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999 OKNAGR2806 pant dry com S 19999 HUGGIES comfort Dry Comfort Pants Size 3 - 36's Size 4-32's Jumbo Size 1 - 96's Size 2 -94's Size 3-76's Size 4 - 66's Size 4+-60's Size 5 - 56's Size 5 -28's Size 6-26's-night dryness scomfort Gold Size 3 - 58's Size 4 - 50's Size 4+-44's y pants 67⁹⁹ Satiskin Foam Bath Asstd. 2 Litre EACH Rhodes Quality Sunligh Zin AUTO 59.99 HUGGIES dry comfort with double legends costa Rhodes Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce EASY Rhodes Quality Rhodes Quality Sunlight 2in1 SPRING SENSATIONS Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Huggies Dry Comfort Nappies Jumbo Pack, Unisex Pants Jumbo Pack or Gold Value Pack Asstd. PER PACK FRAN Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Rhodes Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 410 g BUY 5 FOR N$68 waka 8 SUPER SAVERS Rhodes Quality Buy me to WIN Buy NIVEA me to MEN WIN Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce COOL KICK 37⁹9 Nivea Deodorant for Men or Women Asstd. 150 ml EACH HANDY ANDY NIVEA CREAM BLACK& WHITE INVISIBLE FRESH MIST HANDY ANDY Clear CREAM 13.99 LUX Lux Bath Soap Asstd. 175 g EACH Wake Me Up Green Chappie For Iny Para Pel Flora Buy me to WIN LUX Soft Touch For Soft Fragrant Skin Para uma pele suave e perfumada French Rose & Almond Oil Chappies SOFEO Chappies BUY 4 FOR N$140 Chappies Bubble Gum Asstd. 100's Lake appies 100 units котех UNG AXI PROTECT 10000 DOOM DOOM Multi 36.⁹9 Doom Multi Insect Insecticide Asstd. 300 ml EACH Kołex. 1999 26.⁹⁹ Kotex Maxi Sanitary Pads Asstd. 8's-10's PER PACK Super WILT WRECTS BEAUTY Knorr MUTTON 9 VEG Knorr HEARTY BEEF SOUP NASHES AWAY COFTHED SA RICH OXTAIL SOUP Knorr GERMS 175 a Knorr BEEF & ONION SOUP 26,⁹⁹ Sunlight 2in1 Auto Washing Liquid 1,5 Litre, Auto Washing Powder Asstd. 2 kg or Hand Washing Powder Asstd. 2 kg EACH Handy Andy All Purpose Cleaner Asstd. 750 ml EACH SAVE MORE WITH OUR BULK BUYS dawn MOISTURISER Dawn Body Lotion or Cream for Men or Women Asstd. 400ml EACH plush SUPREME PINT GEL 3 Knorr BROWN ONION SOUP dawn MEN 3.4.99 Plush Supreme Pine Gel Asstd. 1 Litre EACH Knorr THICK VEGETABLE Knorr CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP plush BUY 10 FOR N$52 Knorr Instant Packet Soup Asstd. 50 g 39 Knorr CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP PURITY PRICES: Valid until Sunday 3 March 2024. Include VAT. Apply to OK Grocer stores only. Available in Nambian stores only and exclude all OK Foods, OK MiniMark, OK Express and OK Megasave stores. Visit www.okfoods.co.za for a list of participating stores. Offers valid while stocks last. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. No traders. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Actual products on offer may differ from visuals shown, as these are serving suggestions 4 only. Certain products not available at Halal certified stores. E&OE. NAMIBIA CARELINE: (061) 223 008 or EMAIL: [email protected]. mologist & can approved Purity Perfumed Baby Petroleum Jelly 450 ml EACH baby petroleum jelly free from colourants 24 hour moisture care to help protect against y skin essentials Palmolive Classic Aloe Vera PEINANCE W LIVER Bobtail GRAVY CHUNKS 32.⁹9 Palmolive Shampoo or Conditioner Asstd. 350 ml EACH Bobtail Bobtail CRAL CULINKS GRAVY CHICKEN Palmolive PADRES CAD Bobtail GRAVY CHUNKS Smoothies Supa Buy me to WIN LIVER MASINGUERAS STEAK Smoothies Supa www ANY 5 FOR N$27 Bobtail Gravy Pouches Asstd. 85 g LAMB Jobtail VYCHUNKS Smoothies Supa Smoothies Supa FAVOURED CANCY LOL RENTAL F BUY 4 FOR N$70 Beacon Supa Smoothies 72's OK GROCER

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