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ко+ex BLOXC (+ YO ULT BODY C UP TO ZEI 8hr котех ULTRA THIN BODY CONFORMING FIT LONGEST & WIDEST* ALL NIGHTER always + dreamZzz. All around soft protection all night MAXI THICK 00 8 extra long-night Pads Lil-lets. 10 maxi thick pads with wings Soft & absorbent regular 600.00 WIDER BACK unscented Saretary Pads 20 VALUE 8hr WHEN YOU SWIPE Lil-Lets Maxi Pads Assorted 16/20s Each SANITARY PADS MAXI THICK regular LOW PRICE 2699 24.⁹9 2 FOR N$ 40 Kotex Ultra Thin Pads Assorted 7-10s always dreamZzz. Lillets. 10 maxi thick pads with wings Foft & absorbent 8 Pads Z Z Z WIDER BACK All around protection all night Kołex. BIO-OR MAXI P 99% FOR ODOUR CO ALL NIGHTE Always Pads Assorted 8-10s SANTARYTADS/SERVETTES EQUESTENSOS CENZOR Kotex 2 FOR N$36 BIO-CARE PROTECTION FROM GERMS MAXI PROTECT 99% FOR ODOUR CONTROL 000000 SUPER Stäyfree. MAXI 6640 REGULAR Scented Cotton feel cove 99 14.⁹9 SANIT Stayfree Maxi Pads PENSO Assorted 8-10s Each Prices Valid 23 October - 5 November 2023 LOW PRICE 2199 19⁹9 WHEN YOU SWIPE Kotex Bio-Care Maxi Protetion Pads Assorted 8s Each ECONOMY PACK** daily liners. RCK 3in1 COMFORT CRYNESS & ODOUR CONTROL Pick n Pay Fresh Scent NORM Comfort Pr 4000 Dick n Pay 29.99 Always Daily Pantyliners Assorted 40s Each tiny tots BABY WET WIPES For detay APPROVED LIGHTLY FRAGRANCED VALUE PACK VALUE PACK tiny tots BABY WET WIPES OR 240 NEW Köfex DAILY PROTECT COMFORT & PROTECTION FRI 399 Kotex Unscented Pantyliners Assorted 100s Each TRUSTED W NEW 03X80 UE PACK LOW PRICE 6999⁹ 99 66⁹⁹ Sals No.1 Porthyfeer" WHEN YOU SWIPE VALL PnP Tiny Tots Baby Wipes Fragrance Free 80g Assorted Each 8hr protection Lillets. essentials 8 thick pads with wings individually wrapped-shaped fo Lotion Alse Vena 64 Sult FEMININE CARE VALUE PACK 20 up to 8hr protecti Kotex MAXI PROTECT 0% LEAKS. TO 100% COMFORT* + for comfort NO 99 29.⁹⁹ Kotex Pads Assorted 16/20s Each super value Pampers complete clean LOW PRICE 3699 199 34.⁹⁹ WHEN YOU SWIPE Pampers Wipes Refill Assorted 56/64s Each unscented super value Lil-Lets Essentials Pads Assorted 8s 2 FOR N$15 WIPES Wipes away Dint & Mest Alcoh 20 PADS Sutube for Honis & Foce Pick n Pay WNNBHS2429_9

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