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COLD** WINTER WITH HOT PRICES 17.95 Newden 300g Candles 17.95 EVERYDAY COLLECTION! 35.95 CHOPPIES Great value for your money! Dinu Kitchen Towels 64.95 Led Zama Zam Black Chair 250m MCM MC 56.95 So....** 90L Oval Basin Mr Min 300ml Multi surface cleaner MULTISTI SUNTI SU AFTER VALDE TTER VIALE NON Foods R 32.95 cobrcobro 17.95 Cobra 300ml Touch wood polish 114.95 Epol 8kg dog food 54. (Epol Let Linen Bi with Lid od 11.95 See! Supermax Twin Razor Men's 5's BUDGET Tuffy Black Budget Bags 108 32.95 Doom 300ml Spray DOON DOOM SUPER MAX •SUPER STAINLESS SUPER MAX tuffy. FOIL 17.95 Super Super TAL BOSS T WEATLOAF Tuffy Light foil 5M 54.95 Co..... 75L basin with handle 24.95 Boss 775g/820g Dog food cans 21.95 12.95 5-1 5-1 1 glad glade lade Eveready Batte A and A EVEREADY F Glade 180ml freshener WITAM W erplus SILVER ALL PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED NO CARDS REQUIRED STORE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES AVAILABLE IN Khomas Grove (Windhoek), Omuthiya, Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Outapi, Katima, Khorixas, Grootfontein & Walvisbay *** 12 13.95 Act 11 Popcorns 85g METAPHE COLD WINTER WITH HOT PRICES NON ROND ACT II ************** Butter Lovers 12.95 JEYES FLUID 119 Jeyes 125ml Original Fluid BO &CLEANSER LION Lion 22.95 Firefighters FIRELIGHTERS 12 PIECES RESEALABLE BAG tosy lighting Long lasting Namchar 23.95 Briquettes 4kg 4 kg NAM CHAR Best NAMIBIAN BRIQUETTES 5252 PRICES VALID FROM 21ST JULY TO 7TH AUGUST 2022

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