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999 OKNAFO2805 399⁹⁹9 Crosse & Blackwell Original or Mild & Creamy Mayonnaise 750 g EACH Buy me to WIN N$40 Royco Instant Gravy, Sauce or Marinade Sachet Asstd. 1's EACH ANY 3 FOR Royco Knorr Aromat All Purpose Seasoning Refill Pack Asstd. 200 g EACH SER NO PA Knorr 33 CROSSE & BLACKWELL SINCE 1830 Tangy MAYONNAISE 14⁹9 All Gold Braai Relish 410 g EACH BIGH QUAN ESSAY GRAVY FOR Royco SAUCE BLACK PEPPER SIMPLY ADD 250 BOILING WATER FULL OF FLAVOUR Knorr Ar Aromat C ORIGINAL Seasoning Tastes Real Goodle ALL GOLD Est. 1908 BRAAI RELISH WITH MIXED HERBS HEAT & EAT 052 200 g 3 REFILL SACHETS CHOICE GRA 410g 20 Best buys on all your basics 219⁹9 easymus S Nando's PERI-PERI SAUCE 125 g Garlic MEDIUM Cull Plase AUSD EASY OPEN too fresh to flop easy mix 5-in-1 Savoury Mix Buy me to WIN SNOWFLAKE or e de Fr y Ma 3699 Nando's Peri-Peri Sauce Asstd. 125 g EACH 17⁹9⁹ STEAK & CHOPS SPICE Extendre's Le Rhodes Quality Nando's PERI-PERI SAUCE 125g Medium Cream Style Sweetcorn OPEN EASY 18.⁹9 SNOWFLAKE too fresh to flop easy mix 5-in-1 Sweet Mix A Ma Apricot S Cimaron Snowflake Easy Mix Asstd. 1 kg EACH FRISONS Robertsons Spice Blends Barbecue 128 g, Chicken 168 g or Steak & Chops 160 g Refill EACH ROBER ESPACE CHICKEN SPICE Rhodes Quality Whole Kernel Corn in Brine Rhodes Cream Style Sweetcorn or Whole Kernel Corn in Brine 410 g EACH Buy me to WIN 24.99 Mirce WELLINGTONS TOMATO SAUCY SMOOTH DENNY MILD CURRY SAUCE 32⁹9 Knorr Wellington's Original Tomato Sauce 700 ml EACH Denny 99 Cook-In-Sauce Asstd. 400 g -415 g EACH Mince Mate Buy me to WIN PILCHARDS In Tomato Sauce DENNY CREAMY MUSHROOM COOK-IN SAUCE just add Emorr Fruit Chutney Flavour Curry GLENRYCK SINCE 1937 3199 NEWROPE Mate Boloroni Knorr Mates Asstd. 230 g EACH GLENRYCK SINCE 1937 PILCHARDS In Hot Chilli Sauce Glenryck Pilchards Asstd. 400 g EACH Buy me to WIN 34.99 Jan Braai -SOUTH AFRICA BASTING SAUCE PREDD P EASY OPEN 2199 Buy me to WIN THE THE Kitchen Kitchen CREAMY CREAMY Honey Herb SALAD DRESSING & Mustard SALABORRELING 547 m 24.⁹⁹ KNORROX SOYA MINCE SAVOURY MINCE FLAVOUR KNORROX Rhodes Quality Mixed Vegetable in Brine PLAS CARROTS POTATIS 1899 Jan Braai -SOUTH AFRICA BASTING SAUCE ORIGINAL JanBraai Basting Sauce Asstd. 750 ml EACH EASY OPEN The Kitchen Salad 340 ml EACH lite 340 m KNORROX SOYA MINCE MUTTON FLAVOUR ELDIOS 400 g KNORROX Knorrox Soya Mince Asstd. 400 g EACH & Rhodes Quality Mixed Vegetables in Curry Sauce WEET POTATOES PERAT CURRY 2599 PRICES: Valid until Sunday 3 March 2024. Include VAT. Apply to OK Foods stores only. Available in Namibian stores only. Visit www.okfoods.co.za for a list of participating stores. Offers valid while stocks last. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. Actual products on offer may differ from visuals shown. Certain products not available at Halal certified stores. No traders. We reserve the right to limit quantities. E&OE. COMPETITION: Excludes OK Express stores. All EASTER GIVEAWAY images on this leaflet are design elements only and not necessarily indicative of participating competition products. 2 NAMIBIA CARELINE: (061) 223 008 or EMAIL: [email protected]. Rhodes Mixed Vegetables Asstd. 410 g EACH

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