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99 1099 Buy me to WIN Nescafé Ricoffy Instant Coffee 800 g Value Refill Doypack EACH REFILL NESCAFE NEW 800g Ricoffy Share the fresh, smooth taste- VEET-BIX 4999 4699 SA'S #1 CEREAL LOOK Weet-Bix 900 g EACH 48 Biscuits TASTIC NOW EVEN WHITER Tastic Long Grain Parboiled White Rice 2 kg EACH TASTIC LONG GRAIN PARBOILED RICE Perfect. Every time. HOUSE RIC TASTIC 6799 Sunflow Pure Sunflower Oil 2 Litre EACH Sunflow PURE SUNFLOWER OIL Soluble Chicory and Coffee Granules Coca-Cola ORIGINAL TASTE LESS SUGAR 1999 Coca-Cola Original Taste Less Sugar Soft Drink PET 2 Litre EACH Buy me to WIN TAR LUCKY STAR e800 SINCE 1929 BOKOMO WEET-BIX High in Vitamins B1, 82 & B3 WHOLEGRAIN High in Fibre WHEAT BISCUITS Source of Iron 900 g NOW EVEN WHITER AND FLUFFIER TASTIC 2 kg BAG A BARGAIN! Buy me to WIN 3799 Brookes Oros Squash Concentrate Asstd. 2 Litre EACH Tennis Tenni Tennis CLASSIC COCONUT BISCUITS Buy me to WIN 1,999 Bakers Tennis Biscuits Asstd. 200 g EACH KOO Est. 1940 KOO Est. 1940 смоса Nosh tv ANY 2 FOR N$18 Beacon TV Bar Asstd., Nosh, All in One, Clusta or Niki Original Chocolate Bar 46 g - 62 g Buy me to WIN Milky bar Original I'M PAPER SMARTIES ANY 2 FOR N$32 Nestlé Chocolate Slab Asstd. 80 g Buy me to WIN NOLA NOLA PILCHARDS PILCHARDS IN HOT CHILLI SAUCE 28.99 Lucky Star Pilchards Asstd. 400 g EACH ПЕНЕНИ POLANA Macaroni Pasta 76,99 Polana Pasta Macaroni or Elbows Pasta 3 kg EACH KOO Est. 1940 BAKED BEANS.C 14,99 Koo Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410 g EACH Rajah Rajah FLYOURFUL&MILD MILD & SPICY 1999 Robertsons Rajah Curry Powder Asstd. 100 g EACH MIXED VEGETABLE IN CURRY SAUCE OURCE FRESH GARDEN PEAS IN SWEETENED BRINE 1699 17 Koo Garden Peas, Whole Kernel Com, Creamstyle Sweetcorn, Mixed Vegetables in Brine or Curry Sauce Asstd. 400 g -410 g EACH MARATHON 1 kg 1,999 Marathon Golden Brown Sugar 1 kg EACH WELLINGTONS TOMATO SAUCE SHOOT 24,99 Wellingtons Original Tomato Sauce 700 ml EACH ALL GOLD SMOOTH APRICOT JA astes Real Good ALL GOLD APRICOT & PEACH JAM NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES 33.99 All Gold Apricot & Peach or Superfine Apricot Jam 900 g EACH сност $34,99 Nola Original or Tangy Mayonnaise 750 g EACH Buy me to BETAVITE WIN INSTANT SORGHUM PORRIDGE STRAWBERRY 2.2.99 Betavite Instant Sorghum Porridge Asstd. 1 kg EACH JELLY TOTS raziberrie 100 g JELLY TOTS original laste adventure 16.99 Beacon Jelly Tots Asstd. 100 g EACH f OK Grocer socado MANK Ovetti MINI GGS 29.99 Gesti Assortit Assorted Chocolate Epps Harrington's Mini Eggs 100 g OR Socado Ovetti Chocolate Eggs Asstd. 150 g OR Wawi Easter Chocolates Asstd. 100 g OR Wawi Wrapped Chocolate Easter Rabbit 125 g EACH ww de mar e chocolate del mallow eggs GIANT mister Swe SPECKLED mister Sweet SPECKLED EGGS 7999 92499 Eggs Galore Milk Chocolate Mallow Eggs 30's PER BOX Mister Sweet Plain or Giant Speckled Eggs 125 g EACH OK GROCER 3

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