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Panasonic AK520 HI-FI N$7499⁹⁹ TERMS: N$481 X24 DEPOSIT: N$750 INCLUDES ALL COSTS DI D Promet Panasonic 2.0CH UX100 N$3499⁹⁹ TERMS: N$237 X24 DEPOSIT: N$350 INCLUDES ALL COSTS Panc Shout Panasonic PAY DISK AKX-710 HI-FI N$9999 ⁹9⁹ TERMS: N$627 X24 DEPOSIT: N$1000 INCLUDES ALL COSTS SHAKE SYSTEM MAX 3500 AVAILABLE AT N$15 999 Hisense 2.1CH HA650 N$599999 TERMS: N$390 X24 DEPOSIT: N$600 INCLUDES ALL COSTS N$249999 Hisense TERMS: N$160 X24 DEPOSIT: N$500 INCLUDES ALL COSTS HS214 2.1CH SOUND BAR SCAN QR code to view Xmas range HONT N$119999 SINOTEC TERMS: N$88 X24 DEPOSIT: N$240 SBS-690 2.0CH INCLUDES ALL COSTS BINH LG 2.0CH MINI SHAKE SYSTEM CK-43 N$4.999.9⁹⁹ TERMS: N$327 X24 DEPOSIT: N$500 INCLUDES ALL COSTS LG 2.1CH CJ45 HI-FI IN$69999⁹9⁹ TERMS: N$452 X24 DEPOSIT: N$700 INCLUDES ALL COSTS TELEFUNKEN 1.30 N$3999⁹9 TERMS: N$266 X24 DEPOSIT: N$400 INCLUDES ALL COSTS 0000 SONY. 2.0CH MHC M40D HI-FI N$899999 TERMS: N$569 X24 DEPOSIT: N$900 MONT INCLUDES ALL COSTS 2.1CH CL88 HI-FI AVAILABLE AT N$12 999 TXX-1909 2.0CH MINI HI-FI BONY N$329999 SONY. TERMS: N$206 X 24 DEPOSIT: N$660 INCLUDES ALL COSTS S100F 2.0CH SOUND BAR Extended Festive Shopping Hours 9th November - 23rd December •Monday to Friday: 08H00-19H00 Pg 15.

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