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Furnmart catalogue  - 19/09/2022 - 15/10/2022 - Sales products - mirror, fitness smart watch, WD, SINOTEC, radio, speaker, Volkano, freezer, chest freezer, refrigerator, fridge, washing machine, iron, steam iron, water dispenser. Page 8.
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Scroll through this Furnmart catalogue valid from 19/09/2022 to 15/10/2022 to see the latest deals. On 8 pages of the currently valid catalogue, you will find the best goods from the Furniture category. This Furnmart catalogue offers discounts on more than 102 products, making sure you get the best deal on the things you buy! If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Furnmart, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 8. On the current page you will find promotions on fitness smart watch, freezer, mirror, radio, speaker, iron, chest freezer; however, this brochure from Furnmart offers many other discounts on goods like bike, fitness smart watch, freezer, LED TV, memory card. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Furnmart, don’t miss the latest weekly catalogue full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to NA Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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The Freezer is an essential accessory for most ordinary households. You can also choose a suitable type depending on how long the food is to be preserved by frost.

Perhaps no household today can do without a very practical and necessary device, which is a freezer. If you opt for a freezer, which should be a separate unit and not part of the refrigerator, then you have two options.

Counter or drawer freezer.

  • A more common type is a drawer freezer. The food is stored here clearly, and it is possible to separate, for example, vegetables from meat or some aromatic foods. The drawer freezer is also much more compact and can stand without problems in a normal kitchen.
  • Counter freezers usually belong to the equipment of shops or establishments where food is prepared. But we see it more and more often in ordinary households. Here it is used mainly for storing food for a longer period. The counter freezer has much better insulating properties and the food in it will remain unchanged for a longer period. The capacity is also not reduced by drawers, and therefore it is larger in content. Thanks to these properties, counter freezers are more energy efficient.

A refrigerator is the basis of every household's equipment. Since it will be widely used, it is necessary to subject the selection to several basic parameters.

No modern household can function without a refrigerator. It is an integral part of every family. It is usually located in the kitchen but can be installed virtually anywhere. It depends on the layout of the apartment and on our idea, especially about its capacity.

The first parameter of the selection will be its size. According to experts, the ideal fridge per person should have a capacity of 50-70 litres. Then another twenty litres in the freezer.

Another criterion in its selection are also the eating habits of the apartment's inhabitants. It is also clear that in villages or small towns where there are no daily shopping opportunities, the refrigerator will have to hold much more food.


Get a device in which you will be able to store food in peace and at the same time it will have the right size and function. It may seem complicated, but it's easy.

There are many refrigerators on the market to choose from. Getting to know them may not be easy. You must think of a few basic things you can't do without. Think about whether the appliance will be built-in or free-standing, where it will cost, how many people will use it and how much food you normally buy. The size, interior layout and type of refrigerator are important. There are two basics, classic, or American. American refrigerators were quite popular and are an ideal option for a larger family. But for most of us, they are too big and expensive. But the decision is always up to you. Consider all your needs and accordingly you will find the best equipment that suits you best.

