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Furnmart catalogue  - 07/12/2022 - 31/12/2022 - Sales products - table, Samsung, fitness smart watch, Samsung Galaxy, memory card, LED TV, TV, decoder, oven, gas stove, convection oven, vacuum cleaner, blender, slicer, sandwich maker, kettle, iron, steam iron, bike, generator. Page 6.
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Scroll through this Furnmart catalogue valid from 07/12/2022 to 31/12/2022 to see the latest deals. On 6 pages of the currently valid catalogue, you will find the best goods from the Furniture category. This Furnmart catalogue offers discounts on more than 74 products, making sure you get the best deal on the things you buy! If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Furnmart, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 6. On the current page you will find promotions on bike, blender, fitness smart watch, LED TV, memory card, Samsung, table; however, this brochure from Furnmart offers many other discounts on goods like Casio, Lenovo, LG, radio, speaker. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Furnmart, don’t miss the latest weekly catalogue full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to NA Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Modern televisions are no longer just a transmission medium but have a number of interesting functions. You can even communicate with the world through television.

We buy most electric receivers for the household for a longer period. This includes not only appliances that have only a practical function (such as a refrigerator), but also those that are intended to provide us with fun and distraction after a hard day's work.

  • One of the most used electrical appliances for entertainment is television.
  • And for a long time.

When choosing a suitable TV, it is good to see everything from a future point of view. Which means that even after a few years, we will demand that television meet our expectations. At present, modern televisions are not merely an intermediary for television broadcasting but have a number of other functions. They become a multimedia centre.

We can watch online movie premieres, enjoy the HbbTV function or communicate with the world.


The manufacturer of electronic devices Samsung always offers original technical solutions in its products for maximum comfort and convenience of its customers.

Samsung has been at the forefront of the global market for more than seventy years and continues to offer new electronics solutions. The products sold mainly include digital devices and media. So, you can find the Samsung brand on mobile phones, TVs, audio and video equipment, cameras, or cameras. Samsung is also a manufacturer and supplier of office equipment, which mainly includes laptops, monitors, and printers. Large household appliances are also among the products sold.

• Samsung products are mostly exceptional in terms of quality and sophisticated technology.

• For example, refrigerators use the multi-Flow cooling system, which guarantees even cooling of all stored food.

• Microwave ovens have technology that ensures even heating of food from all sides.


A bicycle can take many forms. The most used are the so-called city bikes, which are adapted to this type of transport.

The bicycle is one of the most popular means of transport of all time. In the past, the choice was clear. It depended mainly on who it was intended for. The bicycles differed from each other simply depending on who used them.

  • Men's bicycles had another design solution and women's bicycles another.
  • And of course the children's bikes also differed.
  • But basically, these three groups were universal for a given category.

At present, the bike can also be selected according to the terrain or occasion for which it is intended. If you want to have your own drive for a daily trip to work or for small purchases, then the city bike is the ideal solution.

  • How is a city bike different from other types?

            - Especially with a lowered frame, which allows easy mounting and dismounting.

            - These bikes also have a practical carrier.

City bikes are also characterized by a larger saddle and a more upright cyclist seat. It is simply a bike whose task is primarily comfort and easy handling.

