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thumbnail - Pick n Pay catalogue  - 19/02/2024 - 25/02/2024 - Sales products - No Name, milk, Milo, Nestlé, rabbit, cereals, alcohol, baby snack, steak, wipes, Huggies, Pampers, baby wipes, nappies, Baby Soft, detergent, Domestos, cream cleaner, tissues, surface cleaner, bleach, all purpose cleaner, cleaner, fabric softener, Omo, thick bleach, liquid detergent, laundry powder, Sunlight, shampoo, Suave, bath foam, Vaseline, Satiskin, soap, Colgate, toothbrush, toothpaste, teeth whitening, sanitary pads, pads, petroleum jelly, Revlon, body lotion, Axe, insecticide, animal food, dog food, wet dog food, Whiskas, Pedigree, dry dog food. Page 4.
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HEALTH & BEAUTY 100 Sunlight 99 MILO BABY BEBE SUAVE IGHTS Sunlight 99 100ml Aquafresh PERESHING LAVENDER LANGA REFRESCANTE ?? ne protection TRENING KLANG HO Aquafresh all-in-one protecti 250 g BABY UBUNGAN Since 1867 Strawberry & Banana ADD ANY BABY MILK CLEARBY ALENTS PET HOUSEHOLD 2 kg = 20 DIRT IS GOOD * TEAM NAMIBIA MEMBER 4 PNP_WNNBHS2500 P washing powder Nestle. Nestlē. Nestum Nestum BABY CEREAL BABY CEREAL Styrktag concentrated NEWDEN PINE GEL Deodorising Surface Cleaner 1 Litre RICH x2 CHICK x2 BEEF A 9-12 MONTHS 36.99 Newden Pine Gel Assorted 1 Litre Each fresh & minty Tshela mass ape jela a lesea SRBLE TALESEA Puppy MIXED SELECTION -THE IN JELLY fresh & minty C XOMO A auto 2 FOR N$ Sunlight Family or Baby Soap Assorted 175g PUPPY MIXED SELECTION - WITH BE 1750 IN JELLY RICH x2 CHICKEN $22 UNBEATABLE STAIN REMOVAL 1L LOW PRICE 3299 2999 WHEN YOU SWIPE Aquafresh Fresh & Minty Toothpaste 2 x 100ml Value Pack 2kg Since 1867 p Regular Wheat 400 ANY BANY MILE Nestlé Nestum Baby www Cereal Assorted 250g Each Colgate® Colgate UNDEATABLE Pedigree LOW PRICE 4299 99 40⁹⁹ WHEN YOU SWIPE Pedigreee Wet Dog Food Assorted Multipack 4s Each 4x100g 29.99 OMO LOW PRICE 84.99 79.9⁹9 auto 1.5L WHEN YOU SWIPE 1.5L-Omo Auto Washing DIRT IS GOOD Powder 2kg, Liquid Detergent 1.5 Litre Assorted or Capsules 17s Each Pedigree UNSTOPPABLE AVY MALENE B 299⁹9⁹ Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach Assorted 750ml Each Domestos EXTENDED POWER 4x100 4s protection & comfort Libresse MAXI REGU 10 WITH WINGS LOW PRICE 1899 16⁹9⁹ WHEN YOU SWIPE Libresse Maxi Pads Assorted 10s Each D plush 10. TH 2-12 NEW PACK SAME DELICIOUS original Vaseline. BLUESEAL percjelly N$ Maxi Protec 4 MONEST BEEF & MILK M Vaseline. BLUESEAL CITIZENS ON ALL 5% OFF PURCHASES EVERY WEDNESDAY "items on promotion, cigarettes and alcohol excluded. gente potective je baby BOTH N$38 N$ Plush Thick Bleach Assorted 750ml Colgate Regular, Gel, Herbal or Herbal Whitening Toothpaste 100ml & Double Action Adult Toothbrush LOW PRICE 3699 33.9⁹9 2 kg WHEN YOU SWIPE Vaseline Blue Seal Petroleum Jelly Assorted 250ml Each whiskas 96 REACH FOR THE SKY blush SUPREME HULSTIPURPOSE THICK BLEACH sky WASHINGL POWDER aming HIGH NEW 900g Kitten 900g 761 NEW PACK SAME DELICIOUS plust SUPREME 2 FOR $40 3299 MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER HAT 2L Up to 32 ww Powder 2kg IEEF & MILK Lotion Chik Vina 64 2 kg whiskas Satiskin 2kg 42 Sky Hand Washing Plush Supreme Multi-surface Cleaner Assorted 275ml Each Kitten 84.