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thumbnail - OK catalogue  - 20/02/2024 - 03/03/2024 - Sales products - milk tart, butternut squash, carrots, bananas, grapes, seedless grapes, Sea Harvest, fish fingers, chakalaka, chicken strips, braai wors, gouda, cheese, Lancewood, custard, Danone, Clover, strips, McCain, potato fries, frozen chips, potato chips, Tropika, Bai, antioxidant drink, white wine, Chardonnay, wine, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, liqueur, beer, Lager, chicken livers, chicken gizzards, chicken, beef meat, ground beef, steak, rump steak. Page 2.
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995 OKNAGR2806 899 Rear Tetider Real Tasty 199 RealGood Chicken Frozen Mixed Portions 2 kg EACH realgood CHICKEN Mixed Portions CHICKEN Chighen ve 25.⁹⁹ RealGood Chicken Frozen Chicken Liver Tub 500 g EACH McCain Slap Chips Traditional style potato chips 2899 Tasty Braai Wors Chakalaka or Egte PER 500 G McCain Skinny Fries Syut potats chips 39.99 McCain Frozen Skinny Fries or Slap Chips 1 kg EACH COMBO DEAL N$75 Bananas Polybag PLUS White AND Red Seedless Grapes 500 G PUNNET PER COMBO American Style BANANAS CLASS 1 FRESH Fish Fingers Sea Harvest 24 PAY LESS, GET SO MUCH MORE! NAM ty 59.⁹⁰ Sea Harvest Frozen Fish Fingers 600 g EACH 1099⁹9 Beef Mince PER KG Fresh Chicken 29.⁹⁹ Onyama Yummi Roll 500 g EACH WHITE SEEDLESS GRAPES RED SEEDLESS GRAPES BUTCHERY 500 g ONYAMA NAM Chicken Fresh 4 Drumsticks & 4 Thighs PER KG IWW. FRESH FRUIT & VEG 500 SELECTED STORES ONLY SINCE 1916 1J COMBO DEAL N$170 Potatoes 3 KG BAG PLUS Carrots 3 KG BAG AND Onions 3 KG BAG PER COMBO FISH BAK CRUME 6 CLASS1 SINCE 191 13 FISH 36.99 I&J Frozen Fish Bakes Asstd. 360 g EACH 14999 Beef Rump Steak PER KG CARROTS DANONE. ULTRA MEL Vanilla Favourid 29.9⁹9 Danone Ultra Mel Vanilla Flavoured Custard 1 Litre EACH BUY BULK & SAVE 3kg 25.⁹⁹ RealGood BUTTERNUT RESH 3kg BAI BUY BULK & SAVE POTATOES NAME ve Tender Real Tasty RedGood Chicken Frozen Gizzards 400 g EACH realgood CHICKEN Gizzards Sovereign Chickentite CHICKEN STRIPS 99.99 Sovereign Chicken'tizers Frozen Crumbed Cheesy Chicken Strips 1 kg EACH TROPIKA TROPIKO 39.⁹9 Clover Tropika Flavoured Dairy Fruit Mix Asstd. 2 Litre EACH HOT MEAL 24.99 Vetkoek & Mince PER SERVING 559⁹9⁹ Tall Horse Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc EACH all horse WINES CARBONAT Buy me to WIN Whole Bird ME PIRMS TESTTART NAM Chicken Fresh Whole Bird No Giblets PER KG Nawas Bupa Omasi M STRE 400 18 15 600 39⁹⁹ Nawaa Supa Omasi Premium Cultured Milk Plain or Sweet 2 kg EACH ANCEWOOD GOUDA SELECTED STORES ONLY LANCEWOOD CHEDDAR LIQUOR DEALS NAwaa Bupa Omasi 89.⁹9 Lancewood Cheese Asstd. 600 g EACH 34.99 Milk Tart EACH BAKERY w Windhoek 79.99 Windhoek Premium Lager Beer Cans 6 x 500 ml PER PACK Not for Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly. #NO awarelorg PRICES: Valid until Sunday 3 March 2024. Include VAT. Apply to OK Grocer stores only. Available in Namibian stores only and exclude all OK Foods, OK MiniMark, OK Express and OK Megasave stores. Visit www.okfoods.co.za for a list of participating stores. Offers valid while stocks last. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. No traders. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Actual products on offer may differ from visuals shown, as these are serving suggestions only. Certain products not available at Halal certified stores. E&OE. 2 NAMIBIA CARELINE: (061) 223 008 or EMAIL: [email protected]. Available at selected stores with liquor departments.

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