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GELEBRATING Pick n Pay 26 NAMIBIA YEARS Stand a Chance to WIN1 or 6 OF Real Tender Real Tasty Real Good SUZUKI S-PRESSO'S realgood CHICKEN Mixed Portions PRODUCE BAN BANANAS NAMIB POULTRY B Clover Mode With Love TRIPLE PROTECT Full Cream Fresh Milk ULTRA PASTEURISED LOW PRICE 44.99 Realgood Chicken Mixed Portions 1kg PnP Bananas Pre-Pack 289⁹9⁹ TEAM NAMIBIA MEMBER & Clover Made With Love Full Cream Fresh Milk ULTRA PASTEURISED + TRIPLE PROTECT LOW PRICE 359 2 FOR N$70 1kg WHEN YOU SWIPE Clover UltraPasturised Full Cream Milk 2 Litre, SEXFRINGWI FERNSE 1kg PERKY BUTCHERY DO PODS SELF RAISING WHEAT FLOUR S.PRESSO 1999 Each Dairymaid Country Fresh BOKOMO Champic¹⁹ 58.99⁹ PnP Pork Shoulder Ribs Per kg Neapolitan Strawberry, Vanilla & Chocolate Flavoured Ice Cream Se Hister CAVES Y AD + 1 KG AUAS IN SHOPPING VOUCHERS MOTORS JPER MAIZE MEAL 1099 Each CHICKEN Be your best! PENGEDAR 17.9⁹⁹ Snackies Low Fat Smooth Dairy Snack Assorted Each NAM Chicken Thighs & Drumsticks 8-Piece AGIRO SCAME FEESECHENTET KEPED COOK BEFORE USES added 59.99 Nestlé Country Fresh Ice Cream Assorted 2 Litre Each OR YOU COULD WIN YOUR SHARE OF N$60 000 FORTIFIED WITH 1kg 34 / ng ka + by Nam Fresh Chicken Drumsticks & Thighs 8-Piece Per kg Selected Stores Only 69.⁹9 ystal Pure Sunflower thi NICE RICE PARBOILED MEDIUM CRAIN WHITE RICE Fluffy and Delicious 99 500g Each GLEND 99 53.⁹9 1kg PARA ooks Nescafé Ricoffy 250g (Excludes Decaf) 99 26⁹⁹ BAKERY NESCAFE Ricoffy Share the fresh, smooth taste oluble Chicory and Coffee Granules Crystal Gold Sunflower Oil 750ml 5% OFF TO ALL SENIOR CITIZENS ON ALL PURCHASES EVERY WEDNESDAY Prices Valid 9-15 October 2023 "items on promotion, cigarettes and alcohol excluded. + 17% Each "MARATHON CO True Energy 250g PASTA GRANDE 1 kg bri+sug GOLD Tala Momine SW Put 6 FOR N$10 PnP Brotchen Rolls NIK NAKS 99 129 TXING CUR NAKS Each 1kg WHITE STAR INSTANT MAIZE PORRIDGE BOULE DEMAINSTANT PAPADE M 50 x 20 g 1kg 99 + 189⁹ Each HOT DELI ALL FOR N$99 Bokomo Self Raising Flour 1kg, Champion Super Maize Meal 1kg, Nice Rice Medium Grain Parboiled Rice 1kg, Pasta Grande Spaghetti 500g, Marathon Sugar Brown Sugar 1kg or White Star Instant Maize Porridge Assorted 1kg Simba NIK NAKS ORIGINAL CHEESE FLAVOURED MAIZE SNACK 27⁹9 PnP Chicken 2 Go 1 Piece ORIGINAL CHEESE FLAVOURED MAIZE SNACK 56.⁹9 ORIGINAL CHEESE FLAVOURI Simba Niknaks Maize Snack Baler Bag Assorted 50 x 20g Each Simply buy any of the participating products, then SMS your name and till slip number to 15555 Keep your till slip as proof of purchase. Competition runs 4 September - 5 November 2023. Pick n Pay 1_PNP_WNNBHS2382

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