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First Choice FULL CREAM MILK A Clover KRUSH 50% Fruit Nectar Apple A Clover KRUSH 20% Fruit Nectar Blend Guava NAARMANN Whipquick Nee-Day-Oram-uated 34,99 Parmalat Vanilla Flavoured Custard 1 kg EACH 1 Litre 2299 First Choice Full Cream Long Life UHT Milk 1 Litre EACH 2799 Clover Krush Fruit Nectar Blend Asstd. 1,5 Litre EACH 5999 Le free Gate Naarmann Whipquick Unsweetened Non-Dairy Cream 1 Litre EACH Sea Harvest ENDINMONS BY NEWADN Fish Cakes O 300g NEW PACK SAME GREAT TASTE vanilla flavoured custard parmalat BUFFALO WINGS 1 kg Copp realgood CHICKEN Livers 17899 RealGood Chicken Frozen Mixed Portions 4 kg EACH NAMIB POULTRY Freal Tidly realgood CHICKEN Mixed Portions 3299 Sea Harvest Frozen Fish Cakes 300 g EACH 1049⁹ Sovereign Chicken❜tizers Southern Style Original or Hot Buffalo Wings 1 kg EACH 2899 1kg Frozen RealGood Chicken Frozen Chicken Livers 1 kg EACH PANCHO'S CASA DE MÉXICO 6 WHOLEWHEAT WADA53 Dr Oetker ITAL PIZZA Bacon & Cheese Pizzinis PANCHO'S CASA DE MÉXICO Buy me to WIN 6 TORTILLA WRAPS Dr Oetker ITAL PIZZA Margherita Pizzinis Nature's Garden mixed 32 500g vegetables Support Local Vegetables grows on local farms kg GRADE 5299 Pancho's Plain or Wholewheat Wraps 6's PER PACK 6299 Dr. Oetker Frozen Ital Pizzinis Margherita or Bacon & Cheese Pizza 500 g-554 g EACH 42⁹ Natures Garden Frozen Mixed Vegetables 1 kg EACH SINCE 1916 1J light&CRISPY CRUMBED HAKE FILLE 3999 McCain Slap Chips or Skinny Fries 1 kg EACH McCo Skinny American Style Skinny cut pota McCain Slap Chips Traditional style potato chips 6699 Cape Point Frozen Braai Snoek 700 g EACH NG SUSION 800 g COOKED FE FROM AI SNOEK SINCE 191 ย light&C • HADDOCK DO 7699 I&J Light & Crispy Frozen Fish Asstd. 500 g EACH Hake Medallions Fish Fingers Sea Harvest 32 Port Sea Harvest 6ught sonde Hoke perti *STROMALY WILDCA OVERY IN OMER& RECIPES AND MOR 6999 f OK Foods Namibia Ook_foods_official Sea Harvest Frozen Hake Medallions 450 g EACH OVEN BAKE VERY 74.99 Sea Harvest Frozen Fish Fingers 800 g EACH CAPE POINT BRAAI SNOEK Peixe-agulha Para Churrasco/ Escolier Pour Grillade UNCOOKED-KEEP FROZEN INTENIR C AD COZINHADO-MANTER CONGELADO NIR CONGELE Net Mass 700 g READY TO GRILL Owners you can count on! OK 5

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