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NEW Better RANGE Value C AK520 HI-FI N$74.99⁹⁹ TERMS: N$470 X24 DEPOSIT: N$750 INCLUDES ALL COSTS D AKX-710 HI-FI N$999999 TERMS: N$613 X24 DEPOSIT: N$1000 INCLUDES ALL COSTS Pg 22. INTEREST RATE 13.60%. Futsembe B-A SPUSA 2.0CH UX100 AVAILABLE AT N$3 499 SAME DAY DELIVERY Dear customer at Lewis it's your choice -0.0005 Panasonic C Panasonic Panasonic NEW! TELEFUNKEN TXX-1909 2.0CH MINI HI-FI N$3.99999 TERMS: N$260 X24 DEPOSIT: N$400 INCLUDES ALL COSTS Panasonic 2.0CH AKX320 N$4999⁹9 TERMS: N$320 X24 DEPOSIT: N$500 INCLUDES ALL COSTS SHAKE SYSTEM MAX 3500 N$15999⁹9 TERMS: N$955 X24 DEPOSIT: N$1 600 INCLUDES ALL COSTS Passor Hisense 2.1CH HA650 N$54.99⁹9 TERMS: N$352 X24 DEPOSIT: N$550 INCLUDES ALL COSTS You have the right to choose whether or not you wish to select any of the optional insurance products provided by Old Mutual Namibia on offer in store: ✓ DEATH INSURANCE ✓DAMAGE OR LOSS OF GOODS INSURANCE ✓ DISABILITY INSURANCE ✓LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE In addition you also have the right to choose if you want any of the following products and services offered by Lewis: ✓ DELIVERY SERVICE ✓ EXTENDED WARRANTY✓ MASTERGUARD If you are dissatisfied with your purchase you have 5 (five) business days from the date of invoice to cancel the contract and request a refund. You have the right to delay the signing of an agreement by 5 (five) days to consider the proposed agreement. For any queries/complaints please phone our call centre on +27 21 460 4692.

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