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11.99 CHOPPIES Great value for your money! OYO Rhodes Quality 16.99 Rhodes 410g Processed Peas Processed Peas IN BRINE 26.99 GRANDE OSSWAY BEST BUY 33.00 MOIRS Baking Powder FARD PAPA Best Buy 2kg Rice 410 9 min Moirs 100g Baking Powder PARTA GRANDE Fary Badan Sele Past Tricolare Screws 15.99 PARTA GRANDE Rhodes Quality Chakalaka Mild & Spicy 17.99 PASTA GRAN Eary Ralian Sty 500 g Pasta grande 500g Elbow/ Macaroni/ Screw/ Spaghetti+ Wellingtons Tomato Sauce Rhodes 410g Chakalaka 91.99 Everyday 10kg CHOICE GARDE namibmills EVERYDAY traditional unsifted maize meal 10 kg Rhodes Quality APRICOT JAM WLINGTON WELLINGTON'S TOMATO SAUCE Rhodes 290g Apricot Jam 15.99 WHI STA IN 30 G 49.99 WHITE STAR Rhodes Quality INSTAN 17.99 Rhodes 410g Peach Halves nur WELLINGTON Champion 30.99 WELLINGTON'S TUSH 034815 FTED MAIZE MEAL Champion 5kg Maize Meal Wiker Box WHITE STAR EASYO CHOKE PEPPER 12.99 INSTANT MAIZE PORRIDGE www. White Star 1kg Instant MODE DOCT WELLINGTON SALART LINGTON'S WEET JIL Wellingtons 500ml Sweet Chilli/ Jalapeno Sauce PER Walker Bry UT CHICKEN 13.99 HINDS SPICES PURE GROUND GINGER Auce 57S Walker bay 200g tubs 17.99 Rajah 100g Curry Powder Hinds 50g Ground Ginger Rajah MEDIUM VORLE 11.99 Aromat Robs refill Steak 12.99 &chops/Chicken/ BBQ 80G | Kront| Aromat soning ORIGINAL 14.99 Carabos. 1ODATED SEA SALT Aromat Canister 75g STE IMBO 20.99 Tomato Onion mix Rhodes Tomato & Onion Mix B CHICKEN SPICE 140 99 Imbo 500g Kidney/ Speckled Beans IMBO Cerebos IODATED SEA SALT SEE HOW IT A ALL PRICES ARE VAT INCLUSIVE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED NO CARDS REQUIRED STORE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES PRICES VALID FROM AVAILABLE IN Khomas Grove SCAN ME (Windhoek), Omuthiya, Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Outapi, Katima, Khorixas, Grootfontein, Walvisbay & Divundu 22ND SEPTEMBER TO 9TH OCTOBER RUNS 12.99 Cerebos 1kg EXCES RAS Archos 10DATED SEA RAIY 5

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