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NEW RANGE BIGGER VALUE N$4999⁹9 TERMS: N$328 X24 DEPOSIT: N$500 INCLUDES ALL COSTS N$699999 TERMS: N$463 X24 DEPOSIT: N$700 INCLUDES ALL COSTS SCAN QR code to view our New range INTEREST RATE 14.80%. DIANA HEADBOARD AND PEDESTALS Lewis Welcome Home NEW TELEFUNKEN NEW NEW NICHOLAS CORNER LOUNGE SUITE Visit Us at www.Lewisstores.co.za 10 TXX-1909 2.0CH MINI HI-FI N$399999 TERMS: N$263 X24 DEPOSIT: N$400 INCLUDES ALL COSTS CAPACITY 18.5/ KGS Kelvinator 18.5KG WHITE TWIN TUB N$6999⁹9 TERMS: N$447 X24 DEPOSIT:N$700 INCLUDES ALL COSTS SEPTEMBER 2022 G 10 O SAME DAY DELIVERY NEW @Lewis_Furniture_Storesf Lewis.Furniture.Stores.Namibia N

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