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thumbnail - Pick n Pay catalogue  - 19/06/2023 - 02/07/2023 - Sales products - kiwi, fish, detergent, Domestos, cream cleaner, surface cleaner, bleach, floor cleaner, desinfection, cleaner, stain remover, Vanish, Mr. Muscle, fabric softener, Omo, thick bleach, laundry powder, shampoo, facial tissues, Philips, Eveready, animal food, cat food, Whiskas, dry cat food. Page 7.
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skip SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATE ANTI-AGEIN DETERGEN 79.9⁹ Skip Intelligent Auto Washing Powder 2kg, or Semi Concentrated Liquid Assorted 1.5 Litre Each OMO PL LOW PRICE 3699⁹ SMART SHOPPER PRICE 35.⁹9 Omo Fast Action Bleach Assorted 1.5 Litre Each FRUIT BLOSSO WDER TPOURRI ADDIS Dang IGGER 300 ml CAN GER 300 ml CAN BETTER VALUE ETTER VALUE Mr Mr. MIDMI OD PL 3999 LOW PRICE MULTI SURFACE SMART SHOPPER PRICE 37⁹⁹ PnP Rainbow Sponges, Wire Scourers, Steelwool Skeins 100g or Sponges Assorted 3-Pack skip SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED ANTI-AGEING DETERGENT 1.5L PADS ULTRA efficien LOW PRICE 29.99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 27⁹9⁹ Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach Assorted 750ml Each Mr Min Multi Surface Cleaner or Wood Polish Assorted 300ml Each COET UNSTOPPABLE LOW PRICE 94 199 Domestos ULTRA STEEL WOOL SKE LOW PRICE 14⁹⁹ 99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE ANY 2 N$ $28 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 89⁹⁹ Addis Broom 30cm and Dustpan Combo Airom Airoma love your home EVEREADY CLEAR GLOBE + LOW PRICE 19⁹⁹ SMART SHOPPER PRICE ANY 2 $36 Airoma Aerosal Air Freshner Assorted 210ml CLEAR GLOBE JIK LOW PRICE 199 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 18.9⁹⁹ LOW PRICE 129 99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE Eveready 100W or 60W Bayonet or Screw Globe Jik Bleach Assorted 750ml Each RAWBERRY FIELDS OR EVEREMON Ever Brig ANY 2 N$22 SUPER EEN CH REACH FOR THE SKY Prices Valid 19 June - 2 July 2023 WASHING POWDER Foamtre 39.99 Sky Regular Hand Washing Powder 2kg & MULT will DD plushush SUPREMEUPREME SMART SHOPPER PRICE 49.⁹⁹ Twinsaver Mighty Big Classic White 2 Ply Roller Towel 2s SHIELD Forget me not TWINSAVER MIGHTY BIG LOW PRICE 99 Each My Absorbent LOW PRICE 289 99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 26⁹⁹ S WASH WAY SHIELD Plush Supreme Multi-surface Cleaner. Assorted 275ml Each HANDY (+) 2 kg ANDY KITCHEN Splash Dash OR 32 roll COEN Rea + REGULAR 2 Roller Towels ELD HEEN and LOW PRICE 42⁹⁹ 99 Each SMART SHOPPER PRICE 39⁹⁹ NEW LONGER FRAGRANCE LOW PRICE Sta 52⁹⁹ Soft Lavender Fresh 1 Handy Andy Kitchen, Bathroom, Multipurpose or Window Trigger Cleaner Assorted 500ml Each KIWI. QUALITY SHOE POLISH DARKOWN (+ KIWI. LOW PRICE 189 99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE ANY 2 N$35 Kiwi Shoe Polish Assorted 50ml SMART SHOPPER PRICE ALL 3 N$90 Shield Sheen Vinyl Rub Assorted 300ml,Splash Wash Plus Wax Car Shampoo 1 Litre and Splash Dash Sponge SMART SHOPPER PRICE 49.⁹9⁹ Sta Soft Fabric Softener Assorted 2 Litre Each HANDY ANDY CREAM 69 (63 + DUCK HANDY ANDY CREAM LAVENDER N$ Q $319 Philips Dry Iron GC 135 Vanish ish LOW PRICE er 0₂ LOW PRICE 25.99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE ANY 2 $50 Active Clean GREAT VALUI 5 BLOCKS Handy Andy All Purpose Cream Cleaner Assorted 750ml LOW PRICE 569 99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 54.⁹⁹ SERVIETTES CLEANS & FRESHENS 100 SERVIETTES | WHITE 300 mm x 300 mm Forget wis was TWINSAVER N$119. SMART SHOPPER PRICE 99.⁹9⁹ BREATHE LIFE INTO CLOTHES Vanish Power 02 Powder 500g, Crystal White 520g, Stain Remover Whites 400g or Stain Remover Liquid 2 Litre Each Duck 3-in-1 Active Clean Rimblock Assorted 5s Per Pack BLOCKS BREATHE LIFE INTO CLOTHES 1999 Twinsaver White Serviettes 100s STREAK FREE SE +KILLS 999 HANDY ANDY LOW PRICE 35 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 32⁹⁹ Handy Andy Floor Cleaner Assorted 750ml Each blue death MULTI LOW PRICE 23 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 19.9⁹⁹ Doom Blue Death Insect Powder 100g OCEAN FISH FLAVOUR MEATY NUGGETS whiskas Taste 4 kg 750 ml 5x DOOM plush SUPREME PILIP AN DOOM pluch LOW PRICE 99 369 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 35⁹⁹ Plush Pine Gel Assorted 1 Litre Each Muscle CLEANS DISINFE Knis 99.9% RATTEX DEADLY powde EF, LAMB BBIT FLAVOUR TY NUGGETS RATTEX LOW PRICE 99 23ach KILLS RATS SMART SHOPPER PRICE 19⁹⁹ TV LOW PRICEER 27⁹⁹ SMART SHOPPER PRICE 26.⁹⁹ NEW Tested for Sensitive Skin LOW PRICE 99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 39⁹⁹ Rattex Deadly Powder or Pellets 100g Each NEW fed for Sensitive Skin Forget me not TWINSAVER Twinsaver Facial Tissues. Assorted 180s Each Mr Muscle Multisurface Disinfectant Assorted 750ml Each C hiskas Taste 4kg LOW PRICE N$289. SMART SHOPPER PRICE N$284 Whiskas Meaty Nuggets Dry Cat Food Assorted 4kg Each Pick n Pay 7_PNP_WNNBHS2333

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