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NEW IMPROVED TASTE PURITY 6 months Just Add Water Regular Baby Cereal with Milk FINER TEXTURE FOR BABY NO PRESERVATIVES ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS. Colgate Colgate Igate Colgate® But your SKI'S NATURAL GERM PROTECTION with Flaxseed o Protex Protect ganic vag% of Germa Deep Clean always MAXI THICK always MAXI THICK LOW PRICE 369 99 VALUE PACK** 16 VALUE SMART SHOPPER PRICE 34.⁹⁹ Always Maxi Pads Assorted 16-20s Each DISSOLVES AWAY PAIN FAST DISPRIN SMART SHOPPER PRICE 39⁹⁹ EXTRA STRENGTH 500 mg DISPRIN LOW PRICE 99 Benylin Disprin Extra Strength or Regular Tablets 16/24s Each Wet Cough Mucus Relief LOW PRICE 59.99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 54.⁹⁹ Benylin Wet Cough Syrup Assorted 100ml always always MAXI THICK Pontes 16 TARISTC STRENGTH 300 mg URITY MONNIE FOUT BEIN'S NATURAL SEM PROTESTION with Finessed ai 24 TABLETS Add Water Regular Protar 12.99 FORMEN Protex Soap Assorted 150g Each Venus tropical Max Cavit Prote Colgate Herbal, Gel, Regular, or Herbal White 4x MORE ST Toothpaste 100ml Each Venus sensitive Pick n Pay 6 PNP_WNNBHS2333 LOW PRICE 34 199 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 29⁹9⁹⁹9⁹ Herbat TRIPLE Purity Cereal Assorted 200g E SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN Herbal 99 19⁹⁹ Cabral YARDLEY LOW PRICE N$109. Each SMART SHOPPER PRICE N$99 CODE Johnson's baby Gillette Venus Disposable Razor Assorted 3-Pack Each LOW PRICE 36% 99 LOW PRICE 49⁹⁹ Each SMART SHOPPER PRICE 45.⁹⁹ SMART SHOPPER PRICE 34.⁹⁹ 99 Johnson's Baby Aqueous Cream or Jelly Assorted 500ml Each YARDLEY Yardley English Blazer Deodorant Assorted 125ml BONDE LOW PRICE 10% SMART SHOPPER PRICE ANY 4 N$40 3 6-10kg FOR Purity 1st Food Assorted 80ml 58/ PURITY + Dove gentle exfoliating beauty cream bar NIVEA LOW PRICE HUGGIES 269 natural care SMART SHOPPER PRICE 24.⁹⁹ anti-perspirant double effect DURITY 48h NIVEA MEN PURITY Apples 6 FRESH MUSK 39.99 Nivea Deodorant Assorted 150ml Each Helps reduce stretch marks and uneven skin tone bodidoc TISSUE OIL CREAM LOW PRICE 42⁹⁹ 99 Each Huggies Gold Unisex Disposible Nappies Value Pack Assorted Per Pack HUGGIES gold complete skin comfort SMART SHOPPER PRICE 399⁹⁹9⁹ Bodidoc Tissue Oil Cream 500ml Pre Huggies Baby Wipes Assorted 56s Each LOW PRICE 14.⁹9⁹ 99 SMART SHOPPER PRICE ANY 4 N$50 Dove Soap Gentle Assorted 90g No.1 LOW PRICE N$219. SMART SHOPPER PRICE N$209 Palmolive Each 99 24.⁹⁹ Palmolive Shampoo or Conditioner Assorted 350ml Each NEW No.1 Vaseline. ...stretty-fi Lillets. 16 tamp INTENSIVE CARE Even Tone with vitit 10 waistband... 48h Everyday. protection Diave baby lil-lets. Smartfit 16 tampons Lil-Lets Non-Applicator Tampons Assorted 16s Each 400 wybody gular 600 LOW PRICE 24 199 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 21⁹⁹ 34.⁹⁹ Each Nolene PERFUMED Petroleum Jelly LOW PRICE 450 ml Dettol regular ●0000 16 pack FRESH super plus 00000 16 pack SMART SHOPPER PRICE 32⁹9⁹ 100% free from fragrance & chlorine beach LOW PRICE 36% SMART SHOPPER PRICE 34.⁹⁹ Nolene Petroleum White or Pink Jelly 450ml Each 100% free from fragrance & chlorine Kanch INTENSIVE CARE" BO 7- Dry Ski Vaseline Repair LOW PRICE 54.99 Each SMART SHOPPER PRICE 49⁹⁹ Dettol Hygiene Liquid Hand Wash Pump Assorted 200ml Each of No Vaseline Body Lotion or Cream Assorted 400ml Each WAH REVLON REVLON LOW PRICE 24.⁹9 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 199⁹9⁹ Johnson's baby Johnsons Baby Powder Assorted 100g Each LOW PRICE 24.99⁹ Each SMART SHOPPER PRICE 23.⁹9⁹ Dove V mineral touch Dove Roll-on Assorted 50ml Each CONDITIONING CREME RELAXER NORMAL CONDITIONING CREME RELAVED 1. LOW PRICE 34.9⁹ SMART SHOPPER PRICE 99 32⁹⁹ Ptiskin Realistic Hair Relaxer Assorted 225g Each LOW PRICE 199 67 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 699⁹⁹9⁹ WAHL HomePro Basic Satiskin Foam Bath Assorted 2 Litre Each WAHE MEDIUM DOUBLE ale MEDIUM DOUBLE ate 99 14.⁹⁹ Colgate Double Action. Adult Toothbrush Each Dove 4 original LOW PRICE 3599 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 34.⁹9⁹ Dove Deodorant Assorted 150ml Each WAHL HomePro Basic Haircutting Kit NIVEA body Rich Nourishing LOW PRICE 87 799 SMART SHOPPER PRICE 86⁹⁹ Nivea Body Lotion Assorted 625ml Each Dove LOW PRICE 199 54.⁹⁹ SMART SHOPPER PRICE 53.⁹9 Dove Body Wash Assorted 500ml Each N$179 Wahl HomePro Basic 8-Piece Hair Cutting Kit Each Prices Valid 19 June - 2 July 2023

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