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PRODUCE DELI Romi 37% Low Fat Spread 500g Brick FRIDGE & FREEZER HIGH IN VITAMIN D 11⁹⁹ Romi 37% FAT SPREAD + Sunshine D ORIGINAL MARGARINE-80% FAT SPREAD SUSTAINABLY WILD CAUGHT VERY HIGH IN OMEGA S SCAN FOR COMPETITIONS RECIPES AND MORE 2 FOR N$36 PnP Lettuce Per Pack Hake Fillets Sea Harvest 6 Wild-caught, skin-on Hake Bi (minimum) Melitta GOLD INTENSE 100% NATURAL COFFEE 74.⁹9 Windhoek Bulk Budget Viennas Per kg 20 9669 RO 632 79⁹99⁹ Sea Harvest Hake Fillets 600g Sering & full-bodied SOLUBLE COFFEE 100g e Af BEVERAGES NOT SUIDE HOW HYME POSES 500 g DonDay hartlief UNCOOKED GE STREAKY BACON her ev PnP Instant Hot Chocolate 500g INSTANT Hot Chocolate POWDERED INSTANT HOT CHOCOLATE DRINK Pick n Pay 2 PNP WNNBHS2382 SERVING SUGGESTION 600 g D-KEEPFROZEN Sunshine D Original Margarine 80% Fat Spread 500g TRUSTED Cikke 500 g 8299 399⁹ Melitta Original Instant Coffee 200g SPINACH 9GAGE 19.99 SPINACH 199 14.⁹⁹ PnP Spinach Pre-Pack 201 NUMATY 32.99 PnP Salad Tub Large Clover Ad ELITE OPEN INTE SERVING SUGGEST URMARES SIN 3899⁹ 5599 Hartlief Streaky Bacon 150g Hartlief Cocktail Viennas 275g A ELITE hartlief COCKTAIL VIENNAS Maty ed Landed 22.99 Freshpak Pure Rooibos Tagless Teabags 40s 800 g The F no name TEA BLEND Clover BUTCHERY 99 15.⁹⁹ no name" Black Tea 100 Each Freshpak PURE ROOIBOS TEA TAGLESS TEABAGS 40 OGK 800 g No.1 Rooibos Tea 110 TEAR 201 DicknDay BUTCHER'S PRCMED KEEP REFRIGERATED OR GOUDA FULL CREAM CHEESE HOT DELI SEMI-HARD CHEESE CHEDDAR FULL CREAM CHEESE SOURCE OF SOURCE OF COLOM 109.9⁹ Clover Cheese Assorted 800g broche SINCE Natures Garden country mix FIVE ROSES SMOOTH SUPERIOR QUALITY TEA CEYLON BLEND TEA 44⁹ Natures Garden Country Mix or Garden Vegetables 1kg Each 26 TEA BAGS 99 1909 Five Roses Tageless Teabags 26s 99 79⁹⁹ Support Local Vegetables grown on hand-picked Nobody makes better tea than you and Five Roses 18.99 PnP Beef Short Ribs Per kg immer MICROWAV OR STEAM farms 175 g LANCEWOOD PRESERVATIVE FREE SWEETMILK FLAVOURED FULL CREAM PROCESSED CHEESE wire.cn CHOIC GRADE VIRPOTSE 175 g LANCEWOOD' PRESERVATIVE FREE CHEDDAR FLAVOURED FULL CREAM PROCESSED CHEESE OR 26⁹9 PnP Beef Stew and Pap Per Serving FISH FANTASY USION FLAVOUR ENERGY BRAK CARBONATED ml MEGA CA e boost ENERGY LOW PRICE 2599⁹ ANY 2 N$50 Sema 99 9.⁹⁹ WHEN YOU SWIPE Lancewood Processed Cheese Slices Assorted 175g Oost TERCY Reboost Energy Drink Assorted 500ml Each n Hawaiian STM Jullerne marrows & jullenme broccos cuts, prop diced med 1L McCain Stir Fry Vegetable Mix carrots, care e pieces & Cappy STILL BREAKFAST BLEND 99 19⁹⁹ BAKERY NuviDay McCain Stir Fry Assorted 700g Each Cappy Pulp or 100% Fruit Juice Blend Assorted 1 Litre Each LOW PRICE 1499 ANY 2 NuhiDay N$26 thairy a LOPEN WELL DONE USE NutiDay NuriDay WL OF OPENING OSHITAKа PLAIN CULTURE OSHITAKa fuller for longer PLAIN with dig www. 4-5 500 g 700 KUP PEN 38.99 PnP Whole Fish Mackerel Per kg OSH fulle 1999 PnP Swiss Roll 15cm LOPEN DAPS OF OPENING OSHITAka DIAGN CUP T (Change WHEN YOU SWIPE Danone NutriDay Low Fat Smooth Dairy Snack Assorted 6x 100g Per Pack 99 299⁹ 49 ⁹⁹ LOW PRICE 1399 ANY 2 N$25 Nami WHEN YOU SWIPE Nammilk Oshitaka Low Fat Drinking Yoghurt Assorted 500g 8 MINI HAM & CHEESE PIZZAS Topped with am and cheeam x 70 g Hot B PnP Mini Ham & Cheese or Margherita Pizzas 536-560g Each O interpack E 66 CO 2L interpack 2 2 FOR N$50 Nami Orange Squash 2 Litre Prices Valid 9 - 15 October 2023

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