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Furnmart MAKING HOME DREAMS COME TRUE! Lifestyle furniture @ discount credit TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 154 TITANIUM SILVER CAPACITY 151 WHITE TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 151 METALLIC CAPACITY 226 METALLIC WATER DISPENSER 30 900W METALLIC MIRROR DOOR DEFY N$155 x24 Months SAVE N$300 MICROWAVE OVEN DMO390 10258545 NOW N$2 199 Deposit N$220 4 N$379 x24 Months SAVE N$500 Hisense FRIDGE/FREEZER H225TTS | 10339196 NOW N$5 499 Deposit N$550 N$413 X24 Months SAVE N$500 DEFY FRIDGE/FREEZER D200 ECO DAD238 10282650 NOW N$5 999 Deposit N$600 N$448 x24 Months SAVE N$300 DEFY FRIDGE/FREEZER D200 ECO MET DAD239 10266354 NOW N$6 499 Deposit N$650 N$550 X24 Months SAVE N$1 000 DEFY FRIDGE/FREEZER C300 ECO MET WD DAC449 10235833 NOW N$7 999 Deposit N$800 32 1000W WHITE 2220 TITANIUM WATER DISPENSER 2630 BLACK MIRROR WATER DISPENSER 4 N$584 x24 Months SAVE N$500 Hisense FRIDGE/FREEZER H310BIT-WD | 10307207 NOW N$8 499 Deposit N$850 4 N$686 x24 Months Hisense FRIDGE/FREEZER H370BMIB WD | 10351632 NOW ONLY N$9 999 Deposit N$1 000 TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 1956 WHITE TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 254 WHITE DEFY N$345 x24 Months SAVE N$500 NOW ECO CHEST FREEZER N$4 999 210HC ECO DMF470 10048987 Deposit N$500 ALWAYS BEST VALUE ON THE WIDEST RANGE N$482 x24 Months SAVE N$800 DEFY NOW CHEST FREEZER N$6 999 300HC DMF473 10048829 Deposit N$700 PLANT 481 WHITE GAS HOB 4 GAS/ELECTRIC TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 205 WHITE COLD TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 514 BLACK GLASS FINISH WATER DISPENSER FROST FREE 1200 N$168 x24 Months SAVE N$150 NOW SAMSUNG MICROWAVE OVEN ME9114W1 10376786 N$2 399 Deposit N$240 30 900W SILVER MIRROR DOOR 2300 N$1299 x24 Months SAVE N$1 000 Hisense FRIDGE/FREEZER H670SMIB WD BLK | 10237542 NOW N$18 999 Deposit N$1 900 N$182 x24 Months SAVE N$1 000 NOW Hisense MICROWAVE OVEN N$2 599 H30MOMS9H 10308593 Deposit N$260 14KG MANHATTAN GREY 15KG METALLIC COLD N$550 x24 Months SAVE N$500 CHEST FREEZER CF205GE | 10211171 NOW N$7 999 Deposit N$800 N$618 x24 Months SAVE N$2 000 DEFY TOP-LOADING WASHING MACHINE DTL160 | 10294349 NOW N$8 999 Deposit N$900 DEFY N$482 x24 Months SAVE N$500 TWIN-TUB WASHING MACHINE DTT151 MET 10241995 NOW N$6 999 Deposit N$700 GAS HOB N$754 SAVE N$1 000 ECO CHEST FREEZER N$10 999 DEFY NOW x24 Months 530HC ECO DMF456 907 Deposit N$1 100 GAS OVEN Ferve N$277 x24 Months ferre GAS STOVE GAS 4-BURNER OVEN F5C40G1.B | 10292969 NOW ONLY N$3 999 Deposit N$400 N$448 x24 Months SAVE N$500 DEFY 4-BURNER GAS STOVE DGS568 | 10348804 NOW N$6 499 Deposit N$650 N$379 X24 Months SAVE N$500 DEFY COMPACT 4-PLATE STOVE DSS554 | 10348671 NOW N$5 499 Deposit N$550 PRICES VALID FROM 11 MARCH - 7 APRIL 2024. HURRY WHILE STOCKS LAST. ⚫ Aussenkehr ⚫Black Chain Divundu Eenhana ⚫ Flag Ship (Nando's) Gobabis ⚫Grootfontein • Hentiesbay ⚫ Independence Kalahari Sands ⚫ Karasburg • Katima Mulilo ⚫ Keetmanshoop 1 ⚫ Keetmanshoop 2. Khorixas ⚫ Kuisebmund ⚫ Luderitz Mariental ⚫ Nkurenkuru ⚫ Okahandja Okahao Okongo ⚫ Okuryangava ⚫Omaruru⚫ Ombalantu ⚫ Omuthiya Ondangwa 1. Ondangwa 2. Opuwo Oranjemund ⚫ Oshakati 1 ⚫ Oshakati 2⚫ Oshifo⚫ Oshikango Otavi Otjinene Otjiwarongo⚫Outjo • Red Cross • Rehoboth Roshpina ⚫ Rundu ⚫ Swakopmund ⚫ Tsumeb ⚫ Walvis Bay Instalment prices displayed include VAT, interest, insurance, deposit as per legislation and any administration fees, but exclude delivery charges and club fees. Terms subject to credit approval. Accessories are optional extras. Bring your ID and latest payslip or last 3 month's bank statement to ensure rapid response to your credit application. We will beat any price on presentation of a written quote from another Retailer within 10km of the Furnmart store, provided they have stock available. Products may vary from photograph. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. All electrical products carry a Supplier Guarantee for domestic use only and specifically exclude commercial use. No dealers allowed. Limited quantities. Handset specifications subject to change without notice. Specific restrictions may apply in case of multiple promotional offers running at the same time. Valid while stocks last. Errors and omissions expected. www.furnmart.com.na @furnmartnamibia Furnmart Namibia Switch/5007675A

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