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YOU'VE GOT game GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK DEALS VALID 04-17 APRIL 2024 OWTH Kellogg's Strawberry VELOPMENT Pops 45% each Kellogg's Coco Pops OR Strawberry Pops 350 g Kellogg's COCO pops GROWTH DEVELOPMENT KOO Top Score Instant Maize Porridge 1kg Assorted ANY 2 FOR 4295 KOO Baked Beans In WEET-BIX Bokomo Weet-Bix Cereal 450 g 3495 Corn Flakes YOU'VE GOT game Great Value Corn Flakes 1kg 3995 Light Meaf Light Meal Shredded fing Light Meof Shredded Tuno 4 FOR 5495 Tomato Sauce 410 g PLUS First Value Butter Beans in Sweetened Brine 410 g ANY 2 FOR 2995 KOO KOO Chakalaka KOO 410 g Assorted ANY 2 FOR 3995 Great Value Shredded Tuna in Salt Water 170g GRANDE GRANDE POLAN POLANA NICE RICE Polana Macaroni Pasta 3 kg 8295 Pasta Grande Pasta 500 g Assorted ANY 2 FOR 2795 Nice Rice Long Grain Parboiled Rice 5 kg 92 TOP SCORE 10kg Sakpro KOO Pilchards game Get more, save more on iGroza multibuys KOO KOO Pilchards 400 g Assorted ANY 2 FOR 5995 POLANA Polana Pasta Spaghetti 1kg 27°5 Bakpro Top Score Super Maize Meal 10 kg 109 CAKE WHEAT FLOUR Bakpro Cake Wheat Flour 2.5kg 4495 VETKOEK WHEAT FLOUR Bakpro Vetkoek Wheat Flour 10 kg 100 154 Excella Sunflower Oil Excella L 6495 All Gold Tomato Paste Original 100 g 1195 Wellington's Tomato Sauce 700 ml 2495 MARATHON Wellington's Sweet Chilli Sauce 500 ml 2995 Sugar King Mrs H.B. Ball's Chutney 470 g Assorted 3795 MAYO Nola Tangy Mayo Street Style 750 g 2995 Sugar King Kings Dry Brown Sugar 2 kg 3595 each Illovo Traditional OR Golden Syrup Squeeze 500 g 3995 MOERS jelly jelly jelly jelly Moir's Jelly 80 g Assorted ANY 4 FOR 3595 brown sugar Marathon Light Brown Sugar 2 kg 3595 ALL GOLD APRICOT & PEACH JAM SMOOTH PRICOT JAM 39° All Gold Jam 900 g Assorted Sugar King White Sugar 5 kg 8495 aQuelle aQuellé STILL YUM YUM YUM YUM SMITH Yum Yum Peanut Butter 400 g Assorted 3995 aQuellé Natural Still Spring Water SL 2 FOR 45 WE BEAT ANY PRICE IF YOU FIND THE EXACT PRODUCT CHEAPER AT ANY NATIONAL RETAIL COMPETITOR, AVAILABLE ON THE SAME DAY, WE'LL BEAT THEIR PRICE BY 10% ON THE DIFFERENCE. View catologue online on | Namibia AND CS APPLY AFNMGA603

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