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LOW PRICES ON PARTY SNACKS OREO OREO Cadbury DAIRY MILK MACCHIATO Cadbury DAIRY MILK the lighter MILK CHOCOLATE CONFED ANY 2 FOR N$48 AERO CENTRE AND FILLED CHOCIATE OF TEDAD CON BOAD Mi Exace Oreo Biscuits Asstd. 133 g EACH GreeMEE FESTIVE GINGERBREAD ( ૩૫૦ Disp Water Fingers covered in Che soncames de Water Cobertos de Chocolate de Let GreeMEE Cadbury Chocolate Slab Asstd. 150 g (Excluding Bournville & Bubbly) Fruches 9.99 13 CreeMEE Dairy Blend Concentrate Asstd. 1 Litre EACH Romany Creams Classic Choc CHIC COCOMET Quality Street ASTONBLK AND DAN VR 46 Romany Creams Mint Chce CHOC COCONUT BSCUTS MINT FLAVOURED MONSTE NE HOO Cadbury tumbles OKFDtalks OKFOODS_HQ Bakers Romany Creams Biscuits Asstd. 200 g EACH 99 4099 Nestlé Chocolate Minis Asstd. 135 g -189 gl 9 g EACH Quality Street RESORTED TALK AND DAN CHOCOLATES AND TOFFEES Quality Street Chocolates & Toffees 435 g EACH hispers shortcake ed choco 54 Bes Cadbury Whispers Coated Biscuit Bites or Tumbles Asstd. 200 g EACH MONSTENONSTER ENERGY FICHO LOSS ENERGY Monster Energy Drink Asstd. 500 ml EACH HOFER-FR GH GINGER BISCUITS Fly 13⁹9 GINGER RISCUITS CANDY CO 200 g SMARTIES bonaqua Ginger Biscuits 200 g EACH I'M PAPER St RICYCLE KitKat BARONE 25 OUR DAY ANY 2 FOR N$17 MANHA Marshma CANDYFLOSS AND BUD dwnd 1299 Nestlé Bar One, Smarties, Tex Large, Kit Kat 4 Finger Asstd. 40 g - 52 g (Excluding Kit Kat Caramel Gold) MANHATTAN marshmallows PINK AND WHITE Fluffy PUFFY bonagua ANG Manhattan Marshmallows Asstd. 150 g -165 g EACH dund 9.99 Bonaqua Pump Still Water 750 ml EACH 150g ACK SALTICRA CRANBERRY SALT K SALTED CRAC SALTICRAY 100% FRUIT JUICE BLE Apple &or grape & and cranberry slow baked- SALTICRAX Peanuts & Raisins LIGHTLY SALTED NIK N$20 NAKS ORIGINAL CHEESE LAVOURED MAIZE SNACK SAFARI 060 Rhodes Rhodes Quality Rhodes Quality ORANGE 150 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEND Orange apple &/or grape &/or pear and other inst 23.99 Bakers Salticrax Asstd. 200 g EACH SALTED CRACKERS WITH BLACK PEPPER NO PRESERVATIVES ANY 2 FOR Owners you can Nik Naks Maize Snack Asstd. 135 g NIK NAKS ORIGINAL CHEESE FLAVOURED MAIZE SNACK 2199 Safari Roasted & Salted Peanuts or Lightly Salted Peanuts & Raisins 150 g EACH Peanuts ROASTED & SALTED Rhodes Quality ORANGE 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEND Orange, apple &/or orans 230 07.05 ) CHOICE GRADE 34.99 Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice Blend Asstd. 6 x 200 ml PER PACK 150g Rhodes Quality ORANGE 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEND NO PRESERVATIVES count on! CK₁1 11

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