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thumbnail - Furnmart catalogue  - 11/03/2024 - 07/04/2024 - Sales products - Samsung, Philips, fitness smart watch, smart watch, Samsung Galaxy, memory card, power bank, Hisense, Volkano, Defy, convection oven, two plate stove, Sunbeam, vacuum cleaner, pressure cooker, air fryer, slicer, Russell Hobbs, sandwich maker, kettle, iron, steam iron, bicycle, generator. Page 7.
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Hisense 12:30 4.0" 8 DISPLAY 5MP 1GB +2MP RAM 8GB 1.3Ghz ROM QUAD CORE SD CARD SUPPORTED 1500mAh 12:30 ALWAYS BEST VALUE ON THE WIDEST RANGE 12:30 DUAL N$80 X18 Months Hisense U605 CELLPHONE 10362573 NOW ONLY N$999 Deposit N$200 5" FW DISPLAY 11 IGO ENTION 5MP+2MP 1GB RAM 32GB ROM SD CARD 1.3GHZ QUAD CORE SUPPORTED 2400mAh DUAL SIM 12:30 12:30 DUAL 844 12:30 DUAL M 12:30 DUAL M DUAL SIM 12:30 N$117 6.3" FW+IPS N$139 12 DISPLAY X18 Months x18 Months 5MP/VGA +5MP 2GB RAM SAVE N$100 32GB 1.3Ghz itel ROM QUAD CORE itel A18 CELLPHONE 10339552 NOW ONLY N$1 499 Deposit N$300 SD CARD SUPPORTED 4000mAh A04 CELLPHONE 10355505 NOW N$1 799 Deposit N$360 SUPPORTED 6000mAh 6.6 HD+ IPS DISPLAY 13MP/VGA +8MP 64GB ROM OCTA CORE SD CARD 12 N$191 6.5" HD+ 112 N$228 X18 Months DISPLAY x18 Months 6.5"HD+TFT V-DISPLAY 12 4GB RAM 1.6GHZ 13/2MP SAVE N$500 +5MP 3GB RAM 50/2MP +5MP 3GB RAM SAVE N$300 32GB 2.3+1.8Ghz 32GB 2.3+1.8Ghz Itel ROM OCTA CORE SAMSUNG ROM OCTA CORE GALAXY A04E P40 CELLPHONE 10355567 UP TO 1TB UP TO 5000mAh CELLPHONE 5000mAh 1TB SM-A042 | 10340486 NOW N$2 499 Deposit N$500 NOW N$2 999 Deposit N$600 DUAL SIM 6.5" HD+ 12 6.6" FHD+ DISPLAY 13 DISPLAY 50/2/2MP 3GB +5MP RAM N$332 6.5" FHD+ DISPLAY 13 50/5/2MP 4GB +13MP RAM N$377 50/5/2MP +13MP 4GB RAM 32GB 2.0Ghz X18 Months 64GB 2.0Ghz X 18 Months ROM OCTA CORE 128GB 2.2+2Ghz ROM OCTA CORE ROM OCTA CORE UP TO SAMSUNG 1TB 5000mAh UP TO SAMSUNG 5000mAh UP TO GALAXY A04S 1TB GALAXY A14 5000mAh 1TB CELLPHONE CELLPHONE SM-A047 | 10338235 volkano volkano 10000 MAH FUEL SERIES POWER BANK VK-9013-BK | 10338862 NOW ONLY N$4 399 Deposit N$880 0.9" $ NOW ONLY N$299 CASH 00:40 SM-A145F 10345563 NOW ONLY N$4 999 Deposit N$1 000 DISPLAY Bluetooth Bluetooth MPLIFY FITNESS WATCH AMP-5069-BK 10302555 Sport ALSO AVAILABLE NOW ONLY BOUNCE FITNESS WATCH B05068BK N$399 N$399 CASH DEFY 7224 SAVE N$120 STEAM IRON S18059A 10205228 NOW N$279 CASH TW AVAILABLE IN BLACK OR WHITE 1.7 AUTO SAVE N$150 PHILIPS DRY IRON HD1172/01 10340082 SAVE N$100 Pineware KETTLE PPAK17B, 10257817 PPAK17W, 10257711 NOW N$199 EACH CASH NOW N$349 CASH AVAILABLE IN BLACK OR WHITE 2.2KVA PETROL RECOIL START N$266 X 18 Months SAVE N$500 SAMSUNG GALAXY A04 CELLPHONE SM-A045 | 10340462 NOW N$3 499 Deposit N$700 12:30 N$52 x24 Months volkano SERENE SERIES WATCH VK-5072-BK 10338906 NOW ONLY N$699 Deposit N$70 DUAL N$451 X18 Months SAVE N$1 200 SAMSUNG GALAXY A24 CELLPHONE SM-A245 | 10345607 NOW N$5 999 Deposit N$1 200 10:24 000 12:30 6.8 FULL EMU VIEW DISPLAY 13 MOBILE 48/2MP SERVICE 8GB +16MP 128GB RAM ROM SD CARD SUPPORTED 5000mAh N$66 x24 Months SAVE N$100 3 vokana EXCEL 2 SERIES SMART WATCH VK-5064-BK, 10338893 NOW N$899 Bluetooth Deposit N$90 DUAL SM N$600 x18 Months SAVE N$500 