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thumbnail - Furnmart catalogue  - 11/03/2024 - 07/04/2024 - Sales products - Samsung, Casio, laptop, Lenovo, flash drive, mouse, Sandisk, Intel, keyboard, Toshiba, UHD TV, ultra hd, HDTV, Hisense, Full HD TV, SINOTEC, radio, hi-fi, decoder, speaker, subwoofer, sound bar, microphone, headphones, Volkano, earphone, tv bracket. Page 6.
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Furnmart MAKING HOME DREAMS COME TRUE! Lifestyle furniture @ discount credit 43" DOLBY FHD DIGITAL HDMI SINOTEC 43" FULL HD TV USB STL-43WG6D | 10351005 3 N$377 x18 Months NOW ONLY N$4 999 Deposit N$1 000 43" FHD SMART WIFI Bluetooth HDMI NETFLIX YouTube showwcx TOSHIBA 43" FULL HD TV 43V35LN 10357581 USB N$496 X18 Months SAVE N$400 NOW N$6 599 Deposit N$1 320 $ 58" UHD SMART 4K WIFI Bluetooth HDMI USB NETFLIX YouTube showwcoc SINOTEC 58" ULTRA HD TV STL-58S1U 10362117 | 10312439 3 N$600 x18 Months NOW ONLY N$7 999 Deposit N$1 600 58" UHD SMART 4K WIFI Buetooth HDMI USB NETFLIX YouTube showwcx Hisense 58" ULTRA HD TV 58A6100 | 10211397 2.1 CHANNEL 120W Bluetooth 4 50" UHD SMART 4K WIFI Bluetooth HDMI USB NETFLIX YouTube show wco 65" UHD SMART 4K WIFI Bluetooth HDMI NETFLIX YouTube showwcoxandioidiv USB YEAR WARRANTY N$674 x18 Months SAVE N$2 000 NOW N$8 999 Deposit N$1 800 SAMSUNG 50" ULTRA HD TV 50CU7000 | 10351550 N$748 x18 Months SAVE N$2 600 NOW N$9 999 Deposit N$2 000 TOSHIBA 65" ULTRA HD TV 65C350LN | 10361530 N$896 x18 Months SAVE N$2 000 NOW N$11 999 Deposit N$2 400 Surge Pro 32"-70" volkano TV BRACKET TILT VK-4025-BK 10344753 NOW ONLY N$299 CASH HD HDMI ELSAT 000 N$117 x18 Months SAVE N$300 DStv HD DECODER ZAPPA PLUS DISH PLUS LNB 10137683 NOW N$1 499 Deposit N$300 ELLIES 0 00 SAVE N$40 NOW SURGE PROTECTOR N$159 PLUG FBWPPE, 2265 CASH SURGE ADAPTOR WITH USB EAO11S, 10322731 NOW ONLY N$299 CASH Bluetooth SAVE N$50 MPLIFY MPLIFY EARPHONE BUDS AM-1119-WT 10287648 NOW N$249 CASH 2.1 CHANNEL Bluetooth 2.1 CHANNEL 200W AUX Bluetooth 3 volkano IMPULSE SERIES HEADPHONES NOW ONLY N$349 VBVH100BLK, 10198353 CASH USB HDMI volkano TURBULENT SERIES SOUNDBAR+ SUBWOOFER VK-3905-2.1|10260621 N$127 X24 Months SAVE N$200 NOW N$1 799 Deposit N$180 USB HDMI volkano HYPERSONIC SERIES SOUNDBAR+ SUBWOOFER VX-3905-2.1|10260607 N$155 x24 Months SAVE N$200 NOW N$2 199 Deposit N$220 Bluetooth USB HDMI volkano SUPERSONIC SERIES X SOUNDBAR+ SUBWOOFER VK-3911 | 10328560 GET ANY OF THESE VOLKANO SPEAKERS FOR ONLY N$3 499 MODELS MAY VARY AT STORE FM RADIO STEREO Bluetooth AUX FM RADIO LED LIGHT EFFECTS FM RADIO LED LIGHT EFFECTS RECHARGEABLE BATTERY N$209 x24 Months SAVE N$1 000 NOW N$2 999 Deposit N$300 PAIRS TWO CELL PHONES SIMULTANEOUSLY NFC FM RADIO LED LIGHT EFFECTS INCLUDES VOLKANO MICROPHONE VALUED AT N$99 USB WIRE LESS vokano CRYSTAL SERIES MOUSE VK-20126-BK 10350226 NOW ONLY N$109 CASH intel CELERON 4GB RAM 256GB SSD 15.6" DISPLAY Windows 11 Chp N$243 x24 Months volkano HURRICANE SPEAKER VK-3951-80 10342746 NOW ONLY N$3 499 Deposit N$350 64GB HIKVISION Bluetooth N$243 Bluetooth N$243 Bluetooth USB x24 Months USB x24 Months USB SAVE N$20 32GB HIKVISION USB FLASH DRIVE 10355721 NOW N$149 CASH ↓ volkano GRIFFIN SPEAKER VK-3901-D12 10317489 NOW ONLY N$3 499 Deposit N$350 volkano CHALLENGER SPEAKER VK-3903-D10 10317465 NOW ONLY N$3 499 Deposit N$350 SanDisk USB TYPE-C DUAL DRIVE SDDDC2 032G-G46 10291457 NOW ONLY N$199 CASH N$591 x24 Months SAVE N$499 3 volkano SPITFIRE SERIES SPEAKER VK-3902-D15 + VK-30027-BK 10342753 +10312922 NOW N$8 599 Deposit N$860 N$448 CASIO x24 Months NOW ONLY KEYBOARD N$6 499 CT-X800C2 10336831 Deposit N$650 АМОЛ RYZEN 4GB RAM 256GB SSD 15.6" Lenovo N$600 X18 Months SAVE N$1 000 Lenovo NOW NOTEBOOK N$7 999 RYZEN 3 10360737 Deposit N$1 600 2.0 AUX CHANNEL Bluetooth USB N$311 x24 Months volkano SAVE N$500 NOW ROCKSTAR MINI HIFI N$4 499 SYSTEM 10342760 Deposit N$450 N$525 x 18 Months SAVE N$1 000 250/HP15 G9 NOW CELERON NOTEBOOK N$6 999 10360415 Deposit N$1 400 DISPLAY Windows 11

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