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999 OKNAGR2767 HEISS ANY 2 FOR N$20 MIES Cadbury Muk Chontate p KING VIENNA PACKED WITH POWER! A TRULY NAMIBIAN PRODUCT 320g OH TOMATO SAUCE 750 crunchie unch Bar 4 maxi Cadbury Crunchie, 5 Star, Asstd. Lunch Bar or P.S. Chocolate Bar 40 g - 48,5 g GREAT SAVINGS 4 SAMA Viennas 320 g EACH Tomato Sauce 750 ml EACH Mini 50's Midi - 44's Maxi - 42's Junior - 40's LOVIES maxi 7-18 kg 269⁹ 13 99 King 42 149.9⁹9 Lovies Disposable Nappies Value Pack Asstd. PER PACK Milky bar Original 2539 14.99 實實在在兩用 23333 SMARTIES I'M PAPER Gan Nestlé Smarties or Milkybar Chocolate Slab Asstd. 80 g EACH (Excluding Caramel Gold) Rama maging 70% Fat Spread Rama Original 70% Fat Spread OK Rama Original 70% Fat Spread 250 g Brick EACH GOLDEN BROWN SUGAR SERVING SUGGESTIO Morbal Brown Sugar 2 kg EACH Oralwise Oralwise Herbal 18.99 MORAMO Original Oralwise Oralwise Original Oralwise Original or Herbal Toothpaste 100 ml EACH dainglore Yogkual ViralesEL 1199 acrylove Yeyfaust Wenkwird magi mallows PINK & WHITE E M 2120 ROFT & SPONGY Magic Moments Pink and White Marshmallows 120 g EACH 500 Anglace Youkunt 1812 329⁹ 2699 Golden Super Maize Meal 2,5 kg EACH Acrylace acushoce Ace Champion SUPER MAIZE MEAL Dairy Love Yoghurt Assi 6 x 75 g PER PACK Anuryglore MILD&GENTLE Sunlight Be your best! PERTE 2199 SOAP GERMIGUARD P A MOVE Sunlight SOAP ORIGINAL Sunlight Laundry Soap Asstd. 400 g - 500 g EACH CHELSEA JERES CHELSEA SPHER al Tender Real Tasty Real Good CHELSEA B CHELSEA SPHER NS SPHERES LAVOURED LEMON LING CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR H PEPPERN SOM FROM po NAMIB POULTRY realgood CHICKEN Mixed Portion S 2 kg PRICES: Valid until Sunday 15 October 2023. Include VAT. Apply to OK Grocer stores only. Available in Namibian stores only. Visit www.okfoods.co.za for a list of participating stores. Offers valid while stocks last. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. No traders. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Actual products on offer may differ from visuals shown. E&OÉ. 2 NAMIBIA CARELINE: (061) 223 008 or EMAIL: [email protected] BRIGHT KE NEW Sur Ma NESCAFE Ricoff Share the fresh, smooth tast Soluble Chicory and Coffee Granules ANY 2 FOR www N$25 199 44.⁹⁹ Chelsea Spheres Biscuits Asstd. 180 g e2509 RealGood Frozen Chicken Mixed Portions 1 kg EACH Ave 199 44.⁹⁹ Nescafé Original Ricoffy 250 g EACH 52.⁹⁹ 99 Surf Hand Washing Powder 2 kg EACH OK GROCER

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