⁹⁹ Whiskas Dry Kitten Food Assorted 900g Each D bubble both Satiskin Foam Bath VITAMINA Assorted 2 Litre Plus ac Satiskin Foam Bath Concetrate Refill Assorted 1 Litre Pampers complete clean Pam sensi NEW: BOTH N$135 SAVE radie Multi WECTS 22 Ofurless O DOOM LOW PRICE 3699 34.⁹9 0- WHEN YOU SWIPE Pampers Wipes Refill Assorted 56s/64s Each 20 LOADS 20 Doom Insecticide Assorted 300ml Each LOW PRICE 2799 24.⁹9 WHEN YOU SWIPE Revlon AquaMarine Shampoo or Conditioner Assorted 400ml Each AquaMarine Sunlight 2in1 SPRING SENSATIONS SENSAÇÕES DE PRI ProPet Prices Valid 19 - 25 February 2024 While stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. No traders please. E&OE. Selected products may not be available at all stores. BAGS REFUSE 3 6-10kg SENSATIONAL CLEANG LENG-LASTING FRAGRANCE NEW IMPROVED 2kg 2 FOR 37⁹9 N$40 Mixed Poultry Feed LOW PRICE 5999 57⁹9 WHEN YOU SWIPE Sunlight 2in1 Hand Washing Powder Assorted 2kg no name Perforated Refuse Bags 20s BAGS REFUSE HUGGIES dry comfort JO(: dawn 5kg 100% NATUR** Baby Form design with double leakguards ARCANOR HAWA 400 ml LOW PRICE 24.99 99 19⁹⁹ 58 WHEN YOU SWIPE Dawn Body Lotion or Cream Assorted 400ml Each VALUE PACK NEW IMPROVED Diary baby LOW PRICE 7499 69⁹9⁹ Comfort ELEGANCE long lasting fragrance and softness al 9 FSC 2 PLY ROLLS WHEN YOU SWIPE Pro-Pet Mixed Poultry Grain, Rabbit Pallets, Chicken Grower or Laying Meal 5kg FRESH NEW FRANCE AXE ADRENALIN WAGANG 0 48 HRS NON STOP FRESH LOW PRICE 4299 38 99 WHEN YOU SWIPE Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Assorted 800ml Refill Each 18 X GRANS SA'S NO. 150ml no name AXE RK TEMPTATION 8 HRS NTI SW TH PRO SCE WHEN YOU SWIPE CHNOLOGY Axe Deodorant www.facebook.com/pnpnamibia Please Recycle Original LOW PRICE 3299 29.⁹9⁹ INE Sup de Original Assorted 150ml Each Each INECTO SuperBlack no name ADULT STEAK FLAVOUR CREAM LOW PRICE 2199 Each 19.⁹9⁹ HANDY ANDY 0 Cleanboost WHEN YOU SWIPE Inecto Super Black leakage -12 LOW PRICE 18999 179.9⁹⁹ WHEN YOU SWIPE Huggies Dry Comfort Disposable Nappies Value Pack Assorted Per Pack 2 hour. Baby Soft Fresh White 1 Clean* HANDY ANDY Cleanboot CREAM CALVOTAA LOW PRICE 2899 2699 WHEN YOU SWIPE Handy Andy All Purpose Cream Cleaner Assorted 750ml Each ADU STEAK FL 8kg Each LOW PRICE 8499 79.⁹9 WHEN YOU SWIPE Baby Soft 2 Ply Toilet So Tissue Assorted 9s Each 8kg 9s LOW PRICE 13999 129.99 WHEN YOU SWIPE no name Dry Dog Food Assorted www.pnp.na Pick n Pay

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