Lifestyle furniture @ discount credit TOTAL NETT CAPACITY TOTAL NETT CAPACITY TITANIUM SATIN METALLIC WATER DISPENSER WATER DISPENSER 222l TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 165l TITAN SILVER NT RO I EREST ZE 276l YS WA AL STE BE U AL V METALLIC HE T ON ST DE WI NGE WATER DISPENSER RA T& IO PO N FEES E NO D SI GET AN AMPLIFY COMPETE FITNESS WATCH AND AN ELECTRICMATE HIGH LEVEL SURGE PLUG VALUED AT N$628 WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY OF THESE FRIDGES TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 226l CAN C A ELL T N$7 499 N$6 999 FRIDGE/FREEZER FRIDGE/FREEZER FRIDGE/FREEZER H310BIT-WD TITANIUM + AMP 5069-BK + EA015 10307207 + 10302555 + 10322957 H230BTSA + AMP 5069-BK + EA015 10284198 + 10302555 + 10322957 N$8 999 N$8 499 FRIDGE/FREEZER C300 ECO MET WD DAC449 + AMP 5069BK + EA015 10235833 + 10302555 + 10322957 KBF631ME WD + AMP 5069-BK + EA015 10189974 + 10302555 + 10322957 N$451 N$482 X 24 months N$546 N$578 Deposit N$700 Deposit N$750 Deposit N$850 Deposit N$900 X 24 months GET A SINOTEC PORTABLE RADIO AND AN ELECTRICMATE HIGH LEVEL SURGE PLUG VALUED AT N$628 WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY OF THESE FRIDGES TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 263l BLACK MIRROR X 24 months X 24 months GET A DEFY STEAM IRON VALUED AT N$399 WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY OF THESE WASHING MACHINES 5" DISPLAY 11 GO 2MP +5MP WATER DISPENSER 1GB RAM 8GB ROM 1.3Ghz QUAD CORE TOTAL NETT CAPACITY TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 151l 2000mAh 170l WHITE INCLUDES A HURRICANE H51 CELLPHONE AND AN ELECTRICMATE HIGH LEVEL SURGE PLUG VALUED AT N$1 228 WHITE 15KG N$6 999 METALLIC TWIN TUB WASHING MACHINE DTT151 MET + SI8059A 10241995 + 10205228 N$451 14KG MANHATTAN GREY X 24 months Deposit N$700 N$5 799 N$5 999 FRIDGE/FREEZER N$9 999 FRIDGE/FREEZER H225TWH + PR45U + EA015 10308788 + 10256672 + 10322957 WHITE FRIDGE/FREEZER KTF518 WH + PR45U + EA015 10042665 + 10256672 + 10322957 H370BMI WD + EA015 10306966 + 10311869 + 10322957 N$374 X 24 months N$387 N$642 Deposit N$580 Deposit N$600 Deposit N$1 000 GET AN AMPLIFY COMPETE FITNESS WATCH VALUED AT N$399 WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY OF THESE CHEST FREEZERS GREAT OFFERS ON EASY CREDIT! TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 196l 195l WHITE GAS/ ELECTRIC INCLUDES AN AMPLIFY COMPETE FITNESS WATCH AND AN ELECTRICMATE HIGH LEVEL SURGE PLUG VALUED AT N$628 CHEST FREEZER 210HC ECO DMF470 + AMP 5069-BK + EA015 10048987+ 10302555 + 10322957 N$374 TWIN TUB WASHING MACHINE TOP LOADING WASHING MACHINE GAS/ ELECTRIC N$642 Deposit N$800 Deposit N$1 000 N$9 999 236l WHITE N$10 999 CHEST FREEZER GFR260DB + AMP5069-BK 2654 + 10302555 N$514 N$642 N$705 Deposit N$800 Deposit N$1 000 Deposit N$1 100 X 24 months X 24 months 5" DISPLAY TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 481l WHITE 11 GO INCLUDES A VOLKANO MINI MAMBA SERIES SPEAKER AN ELECTRICMATE HIGH LEVEL SURGE PLUG VALUED AT N$728 N$7 499 CHEST FREEZER KCG300 + VK3201BK + EA015 10140175 + 10258110 + 10322957 N$482 WHITE N$1 228 2MP +5MP 1GB RAM 8GB ROM 1.3Ghz QUAD CORE X 24 months X 24 months TOTAL NETT CAPACITY GF215 + AMP-5069-BK 2652 + 10302555 X 24 months 2000mAh INCLUDES A HURRICANE H51 CELLPHONE AND AN ELECTRICMATE HIGH LEVEL SURGE PLUG VALUED AT N$1 228 X 24 months Deposit N$580 DTL160 + SI8059A 10294349 + 10205228 N$514 CHEST FREEZER CF205GE + AMP 5069-BK 10211171 + 10302555 285l N$5 799 215l WHITE CHEST FREEZER TOTAL NETT CAPACITY WHITE N$9 999 X 24 months TOTAL NETT CAPACITY N$7 999 N$7 999 DTT180 + SI8059A 10124115 + 10205228 X 24 months X 24 months TOTAL NETT CAPACITY 18KG Deposit N$750 N$11 999 WAS N$13 227 CHEST FREEZER 530HC ECO DMF456 + EA015 907 + 10311869 + 10322957 N$769 X 24 months Deposit N$1 200 PRICES VALID FROM 19 SEPTEMBER - 15 OCTOBER 2022. HURRY WHILE STOCKS LAST. NEW STORES OPEN: DIVUNDU Instalment prices displayed include VAT, interest, insurance, deposit as per legislation and any administration fees , but exclude delivery charges and club fees. Terms subject to credit approval. Accessories are optional extras. Bring your ID and latest payslip or last 3 month’s bank statement to ensure rapid response to your credit application. We will beat any price on presentation of a written quote from another Retailer within 10km of the Furnmart store, provided they have stock available. Products may vary from photograph. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. All electrical products carry a Supplier Guarantee for domestic use only and specifically exclude commercial use. No dealers allowed. Limited quantities. Handset specifications subject to change without notice. Specific restrictions may apply in case of multiple promotional offers running at the same time. Valid while stocks last. Errors and omissions expected. www.Furnmart.africa Furnmart Namibia @furnmartnamibia Switch/5007018A • Aussenkehr • Black Chain • Divundu • Eenhana • Flag Ship (Nando’s) • Gobabis • Grootfontein • Hentiesbay • Independence • Kalahari Sands • Karasburg • Katima Mulilo • Keetmanshoop • Keetmanshoop 2 • Khorixas • Kuisebmund • Luderitz • Mariental • Nkurenkuru • Okahandja • Okahao • Okongo • Okuryangava • Omaruru • Ombalantu • Omuthiya • Ondangwa 1 • Ondangwa New • Opuwo • Oranjemund • Oshakati 1 • Oshakati 2 • Oshifo • Otavi • Otjiwarongo • Outjo • Red Cross • Rehoboth • Roshpina • Rundu • Swakopmund • Tsumeb • Walvis Bay

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