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thumbnail - Choppies catalogue  - 22/09/2022 - 09/10/2022 - Sales products - oil, wipes, petroleum jelly, toilet paper, shampoo, Vaseline, POND'S, pantiliners, vanishing cream, relaxer, body lotion, Clere, razor, disposable razor. Page 9.
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12.9 OXXO CHOPPIES Great value for your money! NEW DARL DARLING DARLING 99 Darling Yaki Hair Braids O 14.99 Dolly Bolly Varden uden $19.99 Dolly warden 100ml Glycerine POND'S FORMULATED BY THE POND'S INSTITUTS Vanishing Cream Normal to Olly Skin UNFRAGRANCED BABY IPES LASTING OIL CONT Instant shine-free look Snowsoft 60s wipes 34.99 Choppies 500g Camphor Cream Cream ferestre, en a et dry clipped Her control 60 ring body creme 27.99 Clere Body cream pagering Berries i Comfitex 100 ULTRA SLI PAULO Clere Tisue Ol & Pure Glycerine Enriched CHOPPIES Camphor Cream pers, she ed HA 18.99 Ponds 50ml Vanishing cream Original 42.99 Comfitex 100s pantiliners Vase. BLUESEAL pure petroleum Jelly original 14.99 Vaseline 100ml Petroleum Jelly SUPER MAX TWIN BLADE DISPOSABLE RAZORS Original INECTO 15.99 Super Ar Nolene Petroleum WHITE NEW Inecto Super black 28ml 12.99 Supermax Twin Razor Men's 5's 5 Twin Blade Disposables Neut 17.99 Nolene 200ml Yellow PJ Jelly sofrifree 39.99 sofrifree Love your hair Cortical Creme Relaxer SUPER FOR COARSE HAIR Soft n free 450ml Shampoo dawn TOUS MOISTU 22.99 SOOTHING HYDRATES SENSITIVE SON ALOE VERA SUPER SUPEI Dawn 400ml Lotion 48. 7.99 Supermax 5s Blades How Qu STANESS S ALL PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED NO CARDS REQUIRED STORE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES PRICES VALID FROM AVAILABLE IN Khomas Grove SCAN ME (Windhoek), Omuthiya, Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Outapi, Katima, Khorixas, Grootfontein, Walvisbay & Divundu 22ND SEPTEMBER TO 9TH OCTOBER 38.99 Snowsoft 105 Toilet Paper Snow Soft 3000 SATMA www 9

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