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The floor surface is not easy to choose, because it will be walked on every day, and you must choose the one that will be best cleaned. How to choose the best one?

Flooring is one of the most important elements of the interior, which you must choose carefully. Rugs are a great option to complement the whole look of a room. But first and foremost, you need to decide why you're buying it. You need to consider the material. Usually, a combination of natural and synthetic fabrics is used, thanks to which you get a quality and strong product. Wool is of the highest quality, but you must reckon with much higher acquisition costs. It is also important to choose the density and height of the hair. The heavier the carpet, the lower the pile height, as it will be much harder to keep clean. For this reason, a higher pile is more suitable for the bedroom and study. In the living room or children's room, you should choose rather lower variants, which you will be able to easily clean. Once you have selected these factors, you can finally focus on colour and pattern. Here you must follow the interior of the room, but also the size of the carpet.

When choosing any furniture or accessories for the home, you must always think about the function of the thing, but also about the overall design. Everything in the interior should match beautifully so that the room does not look strange. Remember that dark colours and bold patterns always visually reduce the space, while light colours and simple patterns make it larger. You also need to think carefully about the choice of colours, because they have a great influence on your mood, atmosphere, and overall well-being. Light shades of virtually any colour light up everything and vice versa. But if you have a large space and you really like the shade, you can go to darker shades. However, do not put them in children's rooms. There will be special rugs with a children's theme, such as animals or the road. Here, the hair should be shorter, because children will spend a lot of time there and you will clean it often. If you follow a few basic rules, you can't make the wrong choice.


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