1111 DUAL SIM €57 GROCERY VOUCHER N$200 1111 DUAL SIM €57 GROCERY VOUCHER N$300 € GROCERY VOUCHER N$50 1.7€ AUTO 6.8" HD+IPS DISPLAY ES VERY N$200 10 (GO EDITION) 13MP/VGA +5MP 2GB RAM 32GB ROM 6.75" FULLVIEW EMUI 12 GROCERY VOUCHER N$500 1.6Ghz OCTA CORE N$191 5000mAh 4GB RAM MOBILE NOW ONLY SERVICE 48/5/2MP N$5 999 128GB ROM UP TO 512GB 6000mAh NOW ONLY N$2 599 STEAM IRON PS1091 10257773 VISION 2 PLUS P37 PRO CELLPHONE 10321058 X 18 months Deposit N$520 Y70 PLUS CELLPHONE 10334999 N$432 X 18 months Deposit N$1 200 NOW ONLY N$349 AVAILABLE IN BLACK OR WHITE SAVE N$20 INCLUDES SERVICE GROCE N$200 GROCERY VOUCHER N$600 NOW ONLY N$2 799 (3) MIST FAN MF8000B 10240116 N$185 X 24 months Deposit N$280 Bes FOOD SLICER RHFS03, 10257355 X 24 months Deposit N$260 NOW ONLY N$2 599 N$173 P 9109464011 10042230 NOW ONLY N$8 999 Fontech MEAT SAW COOLING & HEATING GROCERY VOUCHER N$50 N$586 X 24 months Deposit N$900 1111 DUAL SIM NOW N$279 ea WAS N$299 GENERATOR GP2500 10128115 ES GROCERY VOUCHER N$200 KETTLE PPAK17W, 10257711 PPAK17B, 10257817 1111 DUAL SIM GROCERY VOUCHER N$1 000 Spor OXYCOOL COOLER/HEATER 10265537 2.2KVA PETROL ALWAYS BEST VALUE ON THE WIDEST RANGE 6.5" HD+ DISPLAY GROCERY VOUCHER N$200 11 GO EDITION) 8MP +5MP 2GB RAM 32GB ROM 1.6+1.2Ghz OCTA CORE UP TO 1TB 5000mAh 6.5" HD+SA DISPLAY 12 64/12/12/5MP +32MP 6GB RAM 128GB ROM 2.4+2.0Ghz OCTA CORE UP TO 1TB 5000mAh GAS OVEN NOW ONLY STEAM IRON S1237 10257300 N$429 000 1.7€ CORDLESS STAINLESS STEEL GAS НОВ NOW ONLY N$2 799 SAMSUNG GALAXY A03 CORE CELLPHONE SM-A032, 10307005 N$205 X 18 months Deposit N$560 CANCELL NOW ONLY N$11 999 SAMSUNG GALAXY A53 5G CELLPHONE SM-A536, 10311718 N$859 X 18 months Deposit N$2 400 NOW ONLY N$2 499 N$166 X 24 months Deposit N$250 GROCERY VOUCHER N$300 ES GROCERY VOUCHER N$50 ZERO INTEREST PLAY-BY NOW ONLY N$8 499 N$554 N$1000 X 24 months Deposit N$850 GROCERY VOUCHER COOLING & HEATING Su NOBLE GROCERY VOUCHER N$400 GROCERY VOUCHER N$50 M CASH WS COOLER/HEATER 10293053 Jeban KETTLE SSK110A 10174242 IIII DUAL SIM €57 SERY N$300 Ⓡ Bluetooth NOW ONLY N$479 F5C40G1.B 10292969 NOW ONLY N$3 999 4-BURNER GAS STOVE GROCERY VOUCHER N$200 COMPETE FITNESS WATCH AMP-5069-BK 10302555 PATRON DRY IRON HD1172/01 10284965 N$263 X 24 months Deposit N$400 INCLUDES SERVICE KIT 6.5"HD+ DISPLAY 12 13/2MP +5MP 2.3+1.8Ghz OCTA CORE UP TO 1TB 5000mAh 3GB RAM NOW ONLY N$2 999 N$198 X 24 months Deposit N$300 32GB ROM 2.50 FOLDABLE HANDLE STAINLESS STEEL NOW ONLY N$499 NEW NOW ONLY N$3 199 SAMSUNG GALAXY A04E CELLPHONE SM-A042, 10340486 CRM GENERATOR SRGE3500D 10095451 N$233 X 18 months Deposit N$640 GROCERY VOUCHER N$50 GAS OVEN NOW ONLY N$399 GAS НОВ NOW ONLY N$2 999 N$198 total 3-BURNER BOILING TABLE X 24 months 08/300C, 10301947 Deposit N$300 ELECTRIC START IDEAL FOR GAS STOVES GROCERY VOUCHER N$50 2.8KVA PETROL 86 RE AIR COOLER MAC6030W 10239960 NOW ONLY N$11 999 N$780 X 24 months Deposit N$1 200 GROCERY VOUCHER N$50 