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thumbnail - OK catalogue  - 29/09/2022 - 04/10/2022 - Sales products - garlic, soup, Knorr, sauce, milk, condensed milk, yeast, Anchor, mayonnaise, Nestlé, baking powder, flour, wheat flour, Maggi, dry yeast, maize meal, cake flour, tomato paste, Koo, dill, spice, curry powder, peanut butter. Page 3.
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72.99 Crosse & Blackwell Original Mayonnaise 1,5 kg EACH Rhodes Tomato Paste Rhodes Quality Tomato Paste 449 full cream sweetened condensed milk Rhodes Tomato Paste Rhodes Tomato Paste 50 g EACH KOO Gherkins Meet & Soulf 26.⁹9 Tangy MAYONNAISE RICK SMOOTH & CREANY (KOO Gherkins Dill Gherkins Asstd. 375 g EACH Nestle Nestle GOLD CROSS 22.99 full cream Sweetened condensed milk CROSSE & BLACKWELL REE LIST Nestlé Original or Gold Cross Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk 385 g EACH Knors PANTRY STAPLES OKFDtalks OKFOODS_HQ 104.⁹9 Bokomo Super Maize Meal 10 kg EACH Aromat ORIGINAL Seasoning Mago SWEET CHILLI ÉRZAYE -2-199 10 KG Know YUM YUM 200 g romat EESE asoning SMOOTH DEANUT Knorr Aromat Seasoning Asstd. 200 g Refill EACH Maggi CHILLI GARLIC 200 g So Maggi Sauce Asstd. 375 ml EACH YUM YUM CRUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER 27.99 BOKOMO SUPER MAIZE MEAL Yum Yum Peanut Butter Asstd. 380 g-400 g EACH Buy me to WIN Rajah FLAVOURFUL & MILD STRONG FOR LIFE $17.99 SELF- WHEA NAMIB MILLS Bakpro bake with confidence Anchor Instant Yeast Rajah MEDIUM CURRY POWDER 5 FOR 94.99 Bakpro Cake Wheat Flour 5 kg EACH Robertsons Rajah Curry Powder Asstd. 100 g EACH 100 g 99 Bakpro Self-Raising Wheat Flour 1 kg EACH Anchor Instant Yeast Anchor Instant Dry Yeast 10 g CAKE WHEAT FLOUR Royco Royco SOUP CREAM OF MUSHRC Royco SOUP OF MUSI MOIRS Baking Powder refill pack NAMIB MILLS Bakpro bake with confidence ANY 5 FOR N$20 BEEFY BOVRIL MEAT AND VEGETABLE EXTRACT 250 g Royco Royco SOUP MINESTRONE 98966 Royco Soup Powder Packet Asstd. 50 g 21.99 MOIRS Baking Powder refill pack Moir's Baking Powder 200 g Refill EACH BEEFY OVRIL AT AND VEGETABLE EXTRACT 250 g 45.⁹9 Bovril Spread 250 g EACH Owners you can count on! CH 3

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