy Any 3 for 33⁰⁰ Get an extra N$ 6off Twinsaver Toilet Rolls 1 Ply 15's Rewards Customers Pay 27⁰⁰ 769⁹9⁹ per pack 5429 HING ALLERGENIC REFILE Makan TOUGH STAIN REMOVAL Protex Soap 200 g Protex OMO hand KIWI CAN TFSHOR POT #THEAS CHERCO LAND 604400 Kotex Ultra Sanitary Pads 8s/10s 13.99 50g MORE* KoeX No 6299 each Sta Soft Fabric Softener Refill Pouch 500 ml 1799 each Omo Handwashing Powder 2 kg 23.99 each Kiwi Quality Shoe Polish 50 ml OCEAM SK WENTY MISKO Gillette Whiskas Gillette af Blue Blue SMART U-74.9⁹9⁹ Smart Razor 6+3 HUGGIES each Huggies Baby Wipes 56s HUGGIES gois Whiskas Dry Catfood 2 kg POMO 14 DAYS OF FRESHNESS YOOX WENN 155⁹⁹ each SPARA 2 kg 20 Cat Omo auto+Comfort Powder 3kg or Washing Powder Liquid 2 litre 10799 Nestle NIDO Powdered Drink for Growing Children with Honey TODDLER 1-1 your 24.9⁹⁹ each Nestlé Nido 1+ 400 g Tough Restora! 58 HEWA IMERORED FULLY BALANCED 1+ 74.99 Did somebody say TREATS? 1001 900 Mb PACA KHOANTE 3318 8 kg REC SaveMor Pampers Jumbo Pack Active or Pants or Value Pack Premium Assorted Sizes JUNBO PACK Pampers baby-dry NDO 80 Org BEEF DOG FOOD 114.99 air 21999 pack SaveMor Dog Food 8 kg

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