GROCERY VOUCHER N$300 GROCERY VOUCHER N$400 III DUAL SIM ES7 GROCERY VOUCHER N$200 NOW ONLY N$399 WHISTLING KETTLE MQ7919 10295957 NOW ONLY N$3 399 N$224 X 24 months Deposit N$340 6.52" HD+ DISPLAY 11 13MP +5MP 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 2.3Ghz OCTA CORE SD CARD SUPPORTED 4230mAh SME CASH GROCERY VOUCHER N$1 000 NOW ONLY N$5 499 (DETY) 4-BURNER GAS STOVE DGS168 10266727 N$360 X 24 months Deposit N$550 NOW ONLY N$3 999 oppo A16K (3+32) CELLPHONE 10335069 SANDWICH MAKER NOW ONLY SSTO53W, 10048754, N$399 10050532 N$290 X 18 months Deposit N$800 SAVE NOW N$199 WAS N$229 WURD CLIPPER WC9155-016/116 10152460 2.56 N$30 2-SLICES GROCERY VOUCHER N$50 HOOT YOU N$50 E57 GROCERY VOUCHER N$100 ES7 GROCERY VOUCHER N$400 DUAL SIM NOW ONLY N$599 COIN OPERATED POOL TABLE WITH ACCESSORIES 40784 salon WHISTLING KETTLE 199998 10295964 (Black) GROCERY VOUCHER N$400 NOW ONLY N$1 899 SYSTEM CONNECTS 1x 32" LED TV, 1x TV Decoder, 1x 40cm Fan, 5x LED Lamps 6.6" FHD+ DISPLAY 12 50/5/2/2MP +8MP NOW ONLY SPIRAL HOT PLATE SDS200DB, 10050549 N$399 1.76 NOW ONLY N$19 999 SOLAR PACK FSBP1K300 10273384 N$127 X 24 months Deposit NS190 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 2.0Ghz OCTA CORE UP TO 1TB 5000mAh N$1 297 X 24 months Deposit N$2 000 GROCERY N$100 NOW ONLY N$999 FUD CLIPPER WC9247-1416 10152477 VACUUM CLEANER HWD10, 10257615 WET & DRY NOW ONLY N$19 999 N$1 297 X 24 months Deposit N$2 000 NOW ONLY N$5 799 (DETY) 4-PLATE COMPACT STOVE DSS514 1133 GROCERY VOUCHER N$1 000 N$69 X 24 months Deposit N$100 EX GROCERY VOUCHER N$50 N$379 X 24 months Deposit N$580 NOW ONLY N$4 999 SAMSUNG GALAXY A13 CELLPHONE SM-A135, 10311643 N$361 X 18 months Deposit N$1000 HOOVER CASH ES GROCERY VOUCHER N$200 NOW ONLY N$499 GROCERY VOUCHER N$200 O neleruore FUSION BLENDER 62100 10247875 ES VOUCH N$50 NOW ONLY N$2 199 CHER N$400 MAX VACUUM CLEANER HWD35, 10329832 DUAL SIM N$147 X 24 months Deposit N$220 1111 E57 GROCERY VOUCHER N$400 6.52" HD+ DISPLAY ColorOS 11.1 (Based on Android 11 13/2/2MP +8MP 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 2.3Ghz OCTA CORE SD CARD SUPPORTED 5000mAh Tak w CONVECTION OVEN SPC01200A 413954 SUCHER N$50 SAVE N$200 FRYPAN SPM2830, 10174184 GROCERY VOUCHER N$500 GATHER N$300 NOW ONLY N$5 299 oppo A16 (4+64) CELLPHONE 10325027 CASH NOW ONLY N$1 199 N$82 X 24 months Deposit N$120 N$383 X 18 months Deposit N$1 060 COMPACT OVERLOCK 760C, 10257204 CASH NOW ONLY N$599 CASH NOW N$249 WAS N$449 OXFORD CUTLERY SET 10296154 NOW ONLY N$7 999 Ureve 4-PLATE STOVE U116B BLK 10128331, 10331627 NOW ONLY N$3 799 SEWING MACHINE N$250 889, 10257184 X 24 months Deposit N$380 N$522 X 24 months Deposit N$800 NOW ONLY N$5 499 N$360 X 24 months Deposit N$550 NOW ONLY N$3 799 18 SPEED BIKE N$250 SCORPIO 26" MTB 10305889 (White) X 24 months Deposit N$380 SAVE N$70 NOW MOSQUITO LAMP N$279 YG-M001, 10285504 WAS N$349 YAGE

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