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FREEZER Adid 1 6001 dona C i SONCE ASFER CB THER RN SAL VOC OLE 3 namibmills TOP SCORE POWER Hamed Coffees N$ INS € LOW PRICE 99 $33.9⁹⁹ Top Score Super Maize Meal 2.5kg 3 FOR NS30 Naturz Soup Mix m NATURZ 4-IN-1 SOUP MIX FILL UP YOUR PANTRY Crystal Gold Crystal Gold Crystal Gold Chakalaka Assorted Each HUG -in a- MUG Hot Chocol LOW PRICE OCH House of Coffees Hug-in-a-Mug Cappuccino Assorted Each HINDS SOUTHERN GRILL ALL IN ONE SEASONING GREAT FOR GRILLS, BRAS ROASTS, POTS & STEWS 3x 500g HINDS SPICES + POUCH UTHERN GRILL ONE SEASONINC Ⓡ GRILLS, BRANS & STEWS 200 g 2 FOR N$25 KICK 2x 200g 2.5kg TEAM NAMIBIA MEMBER EAL Hinds Southern Grill Spice no name HOT CHUTNEY 12223SASN OO LOOKE 1½ Glen You 1 no name LD CHUTNEY 430 g LOW PRICE P no name™ Chutney Assorted Each 430g Glen LOW PRICE N$64.⁹⁹ Mama's Pasta Elbows or Macaroni 3kg Each MISA PARBOILED QUICK COOK SAMP CAN Rajah ΝΩ Glen Tagless Teabags Each ALL-IN-ONE CURRY POWDE WITH GARLIC Mamas QUALITY ENSURED EVERY TIME Iwisa Parboiled Quick Cook Samp LOW PRICE LOW PRICE 1699 N$1699 N$ 46⁹⁹ N$529⁹⁹ 99 99 500g 100s Rajah LOW PRICE LOW PRICE N$13.9⁹ NS209⁹ 99 N$ 99 50 g 1kg LOW PRICE N$1245 49 50g Robertsons Rajah Curry Powder Assorted Each INSTANT SIOT CHOCOLATE DRINK PnP Instant Hot Chocolate ORIGINA Laager Pure Rooibos (80 TEA BAGE Laager Tagless Rooibos Teabags IMANA 3kg LOW PRICE LOW PRICE 99 ANY 2 N$52.9⁹ N$24.⁹⁹ N$34.⁹⁹ $42 99 Nestlé or Nestlé Gold Cross Sweetened Condensed Milk + 80s BEEF D ONION FLAVOURED SOUP İMANA 4.TERIM BROWN ONION FLAVOURED SOUP 70 ay STOP SCORE 500g MAIZE FLAVOURED Instant MAIZE PORRIDGE 1 kg 70 gx 5 5 PACKS Top Score Instant Maize Porridge Assorted Each MORE GOODNESS MORE DELICIOUS! DYSTRING Cheese FLAVOUR Be FLAV Nestle MILO Kellogg's LOW PRICE 199 N$21.⁹⁹ 1kg BREAKFAST ENERGYDA LOW PRICE IMANA Prices Valid 4 - 10 July 2022 5x 5 PACKS 70g Kellogg's Nestlé Milo Malt Energy Drink Actrodit EN 19 İMANA + + Nestlē GOLD CROSS Nestle ful cream Sweetened eed mik cam ned 500g BROWN ONION FLAVOURED SOUP ANY 4 N$15 HICKEN NOODLE FLAVOURED SOUP Kellogg's Instant Noodles Assorted 5 x 70g Per Pack Imana Packet Soup Assorted INSTANT Noodles 2x 385g 4x 60g INFREY ACTIVE new CHO TREATS 8293 Nestle ENERGY H KER Nestle Henry SAVatic I'M PA +MARTIER RONOMG BARONE LOW PRICE N$ NS 849 40-52g new 63 ww MANHATTAN POPS FRUITY Choc Chip COOKNS KOCHENG Rhodes Quali STRAWBERRY & BANANA BIG POPS LOOK ASTE CHISTAMI AMICO MINE SERRAG Niginal & Reg Red Label CREAM BISCUITS CHOC FLAVOURED PIES CATEGO4ACBE CHINCH Flakes 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEND Apple &/or grape &/or pear, strawberry and other fruit Nestlé Bar One Large, Smarties, Tex or Kit-Kat 4-Finger Assorted Each TUBUFFRY BUBBLEGUM CENTRE Rhodes Quality CRANBERRY ВОКОМО LOW PRICE N$29.99⁹ Bokomo Corn Flakes 500g 2109 Corn Flakes ORIGINAL LAVOURce of Fre N$ + + ainably sed cocna BIG POPS SMART RECYCLE ME! SINCE 1922 SHA VANILE EXVOSTIE CHEWY CENTRE FahARTEME AMENTOS PAC Henro LOW PRICE N$17.99 210g Choc Chip COOKIES EASE ONE CUP ERS RED GRAPE Rhodes Quality ER 100% PE JUICE DELS CAN LOW PRICE $21.99 500g 500 g Manhattan Pops Assorted Each Original & Best Red Label LEMON CREAM BISCUITS Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice Blend Assorted Each Smooth Milk Chocolate with a Chocolate Brownie Flavoured Centre BO g 210g + Heavenly Heavenly CHOCOLATE BROWNIE Try me I'm new Arenel Vanilla, Lemon or Ginger Snaps Assorted Each LIVEWELL B Bon Day LOW PRICE N$20.9⁹ 99 PILCHARDS LOW PRICE N$24.⁹⁹ 99 PnP Pilchards in Tomato Sauce 400g PUT MANGO PUL FUMIILE ED DAISY VIX COSEL IN TOMATO SAUCE ALTA CARIBBEAN SMOOTHIE wwwwwwwwwww MILK MALVA CHOCOLATE PUDDING 500g ANY 3 N$30- SERVING SUGGESTION 400g P Heavenly 400g + WART Arenel Cingen Snaps Beacon Chocolate Slabs Assorted N$ LOW PRICE N$16.99 80g Henro Choc Chip Cookies Assorted Each LOW PRICE $17.4959 200g Bakers Red Label Cream Biscuits Assorted Each RIBBEAN SMOOTHIE ABBEA MOOTHIE PICAL PUNCH CONCENTRATE TURK LOW PRICE N$107⁹ Caribbean Fruit Flavoured Dairy Mix Concentrate Assorted Each Pick n Pay 3_COPPERFIELD STUDIOS_NBNBHS2060

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