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EVERYTHING BABY! 30 SECONDS the quicktrinkingtatta kinggame 1 venior 30 SECONDS 30 Seconds Junior/Adult Board Game 30 SECONDS Baby Walking Ring Green 299 each PORTIA Marala Skin Face V Apating 399 each PORTIAM Marula Skin Toner A Daying Twinsaver Facial Tissues 2 Ply 180's OMO BLEACH TWIN Neste Nestle Cerelac Baby Cereal 500g Assorted 7 Piece Baby Hamper Set Mint Recommend Sa Stre *Der PORTIA 15% Off Portia M Skincare Manula Skin Range 21⁹5 per pack OMO Stain Remover 99 each TWINSAVER OMO 750ml Assorted BLEACH ANY 2 FOR 48 N Cerelac PORTIAM Marula Skin Body Cream Baby Arrival 30cm Doll with Sound om Honey 11 | AFNMGA227 | DEALS VALID: 23 AUGUST-05 SEPTEMBER 2022. 7-12 69 each Grandex 22cm Battery Operated Robot 249 per set Colgate Total 150ml Assorted Bennetts Baby Bum Crème 300g Dettol JIK JIK Co Colgate 99 each Bennetts by C 59.⁹5 each Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 500ml 61⁹5 Total Air Scents Air Freshener Mist Lavender & Iris 350 ml 2995 36.9⁹5 each 79 each JIK Liquid Bleach 1.5L Assorted 3 game and Jumbo Scooter Black VALI RACK 11 Pampers Sensitive or Fresh Baby Wipes 6 Pack little one Vito Stroller Navy/Red 799 each Lifebuoy Soap 175g Assorted Pa 11 dawn 199 each 1 Supa Mama Value Refuse Black Bags 20 Pack Lifeby w dawn dawn MEN EUPE MAMA het C Pampers 149 per pack ANY 3 FOR 45 10 Lifebuoy ta stangga Dawn Body Cream/Lotion 400ml Assorted 23.95 each PERA APA MASAS VALUE ANY 2 FOR 52 MUJ 95 64.⁹5 each S G 110 Sunlight unlight Sunlight Auto Zin AUTO AUTO Washing Powder 2-in-1 2kg Assorted Pan 4 REGULAR Pampers Active Baby Mega Box Assorted sizes S SAA Vaseline BlueSeal Petroluem Jelly 100ml Assorted PEL Mine BLUEAL Stayfree Stäyfree Pampers 132 REGULAR 10 1599 each 429 per pack double WEKA NEW SAFEWAY Indra Car Seaf-Group 0+/1, 0-18kg) +Side impact protection Five point harness Four position rectine Item no 790493 double probction ANY 2 FOR 36 TOUGH STAIN REMOVAL OMO hand S @b 15.95 each Stayfree Sanitary Pads 10's Sunlight Sunlight light Dishwashing Liquid Pouch 750ml ANY 2 FOR 54 OMO Regular Hand Washing Powder 2kg 61⁹5 SEE BACK PAGE FOR T'S AND C'S.

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