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EASY OPEN Buy me to WIN NESCAFE Ricoffy Share the fresh, smooth taste Soluble Chicory and Coffee Granules Knorr WELLINGTON C WELLINGTON'S TOMATO SAUCE SMOOTH Rhodes Quality 24,⁹⁹ Wellington's Smooth Tomato Sauce 700 ml EACH EASY Mixed Vegetab OPEN in Curry Sau CURRY Nescafé Ricoffy Original Instant Coffee 250 g EACH NEW RECH Lasagne & Rhodes Quality Mixed Vegetables in Brine PRED PEAS, CARROTS, POTATOES SMALL TO Knorr Knorr Mates Asstd. 230 g EACH MANHA Dome Ju FRUITY FLAVOURED SUGAR COATI 3199 NEW RECIPE Mince Mate Smoky Bacon & Cheddar Flavour 2504 BRAAI RELISH WITH MIXED HEAT & EAT 18⁹9 14.⁹⁹ All Gold Braai Relish Rhodes Mixed Vegetables in Curry or Brine 410 g EACH 410 g EACH mister Sweet More than you could mag WINE GUMS f OK Grocer Buy me to WIN SNOWFLAKE too fresh to flap easy mix Mister Sweet Gums & Jellies or Manhattan Candy Chews Asstd. 125 g EACH 5-in-1 Sweet Mix CROSSE & ACKWELL Tastes Real Good ALL GOLD Est. 1998 100 Royco Royco GRAVY SAUCE ROAST HEAT my SE EAMY 36,99 Snowflake Easy Mix Asstd. 1 kg EACH BLACK PEPPER BAG A BARGAIN! SNOWFLAKE too fresh to flop easymix Chocolate Muffin Mix MAKES Crosse & Blackwell Original or Mild & Creamy Mayonnaise 750 g EACH Royco ANY 3 FOR N$40 Royco Instant Gravy, Sauce or Marinade Sachet Asstd. 1's MARINADE SPARE RIB FLAVOUR CROSSE & BLACKWELL BAGS Tangy MAYONNAISE RICH, SMOOTH & CREAMY Doritos SWEET CHILLI PEPPER FLAVOURED CORN CHIPS GALLAGHOSE HO CO SARDE A PIMENTS CHIPS DE MAISO PATTIN 39.99 Freshpack Pure Rooibos Tagless Teabags 80's PER PACK Freshpak PURE ROOIBOS TEA TAGLESS 80 TEABAGS BOKOMO os Tea ANY 2 FOR N$36 GLENRYCK SINCE 1937 19⁹9 Bokomo Self Raising Wheat Flour 1 kg EACH Buy me to WIN 67.⁹⁹ WAW MOT IKE Sunflow Pure Sunflower Oil 2 Litre EACH Doritos CHEESE SUPREME FLAVOURED CORN CHIPS SALGADOS.COM SABOR A SUPREMO DE QUEUE PILCHAR In Tomato Sa Doritos Corn Chips Asstd. 145 g 99 Sunflow Glenryck Pilchards Asstd. 400 g EACH Knorr GLENRYCK SINCE 1937 TY CA PILCHARDS In Hot Chilli Sauce Hugo's Mixed Fruit Jam 31,992 Hugo's Mixed Fruit Jam 900 g EACH Know Aromat CHILLIBEEF Aromat Seasoning ORIGINAL Seasoning 22.99 Knorr Aromat All Purpose Seasoning Refill Pack Asstd. 200 g EACH .. Trop SCORE VANILLA FLAVOURED Instant MALZE PORRIDGE 200 g GreeMEE SCORE Instant MAIZE PORRIDGE Top Score Instant Porridge Asstd. 2 kg EACH GreeMEE CreeMEE Dairy Blend Concentrate Asstd. 1 Litre EACH 1999 199 fet wa T 13 Original & Best Tennis CLASSIC COCONUT BISCUITS MINT CHOC FLAVOURE BOLACHAS E COCO CLASSICAS CON SABOR A EMENTA Bakers Tennis Biscuits Asstd. 200 g EACH Original & Best Tennis CLASSIC COCONUT BISCUITS BOLACHAS DE COCO CLASSICA BARBECUE SPICE POLANA Buy me to WIN $26.⁹⁹ Polana Pasta Spaghetti 1 kg EACH OBE CIFICE P CHICKEN SPICE 17⁹9€ Robertsons Spice Blends Refill Chicken 168 g, Barbecue 128 g or Steak & Chops 160 g EACH 200 g (7.05 62) SERVING SUGGESTION YUM YUM YUM NOAY YUM 33.⁹9 Yum Yum Peanut Butter Asstd. 400 g EACH SOFT D Buy me to WIN 999 NG LEMON LIME FLAVOURED Coca-Cola Sprite SMOOTH PEANUT SUTTER LONG Coca Cola Original Taste, Zero or Sprite Soft Drink PET 600 ml EACH OK GROCER 3

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