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Pick n Pay GREAT CHRISTMAS DEALS N$ 52.⁹⁹ LOW PRICE 99 Waldschmidt Large Eggs 18s SMART PRICE N$ 49 ⁹9⁹ LCH PLAIN N$699⁹9 6x500ml omaere THE ORIGINAL 2 PNP_NBNBHS2191 MEEL-OMATRACOMEF apr CASTLE LITE 394 LOW PRICE N$120 Addis 68 Litre Rough Tote TEAM NAMIBIA MEMBER STORE IN COOL PLACE Waldschmidt eggs. Bad Sa LARGE EGGS 99 GRADE 1-GRAIN FED LARGE EGGS GRADE 1 GRAIN FED 16 500 ml Dedy Smart shopper ofro Company WHEN YOU SWIPE SWEET (nammilk omaere LOW PRICE N$39⁹.9⁹ Nammilk Full Cream Omaere Sweet or Plain 2kg ROUGH TOTE T FOWA CASTLE HITE LOW PRICE N$ 279 SMART PRICE N$275 Castle Lite 24 x 500ml Cans Smart shopper WHEN YOU SWIPE Each 16 500 ml seng 124 500ml INCALCAVOL Romi 37% FAT SPREAD LOW PRICE RN$1299 37% F FRENCH PO Sten Sten Stumple Stumple STRAWBERRY ELEVISHED LOW PRICE N$12.99 AAA SMART PRICE N$11⁹⁹ NO PORK MVARTA Romi Fat Spread 500g Brick Parmalat Steri Stumpie Low Fat Flavoured Milk Assorted 350ml FRENCH POLONY 750g FRENCH P OTSETTINGS ALKALINE Tag LOW PRICE N$31⁹⁹9⁹ VARTA Classic French, Russian or BBQ Chicken Polony 750g Ⓒ NO PORK DDQ Chicken VARTA 1818 VODKA Scotch Brite BANANA FLARED SWEETENED SERRAGE SMIRNOFF Amirud VARTA 5% OFF TO ALL SENIOR CITIZENS ON ALL PURCHASES EVERY WEDNESDAY *items on promotion, cigarettes and alcohol excluded. Each Smirnoff 1818 Vodka 750ml Smart Snapper W YOU VARTA VARTA BE Ber GEBRA ODDDD VARTA LOW PRICE LONGLIFE ARTA N$49.99 ODO ३१८३८३८ 133 HO FORS Paltard KU Heavy Duty WIRE POT SCOURERS Olof Bergh ANDEWY INTERN SUNSHINE D 20 HEE Olof Bergh BRANDEWYN SOLERA ORIGINAL MARGARINE AMER SALEFA WEESTEN Pay Says WHEEL HIGH IN VITAMIN A & D SOURCE OF VITAMIN C SUNSHINE D ORIGINAL MARGARINE LOW PRICE N$19.⁹9 HIGH Sunshine D Original Margarine 500g Brick Sunsation CANTOM LOW PRICE N$179.9 N$ no name FROZEN MIXED VEGETABLES SARAH VATALACION LOW PRICE N$29.⁹⁹ WELL no hame Frozen Mixed Vegetables 900g Varta Longlife Power 4+1 AA 10-Pack or AAA Batteries 4-Pack Scotch-Brite Wire Scourers 3-Pack 100g LOW PRICE $29.99 CHOICE GRADE 900 g HOR Nammilk Sunsation Dairy Mix Assorted 2 Litre AND LOE LY 500 g STRETTON'S Triple Berry schon re LOW PRICE LOW PRICE LOW PRICE N$150 N$145 N$145 LOW PRICE N$2999⁹9 Rietfontein Fruit Juice Blend Assorted 2 Litre 17 Prestige Quality He AGORIVICTOR BACKPACK PHY HOOR MARVEL Each N$ Roaster & Carving Knife Set LOW PRICE N$140 GUARDIAN PEAK harvestime mixed vegetables SHIRAZ The Prestige Roaster With Carving Set Laughing Cow LOW PRICE N$31.⁹⁹ Harvestime Frozen Mixed Vegetables 900g The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges Assorted 120g LOW PRICE N$79.⁹⁹ Each LOW PRICE $21.9⁹ Guardian Peak Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml FULL FAT CHEESE RIETFONTEIN THE FOUNTACK OF FLAVOVAS GUAVA 900 g NSS HIN flippenice PLAIN Cobernet Sauvignon Metal w of star a LOW PRICE N$6299 Prices Valid 12 - 26 December 2022 WHERE LOWER PRICES LOOK BETTER. nammilk fruit salad everyday N$29.9⁹ LOW PRICE Nammilk Low Fat Everyday Yoghurt Assorted 1kg ADDIS KING VIENNA low COOL CAL COOLER kite Naurement hand be Heylige DREM PACKED WITH POWER AROLY NAMIBIAN FICCU 320g LOW PRICE N$28.⁹⁹ 99 + To Cream Wan lasina DAFTA Country Fresh in & Raisin Pamflere and Windhoek Schlachterei King Meat Vienna 320g DATUR Country Fresh VANILLA AVOURED CREAM AMSONIKES LOW PRICE N$169 horse WINES LOW PRICE N$529 Dairymaid Country Fresh Ice Cream Assorted 2 Litre CHARDONNAY SMART PRICE 2 FOR N$100 RES Addis Coolcat Assorted 26 Litre Pick n Pay Liquor Each LOW PRICE N$ 4.9⁹⁹ 99 Each Flippenice Cabernet Merlot, N Joy or Shiraz Pinotage Strettibs London Dry Gin Assorted 750ml Olof Bergh Brandy 750ml Alcohol Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly. MAHER NS Tall Horse Assorted Wines 750ml Sai shoppe Saint LOW PRICE $39.99 Saint Claire Natural Sweet Rose, Saint Celine Natural Sweet Red, or Saint Anna Natural Sweet White, Saint Raphael Smooth Red, Saint Morand Fruity White or Saint Vincent Crisp & Lively White 750ml Pick n Pay

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