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thumbnail - Metro catalogue  - 19/07/2022 - 07/08/2022 - Sales products - cabbage, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, guava, oranges, hake, fish, fish fingers, Sea Harvest, fish sticks, pizza, soup, hamburger, bacon, french polony, polony, Russians, gouda, sliced cheese, Dr. Oetker, Lancewood, yoghurt, buttermilk, flavoured milk, Number 1 Mageu, Rama, mixed vegetables, Harvestime, McCain, potato fries, Ital Pizza, pepper, cloves, fruit juice, juice. Page 2.
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realgood CHICKEN Mixed Portions Qura SINCE 1918 IJ Н. 25 realgood CHICKEN Mixed Portions McCain Clo ww CHE 64.99 EACH ush Fasty 1779⁹9⁹ Fresh & Tast & Clave KRUS 100 BERRIES Realgood Mixed Portions 1.5Kg McC *Clar Skun SINCE 1910. 19 42.⁹9 ERE UNTER Rondo 2096 Fat Spid $4.999 N St HAKE PO 1 & J Hake 25 CRUMBED HAKE BIT #losar GOUDA Realgood Mix Portions 4Kg Ro Fruch & Tasty WHERE UNTI N EACH RO h & Tasty ANTH 49.⁹⁹ EACH Ballever KRUSH EACH McCain Skinny Fries 1.5Kg ORANGE 100% FRUIT JUICE I EACH $24.99 Pops 400g Clover Gouda or Cheddar 400g EACH 29.99 Rondo Spread Tub 1Kg EACH Vegetable Clover Krush Assorted 1.5Ltr Onions Medium 7Kg ASIAN Delicious Mix Potatoes Large 7Kg 7Kg Bag N$69.99 Sea Harvest FRENCH 250 ml 7Kg Bag N$69.99 FISH FINDE McC Stir F O Sea Harvest cream Fish Fingers LANCEWOOD NEW CHEDDAR OCESSED CHEESE Rama Original LANC NEW PRO 250 ml FACE Ram Original Source of mine & Op First Choic First Choice 9.⁹9 EACH cream 21⁹.9⁹ EACH McCain Stir Fry Assorted 250g Sea Harvest Fish Fingers 600g TAKING MOOKIN EACH $12.⁹⁹ EACH Lancewood Cheese Slices 175g Rama Original Brick 250g 2199 EACH First Choice UHT Cream 250ml Carrots 3Kg harv country mi Beetroot 1Kg ESKORT Usa Diced Bacon 3Kg Bag N$42.99 1Kg Bag N$16.99 ESKORT Diced Bacon BO Vitore Vitore hartlief mixed vegetables 24.99 Harvestime Garden Mi or Country Mix 900g 19.99 EACH Eskort Diced Bacon 200g hartlief RUSSIAN 499⁹9⁹ EACH But 500g €64.⁹⁹ Pepper Green/Red/Yellow 500g & Clover SNack Clove Hartlief Russians or Bockwurst 380g SNa PAS Vegetable Each N$22.99 EACH Clover Butro 500g EACH Cabbage each Clover Snack Pack Assorted 6 x 100g 100 500g N$26.99 LANCEWOOD DOUBLE CREAM PLAIN YOGHURT NAwa WINDHOEK SCHLACHTERE -MALZE DRIN MUM guava MAGE banana MAGEU NAwaa MALZE D Chicken'Tizers Crumbed Burgers 975g WIND 29.99 Windhoek Schlachterei Steaky Bacon 150g EACH WINDHOEK SCHLACHTERS Windhoek Schlachterei Mixed Polony 100g 24.⁹9 EACH EACH Lancewood Double Yoghurt 1Kg EACH 15KG Nawaa Mageu Assorted 500ml Frozen Soup 169 ⁹⁹ EAS MA THE PLACE Fat Braaiwers MEAT MA THE PLATE OF PLENTY OrOetker ony SHE Bacon & Spring ITAL PIZZA Familia Meatma Soup Bones 5Kg 69⁹9 EACH Dr Oetker Margherita ESKOR LANCEWO ITA Fam PREMIUM icy Chicken CLASSIC RUSSIANS eatma IQF Braaiwors 1.5Kg French Polony ESKORT Fony 2.5kg BULK DEAL! 1L CULTURES BUTTERME 500ml BEST DEAL! WILLA FLAVOURD MDUM FAT MLA 22.⁹⁹ EACH LANCEWOO EACH Dr Oetker Familia Pizza each ESKORY Classic Polony or Russians 500g 89.99 Eskort Polony Bulk 2.5Kg 12.99 EACH CULTURED FULL CREAM BUERMILK Lancewood Buttermilk 500ml Clon SUP Clover 2x For SUPER MM N$50.00 Super M Flavoured Milk 1 Ltr 1x For N$29.99

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