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thumbnail - Metro catalogue  - 19/03/2024 - 06/04/2024 - Sales products - beans, ginger, potatoes, mixed vegetables, salad, beetroot, peaches, mussels, sardines, soup, Knorr, chakalaka, ready meal, pudding, jelly, mayonnaise, fruit slices, oats, soya mince, Knorrox, baking mix, baked beans, Koo, relish, corn flakes, jungle oats, ground ginger, spice, curry powder, Hinds, worcestershire sauce, chutney, sweet chilli sauce, sunflower oil, oil, fruit jam, peanut butter, jam, punch. Page 4.
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CAPPU SNOWFLAKE 17 JACK BRA EACH Snowflake Easy Mix Assorted 500g LUCKY LUCKY STAR SOYA MIN VEGETABI SAVOURY BEE 16.99 SOYA MIN VEGETABI CHILLI FL Lucky Star Soya Mince Assorted 400g Condiments & Cans KOO F Hach Halv Fru $18.99 Peach Slices in KO Pilch in Chill EACH Koo Peaches 410g KOO Pilchar in Tor LUCKY LUCKY 25.99 Koo Pilchards Assorted 400g PILCH IN HOT C Cheaper Buy The BOX 6х N$89.99 =N$14.99 each 15 99 PILCH IN TOMA Bull Bran CURRIED MIN WITH VEGETAR EACH Lucky Star Pilchards Assorted 155g Bull CURRI REWARD N$26.99 MOO Orig Orig CESTERSH LAZE LAZEN 27.99 WITH VEGETA Bull Brand Curried Mince 400g 1999 EACH Lazenby Worcestershire Sauce 250ml YU YU 33.99 Hug Mixed Fruit Ja 29.99 Mixe Fruit Hugo's Mixed Fruit Jam 900g BOKOMO Corn Flakes original flavour 27.99 EACH Ver KO Beetr Grated & KO 24.99 Salad Sliced Beetroot PEACH Koo Beetroot Assorted 780g Any 1 For N$16.99 GO KC TOM & ON MI Chak Hot & KOO Veggies Red Vegetables in B Yum Yum Peanut Butter 400g Koo Mixed Veg/ Koo Chakalaka/ All Gold Tomato & Onion Mix/ All Gold Tomato Relish 410g BENAR OU Card N$17.99 1899 Rhodes Smooth Strawber Rhodes Jam Cups Assorted 290g GOLDCREST G SMOKED GOLD $19.99 SMOKED MUSSELS INVEGETABLE O Goldcrest Smoked Mussels 85g 2.5kg WISA N$37.99 $39.99 EASY CO SAMP Iwisa Easy Cook Samp 2.5Kg NEW LOOK TASTE Jungle Oats 6999 The riginal jule Jungle Oats 2Kg NOLA Mayonnaise Criand + All 3 For N$99.99 + Bokomo Corn Flakes 500g Nola Mayonnaise 750g + Potatoes 2Kg + Nola Sunflower Oil 750ml NOLA Sunflower WORD Cheaper Buy The BOX 40x #N$1.62 each N$64.99 SPICY BARB 199 JEACH Robertson's Brown Spice/ Curry Powder Envelopes HINDS Cheaper Buy The BOX 6x N$95.99 =N$15.99 each CROU HIND THE ST KN MORE M PUR GROUND THE STRON 1899 EACH Hinds Pure Ground Ginger 50g Any 2 For N$24.99 KNORROX SOUP ORTAIL FLAYOUR Rénov Al Sea 759 Aroma 899 ORIGINAL Seasoning Knorr Aromat Refill 75g Any 3 For N$39.99 Crysta Crystal Crystal TOMATO A ONION M MIXED VEGETABLE BAKED BEANS IN TOMATO SAUCE KNORROX MORE MEA KNORROX 1999 Knorrox Soya Mince Assorted 400g Knorr Knor Cheaper Buy The BOX 10x N$49.99 =N$4.99 each 549 Knorr Soup Packets Assorted TOP SPIC ORIGINAL TOP CLASS SPICE M CHILLI FLAVOU 1199 EACH Top Class Spice Mix Assorted 200g All 3 For N$45.99 CHUTNEY ONION SWEET CHILLI DOKE TOMATO CE EAST OPEN Rh Bake 2 For N$24.99 TASY SPEN Rhodes Quality Any 2 For N$17.99 MOIR'S Inst in Tom Baked Beans Pud in Tomato Sauce VANILLA F MOLK'S jelly BREAST PUNCH FLAVOURED MORE HEATY TASTE Knorrox Soup Assorted 400g Crystal Gold Tomato & Onion Mix 410g/ Crystal Gold Mix Veg 410g/ Crystal Gold Baked Beans 410g Montagu Chutney 460g + Sweet Chilli Sauce 375ml + Montagu Tomato Sauce 375ml Make S Rhodes Baked Beans 410g Moir's Jelly or Instant Pudding 80g/90g

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