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It's the HOLIDAYS let's CHILL! Clover Super M Flavoured Milk 300 ml 13.99 ONNOMA DIVINE DOUBLE CREAM ITAL PIZZA Danone Divine Yoghurt 1 kg 33.99⁹ each What did the man zu DrOetker Nammilk Snackies Low Fat Flavoured Yoghurt 6x80g Tung Hotel Margherita when his wife served him fish fingers? "I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW FISH HAD HANDS!" FOG ITAL PIZZA Pizzinis Dr Oetker Pizza Pizzini's 32's 15.99 Ca 500g Country fresh 9.⁹9⁹ each Nawaa Supa Omasi Premium Cultured Milk 14.99 54.99 Danone Yogi Sip Drinking Yoghurt 250 ml 500 g HELMEN FEMUR-PONT 32 Telm 9 crunchie Blast Cadbury BUY Ice Cream Sticks 2 ml LASSIC ENCH POLONY S CLASSIC NCH POLY NG POR GAMAY 254.99⁹ Country Fresh Ice Cream Assorted 2 litre 54.99 ostulander COCON FRENCH Nammilk Oshikandela 1 litre 25.99 Classic Meat Polony 500 g 2299 each NATURAL DAVET KUKURY Stork COUNTRY SPREAS Choke Grade Potato Chips Crinkle Cut SPAR Yoghurt Assorted 1 kg KEEP FREZEN Suitable to SPAR Frozen Potato Chips 80060 2699 each Assorted 1 kg Arla Cream Cheese Assorted 150 g each Stork Country Spread Medium Fat Tub 1 kg 39.99 nammilk full cream fresh milk GREAMY DIP 44.99 each SPARA SSTMES CREAMY DIP LANCEWOOD CREAMED SMOOTH COTTAGE CHEESE PLAIN Clover Springbok Butter or Mooi Rivier Butter 500 g Nammilk Fresh Milk 1 litre 1799 ENINSOCK UNCOOKED KEEP FROZEN SPAR Dips Assorted 175 g 179⁹9 STANDARD GRADE MIXED VEGETABLES DCC Car Cart Whale Ga M SaveMor Frozen Mixed Vegetables 1 kg Lancewood Cottage Cheese 250 g 2999 each SaveMor 66 9⁹9 each DE A 247 1kg 279⁹9 CHEDDAR CHIEF SPAR Vacuum Pack Cheese Cheddar or Gouda 700 g 94.99⁹ each PA45 OUTH AFRICAN PETA CHEESE PLAIN SPAR Feta 400 g 45.99

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