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SPAR HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU, KID! Johnso 6E SQUISH Apple + Guava 45.⁹⁹ 99 each Johnson's Baby Powder 400 g yait ada ww PURITY TITL EN A CREAM OF MAIRE Babys Soft Porridge Nekregen Original Rhodes Squish Baby Puree 110ml 1049 Johnsons Baby Soap 175g 15⁹9 each 1899 each PURITY baby aqueous NIDO der Drink Towing Children Purity Cream of Matze Assorted 400 g SCHOOL Tek B PURITY Butternut 71 Purity Second Foods Jar 125 ml Parity Baby Aqueous Cream 450 g 3699 Nestlé Nick Growing Up Milk 3 Plus 1.8 kg 2899⁹ Lastel 1199⁹ each Johnson's BEST BABY BUYS Stimme Johnson's BEST BABY BUYS Johnson's Baby Wipes 288/204¹8 SPARA Nestle Cerelac 250 g 3899 Sam Bar Nestle. Nestum BABY CEREAL Ingredients: 1 whole chicken Regular Wint 8999⁹ per pack Tr 6-12 MUCHTH Tutama pepek THA SPAR Little Munchkins Happles Value Pack Nestle Cerelac BARE RIFEL WITH Suver Regular Wheat Nestle Nestum 250g Jolinson's Petroleum Jelly 500 g 3999 1349⁹ 2599⁹ 6-12 HOT ST Little Munchkins NAPPIES disposable apples for bisa TAPAC W CHICKEN SOUP to fight the flu Method: Step 1: 38 4 SPAR Freshline carrots, halved 4 stalks SPAR Freshline celery, halved 1 large onion, halved Water to cover Salt and pepper to taste 1 tsp chicken stock powder Step 2: Remove from pot and strain. Pick meat off and discard the bones. Chop the veg into bite size pieces. Season with salt, pepper and chicken stock to taste. Return to the pot, stir together, heat and serve. In a large pot, add chicken, carrots, celery and onion and cover with cold water. Heat and simmer, uncovered, until chicken meat falls off the bones. (skim off foam).

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