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SAVE 1000 LED 100 cm 39 INCH LED TV WAS N$5999 NOW N$499999 TERMS: N$360 X18 DEPOSIT: N$1000 INCLUDES ALL COSTS 4K LED 127cm 50 INCH ANDROID SMART LED TV N$999999 TERMS: N$685 X18 DEPOSIT: N$2,000 INCLUDES ALL COSTS 55 INCH SMART LED TV IN$12999⁹⁹* TERMS: N$875 X18 DEPOSIT: N$2,600 INCLUDES ALL COSTS Proline Pg 14. INTEREST RATE 16.00%. 4K LED 140 cm SAMSUNG 50 INCH SMART LED TV LED 4K 127 cm N$1,1999.⁹9 TERMS: N$812 X18 DEPOSIT: N$2400 INCLUDES ALL COSTS NEW ASUS Dear customer at Lewis it's your choice SINOTEC Hisense 32 INCH SMART LED TV AVAILABLE AT N$4 999 32 INCH DIGITAL LED TV AVAILABLE AT N$4 499 TERMS: N$412 X18 DEPOSIT: N$1200 INCLUDES ALL COSTS NEW LED 81 SAVE cm 200 32 INCH LED TV ... WAS NS3699 NOW N$34.999⁹9 TERMS: N$261 X18 DEPOSIT: N$700 INCLUDES ALL COSTS LED 106 cm 4K LED 147 C 58 INCH ANDROID SMART LED TV N$12999⁹9 TERMS: N$875 X18 DEPOSIT: N$2600 INCLUDES ALL COSTS cm NOW N$6499⁹9 SAVE 102 cm 500 LED 40 INCH SMART LED TV WAS N$999 TERMS: N$464 X18 DEPOSIT:N$1,300 INCLUDES ALL COSTS alwa SAVE 1500 WHILE STOCKS LAST PANTUN 42 INCH LED TV WAS NS 499 NOW N$4.99.999 TERMS: N$360 X18 DEPOSIT: N$1000 INCLUDES ALL COSTS Proline PROLINE 14" LAPTOP. PRINTER & MOUSE BUNDLE 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD NEW hp SUS 11" LAPTOP & EXTERNAL HDD BUNDLE PROLINE 14" NOTEBOOK 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD 4GB RAM, 64GB EMMC & 256GB EXTERNAL HDD N$599999 N$599999 N$699999 N$849999 TERMS: N$412 X18 DEPOSIT: N$1,200 TERMS: N$480 X18 DEPOSIT: N$1.400 INCLUDES ALL COSTS TERMS: N$582 X18 DEPOSIT: N$1700 INCLUDES ALL COSTS INCLUDES ALL COSTS LARGE $15.6" SCREEN HP 15.6" N4020 LAPTOP N4020 CEL 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD You have the right to choose whether or not you wish to select any of the optional insurance products provided by Old Mutual Namibia on offer in store: ✓ DEATH INSURANCE DAMAGE OR LOSS OF GOODS INSURANCE ✓ DISABILITY INSURANCE ✓LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE In addition you also have the right to choose if you want any of the following products and services offered by Lewis: ✓ DELIVERY SERVICE EXTENDED WARRANTY ✓MASTERGUARD If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you have 5 (five) business days from the date of invoice to cancel the contract and request a refund. You have the right to delay the signing of an agreement by 5 (five) days to consider the proposed agreement. For any queries/complaints please phone our call centre on +27 21 460 4692.

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