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thumbnail - Choppies catalogue  - 15/12/2022 - 21/12/2022 - Sales products - mango, oranges, macaroni, pasta, sauce, Cadbury, Dairy Milk, cane sugar, maize meal, tomato sauce, corn flakes, rice, parboiled rice, Tastic, Pasta Grandé, fruit jam, Hazeldene, Coca-Cola, fruit juice, juice, smoothie. Page 1.
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CHOPPIES Great value for your money! GRAND OPENING RUNDU THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN GUARANTEED! ORIGINAL TASTE 17.99 O gyas 139.99 Bokom Vetkoek 10KG Coca-Cola OSSWAY BOKOMO SCAN ME LESS SUGAR 20 Coca Cola 2LT 35 NO CARDS REQUIRED Rhodes ORANGE 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEND Log 19.99 Rhodes Juice 1LT Riide 500g 29.99 COMBO TASTIC LONG GRAIN PARBOILED RICE Perfect. Every time. THE ORIGINAL ALL GOLD es alg TOMATO SAUCE mpioncy ALL GOLD TAMATIE Rhodes Juices 6's 200ml Khid 50 RUNDU GRAND OPENING!!! VI N UKOMO CORN FLAKES Bokomo Cornflakes 500g ✓✓✓ Tastic Rice 2KG + All Gold 700ml 89.99 cella 67.99 Excella 2L on Soft 21.99 Snowsoft 18s Paper 2 kg CHOICE GRADE Kiden CHO Hazeldene Jam 900G Mixed Fruit Jam Gabr 2 for 25 Coll Dairy Dair Dairy Dairy Dairy Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk Cadbury Dairy Milk 80G ALL PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED STORE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES AVAILABLE only in RUNDU B TOP SCORE 34.99 Nammilk 2 Fresh milk TASTIC LONG GRAIN PARBOILED RICE Perfect. Every time. 159.99 Tastic Rice 10KG MAIZE MEAL 10 127.99 Top Score Maize Meal 10KG realgood CHICKEN Mixed Portions 64.99 Realgood Chicken Mixed Portions. 2KG full cream fresh milk WELLINGTON'S TOMATO SAUCE "MARATHON CHOP brown sugar 28.99 "MARATHON" 2kg brown sugar 2 for Wellingtons Tomato 20 40 Sauce Marathon 2kg Brown Pasta Grande 69.99 3kg Elbows/ Macaroni PANKAR GRANDE Elle P CARIBE CARIBBEA SMOOTHIE MANGO GRAN TROPICAL FUNCH PART CONCAT MIX CONCENTRATE 2 for Macaroel 3kg PRICES VALID FROM 15TH DECEMBER TO 21TH DECEMBER 24 Caribbean 1LT brown sugar 1

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