NOVA 11i CELLPHONE 10361852 NOW N$7 999 Deposit N$1 600 Bluetooth 12:30 6.6°FHD+ DISPLAY 48/8/5MP +13MP 128GB ROM 13 6GB RAM 2.6+2GHZ N$748 x 18 Months OCTA CORE SAVE N$2 000 SAMSUNG UP TO 1TB 5000mAh N$73 x24 Months SAVE N$200 3 velkano DIALOGUE SERIES ACTIVE TECH WATCH VK-5078-BK | 10338886 NOW N$999 Deposit N$100 GALAXY A34 5G CELLPHONE SM-A346 | 10345638 NOW N$9 999 Deposit N$2 000 DEMO CELLPHONES REDUCED WAHL TO CLEAR SEE IN-STORE FOR HAND SETS STARTING FROM N$799 AVAILABLE FROM THESE BRANDS SAMSUNG NOKIA Hisense TECNO WAHL NOW இப்ப SAVE N$60 8-PIECE HOME PRO BASIC COMPLETE HAIR CLIPPER KIT N$199 WC9155-016/116 | 10152460 CASH SAVE N$150 Sunbeam NOW SPIRAL HOT PLATE N$249 SDS200DB 10050549 SAVE N$110 Pineware KETTLE РСРКОЗВ 10257831 PCPK03W, 2-SLICE Sunbeam SAVE N$150 NOW SANDWICH MAKER N$249 CASH SST053W 10050532 30CM IDEAL FOR GAS STOVES 2.50 SAVE N$200 WHISTLING SAVE N$150 NOW N$449 CASH FOLDABLE KETTLE HANDLE MQ7919 10295957 NOW STAINLESS N$199 CASH Sunbeam CASH FRYPAN SPM2830 10174184 SAVE N$130 1.70 Sunbeam CORDLESS KETTLE N$59 x24 Months SAVE N$400 Sunbeam CONVECTION OVEN DEFY SSKI10A 10174242 N$349 CASH SPC01200A 413954 NOW N$799 Deposit N$80 10257735 NOW NOW 1.7 CORDLESS N$239 STAINLESS STEEL EACH CASH INCLUDES ELECTRIC SERVICE 2.8KVA PETROL &RECOIL KIT START INCLUDES ELECTRIC SERVICE 9KVA PETROL &RECOIL KIT START 4.70 bl N$93 x24 Months SAVE N$200 DEFY AIR FRYER DAF340MB 10356120 NOW N$1 299 Deposit N$130 N$114 x24 Months SAVE N$600 salton PRESSURE COOKER SEPCO2 10329870 NOW N$1 599 Deposit N$160 GENTECH N$550 x24 Months SAVE N$500 CENTECH NOW N$7 999 GENERATOR GP2500 | 10128115 Deposit N$800 GENTECH N$686 x24 Months SAVE N$2 000 GENTECH GENERATOR SRGE3500D | 10095451 N$175 x24 Months SAVE N$100 NOW ROYAL BALLOON CHALLENGER BICYCLE N$2 499 Deposit N$250 10041982 N$250 x24 Months SAVE N$400 MTB 26" SCORPIO NOW 18 SPEED FS BICYCLE 10305896 (Blue) N$3 599 Deposit N$360 NOW N$9 999 Deposit N$1 000 CENTACH N$1299 x24 Months SAVE N$1 000 GENTECH GENERATOR GP8500D 10128122 N$1027 ELLIES x24 Months SAVE N$1 000 ELLIES SOLAR SYSTEM II 10369972 NOW N$14 999 Deposit N$1 500 NOW N$18 999 Deposit N$1 900 ELLIESE #5 N$209 x24 Months SAVE N$1 000 -Empisal NOW SEWING MACHINE N$2 999 889 10257184 Deposit N$300 N$2 594 x24 Months SAVE N$2 000 ELLIES SOLAR SYSTEM III 10369996 NOW N$37 999 Deposit N$3 800 N$141 x24 Months SAVE N$600 Russell Hobbs FOOD SLICER RHFS03 10257355 NOW N$1 999 Deposit N$200 ZERO INTEREST LAY-BY DEPOSIT & CANCELLATION WAILABL N$618 x24 Months SAVE N$1 000 Tooltech MEAT SAW 9109464011 10042230 NOW N$8 999 Deposit N$900 HOOVER WET & DRY N$100 x24 Months SAVE N$500 VACUUM CLEANER HWD10 | 10257615 NOW N$1 399 Deposit N$140 HOOVER WET & DRY 270 N$134 X24 Months SAVE N$500 N$209 x24 Months SAVE N$300 Symphony ICE CUBE 27 AIR COOLER 10361732 MAX VACUUM CLEANER HWD35 | 10329832 NOW N$1 899 Deposit N$190 NOW N$2 999 Deposit N$300 HEATING&12000BTU COOLING N$482 x24 Months SAVE N$4 000 DEFY PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER ACPHP12K 10244510 NOW N$6 999 Deposit N$700 LITEMATE LIGHT BULB RECHARGEABLE LED LMO29, 10322755 LM030, 10322762 NOW ONLY N$149 EACH CASH

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