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700ml 14 Ima E ORIGINAL ERVATIVES COLOURANT AND THICKENER tes Real Co ww ALL GOLD -THISICA Tastes real good! TOMATO SAUCE LOW PRICE N$85999 M ALL GOLD TAMATIE SOUS 700 ml PnP Bulk Stewing Beef Bone-in HIGH IN OMEGA 3 Albex Polagric D HIGH IN OMEGA 3 Rama Original 70% Fat Spread DISHWASHING LIGUNY Ram LOW PRICE N$ 2299 Rama Original 70% Fat Spread 500g Brick Each SMART PRICE N$21⁹⁹ SOURCE OF VITAMINS LOW PRICE N$14.⁹9 99 SOURCE OF STAMPLE Each Polagric Dishwashing Liquid 750ml TEAM NAMIBIA MEMBER CHOCOL WHEN YOUTAIPE + 5 YOUR LOW WHEN YOU SWIPE Pick n Pay CHRISTMAS BUTCHERY PRODUCE with double 4 3-14kg 2242D THE ORIGINAL RESERVATIVES COLOURANTS AND THICKENER FREE tastes Reel Gos ALL GOLD FACTOR- LOW PRICE N$27.99 50 SMART PRICE 2 FOR N$52 All Gold Tomato Sauce Smart shopper 700ml HUGGIES dry comfort Baby Form denign with double eague LOW PRICE N$59.99⁹ PnP Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters nammilk Oshikandela CULTURED MILK HUGGIES dry comfort 300: PLAIN NAMERASMOSIONED ela AND Each Nammilk Oshikandela Low Fat Drinking Yoghurt Assorted 500g LOW PRICE N$159.⁹⁹ PerPack Huggies Dry Comfort Disposable Nappies Value Pack Assorted THIST wakage prot 12 hour. 2 Litre Granadilla Flavoured Sparkling Drink hour. nammilk GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLES RAKES full cream fresh milk Nammilk Full Cream Fresh Milk 1 Litre GOLDEN DELICIOUS *items on promotion, cigarettes and alcohol excluded. 1.5 kg Each 5% OFF TO ALL SENIOR CITIZENS ON ALL PURCHASES EVERY WEDNESDAY BABBURFEER KLEI TWETBA" (+) 6 x 1L +TOP RED APPLES RECTAND DRIN LOURCE OF 1 LOW PRICE LOW PRICE LOW PRICE RY. DAILY! N$14.99 N$16⁹9 N$98⁹⁹ Don Play GREENGROCER'S ANY 2 N$34 Sparletta Flavoured Carbonated Soft Drink Assorted 2 Litre Each THE TAST ANY 2 N$40 Clover Numel PnP Red, Golden Delicious or Green Apples 1kg MEDIUM FAT DAIRY LIQUID BLEND MEDIUM FAT MILK, WHEY. POWDER, CREAM & BUTTERMILK UHT PROCESS MARK STONEY GINGER BEER CLASSIC 1kg STARTINE WASHING POWDER K Sky Hand Washing Powder 2kg 300 REACH FOR THE SKY 2L VITAMIN A, VITAMIN B1. VITAMIN B5, VITAMIN B6, VITAMIN B12 AND FOLIC ACID 2 kg LOW PRICE $329⁹9 APA Rich & Creamy Clover Numel Dairy Blend 6x1 Litre Each 6 x 1 LITRE PRICES VALID 12 TO 26 DECEMBER 2022 00 Sunkissed Wilt TASTICD TUR BAKERY Red Tender Real Tasty Real Good X LOW PRICE N$ 49.⁹⁹ 99 Each N$ 219⁹⁹ Douglas Green Sunkissed Natural Sweet White, Red or Rose 750ml CHIC Mixed F LOW PRICE Harrier Finest Matured Whisky 750ml PnP Queen Cakes 6s TASTIC LONG GRAIN PARBOILED RICE Perfeer Every time. LOW PRICE N$30.⁹9 SMART PRICE N$ $29.⁹⁹ 99 Tastic Long Grain Parboiled Rice 2kg HARRIES THAY C HARRIER WHISKY LOW PRICE N$149 CEDERE 6s realgood shoppir TASTIC WHEN YOUW PE NAMIB POULTRY N$569⁹9 6x330ml N$69.⁹⁹ LOW PRICE 99 Prices Valid 12 - 26 December 2022 WHERE LOWER PRICES LOOK BETTER. SMART PRICE N$65 FINEST TAFEL AGER Bang Realgood Chicken Frozen Smart shopper Mixed Chicken Portions 1.5kg 1.5kg AMENAC TWINSAVER CHEESE Chile Fresh 3db 12 | 330 Shem LOW PRICE N$119.99 TWIN PLY Mooivallei Bulk Cheddar or Gouda 1 ELA N$ WHEN YOU SWIPE LOW PRICE $59.99 9s Complete Comfort! Soft-Touch cushions Twinsaver 2 Ply White Toilet Tissue 9s Pick n Pay Liquor LOW PRICE N$225 SMART PRICE TAF N$219 cont shopper Tafel Lager 24x330ml Non returnable Bottles or Cans Per Case Alcohol Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly. 2 WHEN YOUDAPE Pick n Pay 1 PNP_NBNBHS2191

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