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6 CRAM CROSSE & BLACKWELL 100 CHOPPIES Great value for your money! COMBO MELA 2 for 19 2 for 20.00 First Chol TOP SCORE C&B 750g mayonnaise + Real Good 1.5kg mixed portions 100 GRIMD CROSSE & BLACKWELL SUPER FULL CREA MIL realgood CHICKEN ixed Portions 05 Akayoto Top Score 10kg SCORE CB Mayonnaise Stayfree 10s pads Bokomo 10kg maize meal Stayfree 2 for Top score 2.5kg 30 + First Choice 500ml UHT Milk First Choice + + FULL CREAM MILK + B RAME ORIGINA MARATHON Colb Sugar King Sugar King 10kg TOMATO GOLD All Gold 500g POLANA Marathon white 2kg plastic bag Polana Pasta 500g + Bake in Tos HR 2 for 40 Shield 50ml Roll Hugo's 2 for 50 Hugo 900g Mixed Fruit Jam Creemee 1L Bakpro GreeMEE 2x Koo 410g VETKOEK WHEAT FLOUR Bakpro 10kg Vetkoek Riecking (KOO Chakalaka Mild & Spicy PINGO Sugar king 1kg Rice king 2kg + + + + realgood CHICKEN Mixad Portions Pasta Grande 1kg Spagetti VETKBEN 2 for 50 GRANDE Spaghetti Real Good 1.5kg Chicken GRANDE GRONDÉ Best Buy 2kg Rice Bokomo 5kg Vetkoek RANDE aghetti TASTIC LOND ORAIN PARRIED RICE + Tastic 2kg Rice + Both for 20.00 Choppies oil 750ml/crystal gold 2 for 55 99.00 POLANA Weetbix 450g Wellington 700ml Original Tomato Sauce H C 130.00 Real good 400g Gizzards+ Polana 250g Pasta realgood CHICKEN Gizzards BOKOMO WEET-BIX BOKOMO WEET-BIX 499.99 d WHOLEGRAIN BISCUITS 259.99 CRAZY COMBOS 24 100 450 99 2 for 60 Sugar King 2kg White BR GF 2 for 25.00 "MARATHON" 2kg both for 65.00 Real Good Whole bird+ Crystal gold 750ml Oil realgood CHICKEN Whole Bird with giblets MNANTI www 5 litres www WH 750 BEE SMOOTH AND CREA 2 Sugar King 2 for 27 Mnanti 750g Beer powder First for Sweetness First for Energy MERIVA kg WHITE SUGAR BRAAI -&- GRILL SPICY BBQ BARRA Robertsons Braai n Grill ALL PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED NO CARDS REQUIRED STORE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES PRICES VALID FROM AVAILABLE IN Khomas Grove (Windhoek), Omuthiya, Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Outapi, Katima, Khorixas, Grootfontein, Walvisbay & Divundu 22ND SEPTEMBER TO 9TH OCTOBER 1080 JOKO STRONG QUALITY TEA Joko 100's & Marathon brown sugar 2kg OVNO O SCAN ME

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