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CAPE POINT Natures Garden peas & corn O 3999 14.99 CAPE POINT Support Local Vegetables grown on hand picked 2999 local farms BAAI SNOEK CHOIC 1 kg GRAD Natures Garden Frozen Peas & Corn 1 kg EACH Classic Russian or French Polony 500 g EACH Dairylove Peach/Strawberry/ Mixed Berry Yoghurt Based Dairy Snack 6 x 75 g PER PACK 54.⁹⁹ Cape Point Frozen Braai Snoek 700 g EACH How McCain Stir Fry Vegetable Mix McCain Stir Fry Vegetable Mix Mexican 32.99 McCain Frozen Stir Fry Asstd. 700 g ÉACH TODAY Soch Time 40 Mini Sausage Rolls TODAY 69 TODAY OKFDtalks OKFOODS_HQ TODAY Sovereign Snach Time 40 Mini Cheeste Rolls Creations Tomato Pizza Bases with Ori Today Party Packs Asstd. 40'S PER PACK ORIGINAL BAKE FROSCH Today Frozen Pizza Bases 4's PER PACK Sovereign Creations 4-5 700 Tomato Pizza Bases with Origanan Chickenin SOUTHERN STEE CHICKEN STRIPS 9.299. Sovereign Foods Chicken'tizers Southern Style Original or Hot Buffalo Wings, Original or Cheesy Strips, Original or Cheese Crumbed Schnitzel or Original Pops 1 kg EACH Clover Way Be CREAM BUTTER parsley Win Spl 3899 B Cloyst CREAM W P Clover Ultra Pasteurised Cream 500 ml EACH 34.99 Creatgood CHICKEN Chiggen. Livers Mello armalat CHEESY GARLIC ROLLS Crealgood CHICKEN Chicken tvers Parmalat Garlic & Parsley Butter 150 g EACH 21⁹⁹ RealGood Frozen Chicken Livers 500 g Tub EACH Mello parmalat Mello Garlic & Cheese Rolls 4's PER PACK A - SINCE 1910- & 1J GOLDEN MACKER SINCE 1910 Fot GOLDEN SMACKEROOS BATTERED HAKE BITES LANCEWOOD Dr.Oetker D LAN WOO EXTRA THICK SOUR CREAM zza with Cheese Tomato Sauce Margheri CULTURED SOUR CREAM Rich and smooth ideal for sauces & sp 250 ml WHITE MARGARI ITAL PIZZA ITAL PIZ Classi 58.99 I&J Golden Smackeroos Frozen Hake Bites 500 g EACH Dr.Oetker Pizza with Ham & Mushrooms Regina LANCEWOOD EXTRA THICK SNACK WITH US SOUR CREAM 24.99 Lancewood Cultured Sour Cream 250 g EACH CULTURED SOUR CREAM Rich and smooth. ideal for sauces & sou Approved by THE S.A. CAKE DECORATOR'S GUILD CLASSIC Wooden Spoon MARGARINE YELLOW Offege EMMUTES 2299 Wooden Spoon Yellow or White Margarine 500 g Brick EACH ITAL PIZZA Classic Owners you can count on! 500 g 3999 Dr. Oetker Ital Pizza Asstd. 240 g-305 g EACH (Excluding Tikka Range) OK

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