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W 128 O PEN Fee Pick n Pay GREAT CHRISTMAS DEALS PURITY Mixed Vegetables (+) 7 MONTHS ***** E PURITY O Butternut 171 THE S Gentle magic N$ THE SKINCARE SOA EXFOLIATION MICRO-GRANULES elite bacterial build-up and fung activity FLER NEW Improved tastel ✓No Preservatives Gentle maG LOW PRICE AUTOMATIC SHING POUDER LOADS TEAM NAMIBIA MEMBER 4_PNP_NBNBHS2191 INTENSIVE CARE BODY CREAM PURITY Mixed Vegetables 7 MONTHS 72h Healthy Mouton looking skin PURITY (+ ANY 4 N$ 40 Purity 2nd Foods Assorted 125ml AU PARADISE SE MEDALES Vaseline NS N$9.99 Sunlight Zir Gentle Magic The Skincare Soap 100g Each LOW PRICE N$ 41⁹⁹ Vaseline Body Cream Assorted 400ml SENSATIONAL CLEANE LENG-LASTINE FRAGRANCE NEW IMPROVED O LOW PRICE N$59.9⁹⁹ Sunlight Auto Washing Powder Assorted 2kg or Liquid Detergent 2in1 1.5 Litre CITIZENS ON ALL 5% OFF PURCHASES EVERY WEDNESDAY items on promotion, cigarettes and alcohol excluded. CHECK SEAL IS INTACT ON PURCHASE Panado About Papin and ver much as headache spolhache cold and flu tablets Carters paracetamol epi max cream Inlet moisturiser kell skin types App 400 g Panado Paracetamol 500 mg Colgate Colgate® Va Original to Dettol Domestos HELP PROVIDE SAFER TOILETS 10X frod LOW PRICE N$24.⁹⁹ 99 000 000 Dettol Hygiene Liquid Hand Wash Pump Assorted 200ml Homestos N$ HELP PROVIDE SAFER TOILETS LOW PRICE N$299⁹9 Panado Pain and Fever Tablets Spartan or Blister Pack 24s Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach Assorted 750ml ate Personal TOUCH Fresh Lavender S&PARTECIS TABOUR MOTH LOW PRICE LOW PRICE $29.99 N$2999⁹ Lavender tablets adcock Ingram Amax by & junior 1 am & mild emollient riser for all skin types ACOC COND Sant Epi-Max Cream Assorted 400g LOW PRICE Ac Trin N$13.⁹⁹ Colgate Triple Action 100ml Personal TOU LOW PRICE WHERE LOWER PRICES LOOK BETTER. Each lergenic co & colouro gel & LOW PRICE N$7999 N$1999 LOW PRICE N$599 VALUE PACK Inecto Super Black Hair Colour 28ml NUST CEMPRESES Dettol Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 500ml 99 N$18.⁹⁹ Comfort MORNING FRESH LOW PRICE N$39.9⁹⁹ Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Value Pack Assorted 800ml Refill VALUE REFILL Each Mokes 2 Utres Personal Touch Fabric Softner 500ml Refill VALUE REGLE MASA Sasy Waves 101 LOW PRICE cobr N$ 3299 5-WAX POLI Cobra 5-Wax Floor Polish Assorted 350ml pa be Bela or Active Salt 75ml Toothpaste Easy Waves Hair Relaxer Assorted 250ml Each ALOK COHENEVER & GLOVESTROGE INECTO SuperBlack LOW PRICE LOW PRICE LOW PRICE LOW PRICE SuperBlad N$159 N$2999 N$2599 N$1999 INECTO" STATE PEN Each CREME RELAXER REGULAR { 2kg ADULT 1 YEAR + FabuPharm AQUEOUS CREAM R. P. LOW PRICE ADULT 1 YEAR+ FabuPharm Aqueous Cream B.P. (Uea) 250g Radox Radox Will GOURMET MEAT PLATTER & MEATY NUGGETS Radox Body Wash Assorted 250ml 100% DEMANAL GREASE Dettol Kitchen or Bathroom Trigger Cleaner Assorted 500ml protection & comfort MAXI 10 REGULAR+ WITH WINGS whiskas 100% ADIK Newden Pine Gel Assorted 500ml whiskas Tasce 2 kg 77 kg LOW PRICE N$139 DRY MUSK Prices Valid 12 - 26 December 2022 While stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. No traders please. E&OE Selected products may not be available at all stores. f Please Recycle DEO Libresse LOW PRICE N$18.⁹⁹ 99 Libresse Maxi Pads Assorted 9/10s Prot + Pro (+) Proteris eget AndGam Decop Shield Shield HOMORACTIVATED MONION ACTHUSET at your Whiskas Meaty Nuggets Dry Cat Food Assorted 2kg FO Dettol Shield Deodorant Assorted 150ml Epol Dry Dog Food Assorted 8kg Cry confidence www.facebook.com/pnpnamibia Protex FORMEN Dettol Liquid Tile Cleaner Assorted 750ml SEMPROT EGGER 300 ml CAN EGER 300 ml CAK BETTER VALUE BETTER VALUE Mr. Mr. Min Min MULTI SURFACE WOOD POLISH TRIPLE A Dettol Dett LOW PRICE LOW PRICE $3699 N$3699 N$11.9⁹⁹ Each LOW PRICE N$129. Each Mr Min Multi Surface Cleaner or Wood Polish Assorted 300ml N Each Sopita your CPS NATURAL GERNOTE Concentrated NEWDEN PINE GEL Deaderising SurfFZGO cleaner 500 ml LOW PRICE LOW PRICE LOW PRICE N$1999 N$34.99 N$12⁹9 600 000 Linar 127 MODALI 81838d5 Each Protex 900 AF PROTECTION ajenda BATAIL ZA DA PELE ma per Protex Podestang Vet 93.9% of Cere pam, de m o Clean ANY 5 N$50 Protex Soap Bar Assorted 150g www.buyonline.com.na SECUREFIT GLEDLET WS WHILE SATA 8 kg YARDLEY ENGLISH BANYER Yardley English Blazer or Ladies Roll-on Assorted 50ml THIN BLEACH THIN BLEACH POTPOUR LOW PRICE no nameTM Thin Bleach Assorted 750ml PROOFS TI REAL COLOUR TECHNOLOGY plush MAX SHOE POLISH BLACK SHINES Epol 8kg Plush Max Shoe Polish Assorted 50ml Each COMPLETE & BALANCE ALL ADULT DOG FOOD SPARE RIB FLAVOUR SUITABLE FOR ALL DOCSIZES www.pnp.na Pick n Pay

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