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DOUBLE REPLACEMENT ANY 2 FOR 2999⁹9⁹ Stretton's Gin Asstd. STRETTON'S Ruby Orange LANGE WITH BLOOD FINISH 995 OKNALO2728 TRETTON'S MYL 61 750 STRETTON'S Triple Berry SAVOURED MATCH DAY COMBO 199⁹9⁹ AND AWAY MYL 61 3-Year-Old Brandy 750 ml PLUS Coca-Cola Original Taste Less Sugar Soft Drink PET 2 Litre COMBO DEAL 3 YEAR BRANDY Brandy with Potstill Content Aged 3 Years Coca-Cola ORIGINAL TASTE LESS SUGAR SOFT DRINK w red SQUARE Red Square Vodka EACH BOMBAY SAPPHIRE 149⁹⁹ 154⁹⁹ 159⁹9 189⁹⁹ 750 750 750 Belgravia Gin Asstd. EACH Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin EACH MOKADE MOKAD BELGRAVIA 750 LONDON DRY GAN Mokador Liqueur EACH 1130 NEAD MAN FING DEAD MAN'S FINGERS 2199 799 Kuemmerling Herbal Liqueur EACH aptain Morga 750 Dead Man's Fingers Rum Asstd. EACH SPICED GOLD 259⁹⁹ 224⁹⁹ 3649⁹ 38999 Tullamore Dew Johnnie Walker Irish Whiskey EACH Label Whisky EACH Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum EACH TULLAMORE DEW IRISH WHISKEY BUFFELSFONTEN BRANDEWYN AMARULA ButteistonCH Brandewyn Onde erster BLACK LABEL 12 Black L k Buy BOTH FOR A SPRINGBOKKIE SHOOTER 144.99 Amarula Cream Liqueur EACH 19299 Oude Meester Peppermint Liqueur EACH Not for Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly. #NO awarelorg www.aware.org.za TEL TAFEL 599⁹9⁹ 6 x 330 ml Tafel Lager Beer Cans or NRB* PER PACK Schöfferhofer HEFEWEIZEN 6 x 500 ml Schöfferhofer Weizenbier Beer Asstd. PER PACK RISE SPRITZER 74.99 6 x 330 ml lack Kix Rosé Spritzer NRB PER PACK Black Labeld 69.99 6 x 500 ml Black Label 68 Carling Black Label Beer Cans PER PACK WINNING DEALS ON BEERS, CIDERS & MORE #riginal COCKTAILS ( 8699 6 x 275 ml StatoWBER Skinny Diva Spirit Coolers NRB Asstd. PER PACK LESS ALCOHOL LESS @niginal COCKTAILS | phat Mats 2999 300 ml Original Iced Cocktails Pouch Asstd. EACH NOIT LION A LION LION 6 x 500 ml a Lion Lager Beer Cans PER PACK BELGRAVIA LONDON DRY GIN & TONIC 114.⁹9⁹ Belgravia Gin Spirit Cooler Cans Asstd. PER PACK RS STANER BERRY 018 4.2⁹9.9⁹ 7 Stars Energy Drink Cans Cane PER PACK RED CARD GUARANTEED 26399 Absolut Original Vodka EACH ABSOLUT VODKA One Souice. One community One Superb vedha Crafted in the village of Absolut Since 1879. Ahus. Sweden Challantine -FINEST BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY TACKLE A SCOTCH 24299 Ballantine's Finest Scotch Whisky EACH 55 TAKE POSSESSION 454.⁹⁹ Inverroche Gin Asstd. EACH Inverroche ABSOLUT VODKA One Source One community One Superb vodka Crafted in the villag of Absolut Since 1879. CSIC 750 ml (SALE CUALI IMPORTED Pellentes 8427X ***** Ballantine's FINEST- BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY 1982 1983COTLANE 55 Inverroche GIN AMBER Not for Persons Under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly. #NⓇ awarelorg www.aware.org.20

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