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NEW Better Better RANGE Value 2 MOTION RECLINERS ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK Dear customer at Lewis it's your choice FERE WINDSOR COFFEE TABLE AVAILABLE AT $3 999.99 RECLINERS CLOSED NORWAY COFFEE TABLE AVAILABLE AT N$1499.99 CASEY MK2 4-PIECE LOUNGE SUITE MAJORCA 4-PIECE LOUNGE SUITE NIKITA CORNER 2-MOTION LOUNGE SUITE NEW 2199999 TERMS: N$1314 X24 DEPOSIT: N$2 200 INCLUDES ALL COSTS WAS N$8999 NOW TERMS: N$514 X24 DEPOSIT: N$800 INCLUDES ALL COSTS WAS NS 10 999 NOW N$9999⁹9 TERMS: N$629 X24 DEPOSIT: N$1.000 INCLUDES ALL COSTS SAVE N$1000 N$1000 You have the right to choose whether or not you wish to select any of the optional insurance products provided by Old Mutual Namibia on offer in store: ✓ DEATH INSURANCE ✓DAMAGE OR LOSS OF GOODS INSURANCE ✓ DISABILITY INSURANCE ✔LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE In addition you also have the right to choose if you want any of the following products and services offered by Lewis: ✓ DELIVERY SERVICE ✓ EXTENDED WARRANTY✓MASTERGUARD If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you have 5 (five) business days from the date of invoice to cancel the contract and request a refund. You have the right to delay the signing of an agreement by 5 (five) days to consider the proposed agreement. For any queries/complaints please phone our call centre on +27 21 460 4692. Pg5.

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